Jing Su Qin secretly sighed, "This Ni’s flying skill and hidden weapons are really nice! I’m no match! Let her escape … "

"Ah?" After hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked. I didn’t expect that there were people who were more powerful than ghosts and gods.
This is normal. Su Qin is not a natural enemy, and there are also people who can’t beat him. Besides, it’s hard to say who wins and who loses if it’s light achievement and hidden weapons!
"But I stayed in Mo Bao!" Jing Su Qin smiled and showed a line of white teeth, and then took out the emperor’s royal gift to Mo Bao in his arms …
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Chapter 13 Buy a mansion
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"It’s okay, it’s okay. Mo Bao finally hugged the * pop-up? @++www * c "Zhu Rougui saw that Mo Bao had lost his heart, and it didn’t matter who the thief was. The most important thing was that things could be found.
Zhu Rougui’s passion for the scenery of Su Qin has increased a lot, and then a line of literati led by Zhu Rougui continued to visit the treasures
While Jing Su Qin stayed alone, his feet were scattered in the corner, and the white powder erased his heart. He couldn’t help thinking of something. By just playing against him, he could conclude that the thief painter could slip away from his own hands with his superb flying skill, but he deliberately left Mo Bao, which made people confused.
A treasure hunt is finally thrilling. After the crowd dispersed, Su Qin declined Zhu Rougui’s invitation and wanted to leave here alone.
"Good brother!" Just as Jing Su Qin was about to leave the world, he stopped him calmly. "Where are you going, dear brother?"
"Things done was about to return to the college of burning ice" Jing Su Qin smiled.
Tairan nodded. "Xiandi will be a dragon among people in the future!"
Jing Su Qin ha ha a smile farewell two people ride a sped away …
"The shopkeeper, you said …" When Jing Su Qin left, Zhu Rougui was replaced by a very respectful sample, and he said calmly.
"You need to say more to thank General Xu Xuelin." Tairan is not a poor man, but a magnificent style. "Help my good brother secretly!"
It’s getting late and passers-by are sparse.
Jing Su Qin rode at Qingzhou Road, which is adjacent to Jindu County. He planned to go home first without going back to college.
Rein in the reins and rein in the steeds. Scene Su Qin sat on horseback and slowly stared at the sign’ Cover up’. I couldn’t help feeling deeply in my heart. I thought that I had been in this world for several months, and today I have achieved a lot. Thousands of thoughts can’t help but cage my heart.
"Big Brother!" In the shop, Sun Xiaoxiao suddenly let out a cry, and suddenly a sour tear came to his heart, and the basin in his hand fell to the ground.
Jing Su Qin hey hey smile hurriedly fly horse two people tightly embrace together, regardless of other people’s eyes, each other’s eyes is the most important thing in lovers!
"Eldest brother, you have lost weight." Sun Xiaoxiao nestled in Jing Su Qin’s arms and couldn’t help but feel distressed. He said that college life can be compared with home. Although it was just two months, it seemed like a long day for Sun Xiaoxiao.
"Are you too tired from business?" Jing Su Qin heart some couldn’t bear to look at the sun raining thin sample more guilty.
People have followed them since they were worthless, and now they have made a small fortune, but they don’t want much. Where can such a girl look for it? Can’t help hugging her.
"Hey, isn’t this our ghosts and gods? Come back? "
Is two people touching behind there was a female voice Sun Xiaoxiao heard this immediately make a big blush and Jing Su Qin divided the trail "Ginger girl is coming".
I don’t know that Jiang Youmeng saw some sadness in their hearts when they were affectionate.
"Jiang adult right this compartment polite" Jing Su Qin hey hey smiled and said also make a gesture of worship.
Jiang Youmeng gave him a white look and said with a smile, "Cut the crap and go in."
Now that Jiang Youmeng has’ concurrently’ held the post of county government in Jindu County, it’s not too busy. When he has a lot of time, he will come here every day to talk to Sun Xiaoxiao and them for a while, which is also considered as a passing time.
In the long run, two Ni have improved a lot. At the moment, two girls are pointing at Jing Su Qin while Jing Su Qin is quietly sitting in a chair and drinking hot tea.
"He niang! These little guys are so stupid! " Speaking leaf crisp wind angrily came in from the backyard and then see sitting there JingSu Qin Li rubbed his eyes "big ye, I said the left eye always jumps today? Su Qin is back! Ha ha ha … "
There was a bear hug in front of the two brothers, and then Ye Sufeng laughed, "When I moved, Sun went out to carry out it, or our brothers and sisters got together again!"
