"Not bad, the tenth order star is not far from the eleventh order!" Gao Chenkou said that it is not difficult to rise to the eleventh order in a year. It is a great achievement to upgrade these disciples so quickly and bring experience. This has strengthened Gao Chen’s determination to accept more disciples!

"Yes, it’s not far from the 11th order. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that you can’t be normal, and you can’t compete with you. Otherwise, I know you can’t live." Kang Tianlai said that he was really hit. You know, when he was promoted to the next level, it was extremely difficult. It was easy to drink water if he wanted to go to Gao Chen’s level. The whole history of martial arts should not be upgraded so quickly. Kang Tianlai silently thought to himself.
"It’s still a little exaggerated that the sky is eleven orders. Although I want to, I have to say that I really can’t do it!" Gao Chen’s jokes generally shocked Kang Tianlai. He can understand the fact that the upgrade speed is fast for him. You know, he didn’t rise to the tenth level until he was closed for that long, and at that time, he didn’t rise to the tenth level of experience. Now he has risen to the first level by more than one tenth.
"That’s more like it. If it’s really that fast, it’ll be eleven steps. How do you want us to get along?" Kang Tianlai has thought that there are things you can’t do, but think about it. Even if Gao Chen does it now, there is nothing that doesn’t shock him, but he still hasn’t said it.
Good topic: "You must be a disciple now."
Gao Chen smiled and said, "Of course, I don’t know how many apprentices I can accept this time. Are you ready for me?"
"A lot of it turns out that you really have a relationship with the gods. I will tell you how you left the city in the first place!" This month, Kang Tianlai finally knew what happened when Gao Chen was so quick. It turned out that the gods appeared. Kang Tianlai still had some regrets in his heart. If he hadn’t left, wouldn’t he have been able to see the true appearance of the gods? But there is nothing to regret because he has to do well with Gao Chen. This is not something that can be seen later!
"Ha ha, not only there are, but we are not ordinary." Gao Chen smiled and said that his words were absolutely true. Even if he told the truth, I believe there should not be many people!
Gao Chen believes this should not be much, but Kang Tianlai is deeply impressed because WenShiAn helped Gao Chen a lot that day. Kang Tianlai nodded and asked! "I know this, so now you are the apprentice?"
This is 200 million people. This is not a small number. Even if he can’t pack that many, he is only tens of millions. He is an ordinary eleventh-order strong man. They are almost that big. This is nothing compared with the gods. Of course, Gao Chen seems to be not much smaller than Wen Shi ‘an now! …
"You let them out slowly and then come to me!" After thinking about it for a while, Gao Chen said that he would speed up this doubt ten times, which would save ten times, and Gao Chen also planned to let them practice in the shops, so that their upgrade speed would be much faster!
"That’s all right. Let’s go outside and let them out!" Kang Tianlai thought for a while, although he didn’t know how big Gao Chen was, he also knew that it would be much easier to do things in his own life!
After saying that, I went out and let those people out. It took tens of thousands of people nearly an hour at a time to transfer tens of millions of them into Gaochen’s shops. After the last batch of people were transferred, Gaochen wondered, "Are there these people?"
Although this is not too little, there is still a certain gap with the expectation. Kang Tianlai smiled and said, "Of course, it’s not that you can keep talking!"
Even if he can hold tens of millions of people in the eleventh order, this is a tenth order, and according to Gao Chen’s meaning, it is still a thing that can really hold so many people. I really doubt this Kang Tian! Gao Chenkou said, "It’s no problem. Let out as much as you can!"
After the original tenth order, Gaochen was already as big as a city, but the area increased exponentially after each level. Now, let alone tens of millions of people, even if all terrans are included, it is not a problem. In this way, he is definitely an ordinary eleventh order, dozens of times.
Kang Tianlai said, "You really are a monster. I can’t pretend many people. This is my limit!"
Gao Chen said, "What about others?"
After Gao Chen’s words, he said faintly, "Of course, when we are with you for a long time, we will lose confidence!"
After learning that Wen Shi ‘an and Gao Chen had changed a little, they put Gao Chen in a very high position, but the Terran gods couldn’t do it without lowering their posture. Gao Chen looked at Kang Li-nan and then the horse said, "In this case, please let them all out!" To be continued if you like this, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Tiger God is furious.
