Before, he also thought that he might make himself squat to direct the game. After all, that move is the most familiar to everyone and he often does it.

Although being criticized by many media is almost like constipation, it is really his signature move
He hasn’t done much in the past seventeen years.
Add up to no more than ten times.
Especially if I haven’t done it in recent years.
Many new Lazio fans may not know that Changsheng has such a move.
But Lotito remembers
And turned it into a statue.
From now on, I will be fixed outside Lazio’s home forever.
He just stare at his statue.
I recall my first Rome derby when I first came to Lazio.
Before the game, the Roman fans had a lot of attacks and insults against him. As a result, before the game, one person always won the game and entered the stadium, and then raised his fist in the middle circle to provoke the packed Roman fans in public.
I still remember that scene today, and I still remember the reaction of those Roman fans in the Rome Olympic Stadium at that time.
At that time, I was still young and frivolous, and I had enemies for the night.
He led Lazio to score six goals in Rome in that game!
Since then, I have won my unbeaten record against Rome.
Not only unbeaten but also victorious!
That was seventeen years ago …
In the past 17 years, I have cooperated with this team for honor and disgrace and Lotito.
But in the end … How did it end up like this?
This statue is beautiful and good, but no matter how beautiful it is, it is just a dead thing that cannot replace itself.
He can foresee that the decline of Lazio is inevitable when he leaves Lazio.
Maybe Lotito wants to protect Lazio with such a fearful image?
That’s a real joke
Lazio fans clap their hands red when Changsheng stares at the statue-since it is inevitable to leave often, the statue will always be the most perfect image.
When fans see this statue, they will think of Changsheng and Lazio for 17 years.
Of course, they will feel sad …
But this statue and Changsheng can’t walk away. Even if Changsheng can’t leave the club, we should set up such a statue for him.
Others are wondering if Lotito has something to hide.
Judging from the choice of this statue, Lotito still has deep feelings for Changsheng.
If you really hate Chang Sheng, why should you choose this one?
If the heart is perfunctory, just choose a shape at will.
Only true Lazio fans can fully realize the dynamic significance of winning constantly.
Lotito made this choice, which means that his feelings for Changsheng are not as bad as the outside world said.
Before the reunion, Changsheng spoke highly of Lotito, which really puzzled people-what do these two people mean? It’s not even renewed, but you still want to talk to each other …
The inauguration ceremony of Changsheng statue ended in the flash, and the players scrambled to take photos with the boss at his statue.
After they dispersed and stayed in the square, fans came to take photos with the statue of Changsheng.
Later in the game, there will still be a "overthrow Lotito’s tyranny network" to organize fans to hold banners and sing songs to protest Lotito.
However, the reaction of most fans is dull.
At this time, they don’t care what Lotito does, and they know that they can’t stop the constant victory.
They want to leave a good memory for themselves, as Chang Sheng said.
When they look back on these seventeen years, they hope that their hearts will be full of positive energy.
Lazio players also seem to be inspired by the statue.
They performed very well in the game.
In the end, Lazio beat Turin 3 times at home.
Won the first victory in the last three league games.
Of course, this victory did not make Lazio close the gap with Juventus.
Because Juventus also won.
The two sides are three points short.
These three points are more or less.
If there is another direct dialogue between Lazio and Juventus, the three-point gap is meaningless now.
However, Lazio and Juventus have played both games this season.
Then it’s not Lazio to smooth out the three-point gap.
Even if Lazio can win all the time, something will happen to Juventus before they can catch up.
If Juventus continues to win Lazio, it will never catch up with Juventus.
But whether other teams can beat Juventus is not up to Lazio.
What if other teams see that Juventus is too strong and are unwilling to go all out to win?
Even if it’s three points short, Lazio is no longer in charge of the title race.