"How are things at home?" Jing Su Qin also laughed.
"Everything is well-trained, and everything is in perfect order, but the fisherman’s predecessors don’t know where they have gone." Ye Sufeng truthfully said.
Jing Su Qin didn’t take it to heart when he heard the news that the old fisherman had disappeared. He knew that the master was a shadowy person, and it was difficult to determine his whereabouts. He would naturally come back when he wanted to come back.
Then I continued to listen to Ye Sufeng and slowly introduced the situation at home. Now everything at home is in good order. Brothers go out to perform security, but they train at home. Those soldiers from the South have also fully integrated into this life. They are very honest.
It’s no problem to cover up the store, not to mention that it’s hard to feed everyone for a few years. In Taimei Academy of Fine Arts, Gu Zhiqing regularly gives Sun Xiaoxiao his due share profits.
The two brothers were sitting in the chair, drinking and chatting. Soon both of them were drunk. Ye Sufeng was sleepy and said, "Brother, why do you think that woman has four feet?"
Jing Su Qin is also a drunkard. "There are monsters with feet in the world!" Said to see unexpectedly slowly walked into a woman from outside the shop.
Gu Zhiqing saw Jing Su Qin coming back, and he was just thinking about talking when he heard that he actually said he was a monster. Suddenly, his face was on fire, and a chill came along.
"Ouch, isn’t this the ancient shopkeeper? Come on! Have a drink together! " Jing Su Qin looked intently at Gu Zhiqing and immediately called out enthusiastically.
Gu Zhiqing sighed in his heart and immediately chatted with Sun Xiaoxiao and Jiang Youmeng’s two sisters.
Although drunk, Jing Su Qin will wake up drunk and see Gu Zhiqing coming soon, so he told her about the recent situation of Gu Zhanzheng.
I heard Gu Zhanzheng’s outstanding performance in the college. Gu Zhiqing nodded with relief. Finally, he didn’t live up to his father’s spirit.
"It’s getting late when it’s raining. Let’s go home." Gu Zhiqing said slowly.
Looking at Jing Su Qin’s face full of doubts, Sun Xiaoxiao explained, "Eldest brother, since you left, the ancient lady has asked me to go to her house to live in the shop, and those soldiers have also lived here by the crisp wind."
Looking at Sun Xiaoxiao’s face full of joy, Su Qin was in a sour heart. This Ni has never wanted anything from herself, and now she has money to stay in someone else’s house. Of course, he is grateful to Gu Zhiqing, but his heart is secretly determined to buy a big room for Sun Xiaoxiao!
"Ha ha good you go home, I make do here for one night and there are some things" Although the heart is sour, Jing Su Qin’s surface still laughs.
Sun Xiaoxiao still wants to insist, but Jiang Youmeng and Gu Zhiqing can see that the three women who are clues are going back together. Since Sun Xiaoxiao has lived here, Jiang Youmeng has naturally been’ received’ by Gu Zhiqing.
Everyone left the background. Su Qin took Ye Sufeng back to the house to rest, while he went to the place where his brothers lived. The main capable people in those shops usually lived in the shop, while the rest of the brothers lived in a factory that Jingsu Qin bought when he went to college.
It used to be a brewery, and Ye Sufeng renovated it into a place similar to a grand inn according to Jing Su Qin’s meaning, otherwise it would be difficult to resettle thousands of people.
Sirs brothers saw the eldest brother came back and said nothing to let Jing Su Qin leave Nai and lived with these brothers for one night …
One night, the next day
After breakfast, I found a nice mansion in Su Qin and Yuzryha, and then I took care of things in the store as usual.
"Big Brother, someone is looking outside!"
At about noon, Yan Yihong ran in from the outside, sweating all over his face, and said that it was still urgent to see something.
"who?" See him in such a hurry immediately hold the bosom dagger way
"I said I was talking about business and asked you to go out by name!" Yan yihong wiped the sweat way
Scene Su Qin this just secretly grow a sigh of relief, this little is really scary, then self-deprecating smile motioned for himself is really too sensitive to get up and said, "go! Go and see! "
I came to the living room to see an old man dressed in sapphire satin sitting there and saw Jing Su Qin get up quickly. "Jing shopkeeper, nice to meet you. I’m Xu Zhu, the housekeeper of General Xu Xuelin’s home."