After a whole half day, Gao Chen finally collected all the apprentices into the shop, which was a lot of work. After the completion, Gao Chen secretly breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Kang Tianlai and said, "Thank you very much. I don’t know if there are any that meet the requirements. Please bring them all!"
Although I feel very tired, it is relatively compared with the experience brought to him by these disciples. Even if I am a little tired, it will be harmful. Gao Chen’s words surprised Kang Tianlai again. You know, this is 200 million people. It is already a huge number, but it seems that Gao Chen is still not satisfied. I can’t help but be shocked and say, "Isn’t this enough?"
"I said the more the better, even if all the departments become my apprentices, I can’t have too many!" Gao Chen light say with smile
"Well, I believe you. I’ll pay attention to it for you. It’s almost enough!" Kang Tianlai said that although there are still many ways to meet Gao Chen’s requirements, those people don’t necessarily want to learn from Gao Chen!
"Ok, I’ll go now and let them have a teacher’s ceremony. We’ll meet again sometime!" After Gao Chen finished speaking, he was ready to go directly to the shop. How many experience values will this bring him? Gao Chen is really looking forward to this. Even if they are promoted to two levels a year, these experience values will be enough to push him to the eleventh order. Gao Chen thinks so!
But when Gao Chen finished talking and didn’t enter the shop, Kang Tianlai once again said, "This Kang Yue says he misses you very much!"
Actually, Kang Tianlai really doesn’t want to say this. After all, in Kang Yue’s eyes, his father’s weight is much worse than Gao Chen’s. But this is what Kang Yue talked to him. Although he is reluctant, he won’t let Kang Yue down. For Kang Tianlai’s complicated mood, Gao Chen can’t pay attention to him. He thought for a while and said, "I haven’t seen them for a long time, but I’m really busy at this time. Just tell them to see them again when I have time!"
During this period, what Gao Chen has to do is to collect as much as his disciples can, and when he becomes the 11th order, it is considered as self-protection ability. Before that, Gao Chen has to constantly improve his strength. Because he knows that there are 12th orders, Gao Chen knows that he will be chased around the 12th order sooner or later, but he doesn’t want to spend any more time. After the 11th order, God beast can compete with a 12th order against the gods. This is not something that Gao Chen will consider now.
"in that case, I will definitely take your message!" Kang Tianlai said that he didn’t know that Gao Chen was busy now, but he wanted to bring it. Of course, he really hoped that Gao Chen would not visit them for a long time until Kang Yue forgot that there was such a master. Of course, he also knew that this was just an idea in his heart!
Gao Chen said, "That’s it. Now I’ll give you 100 million military forces to make Kangcheng stronger when I go to Xinsu City and other places!"
Gao Chen said that this 100 million people, of course, was when his disciples waited for a visit and didn’t know what time it was, but it was definitely not too short. At that time, Gao Chen was going to let them all spend the time in the shop, so they were definitely lucky. They should know their skills, such as Tonghua and other 200,000 disciples, but they were still assisting them in the shop. Gao Chengen didn’t worry that no one would teach them anything. When he heard Gao Chen’s words, Kang Tianlai’s face showed a little surprise. Obviously, he also knew that Gao Chen said that this 100 million people …
"A word is spoken" Gao Chen said faintly. Although his expression was very indifferent, Kang Tianlai was completely relieved!
"That’s good. I’ll wait for you to come and expect them to join us!" Kang Tianlai made no secret of his joy in his heart, saying that Gao Chen’s disciples were strong. He knew that if he really had 100 million to join, it could be said that the whole city of Kang would be worried. How could he not rest assured?
After Gao Chen left, Kang Li said, "I really don’t know what he is like with the gods, but he gives me a feeling that it is more mysterious than the gods. Of course, maybe this is because I have never seen the gods!"
"This is not what we have to guess. I now expect that 100 million people to join!" Kang Tianlai lightly said to Gao Chen that he was completely angry with Wen Shian. He really didn’t feel anything, after all, and Gao Chen gave him one surprise after another!
After Gao Chen came out of Kangcheng, he went directly to the store to accept his disciples, and then came to the heart of the city without stopping. It was different from a complete trip. It was more than being careful. It seemed that Gao Chen was not satisfied. After all, Gao Chen was a person around the gods and looked at Wen Shi’ an’s attitude towards Gao Chen, which made him have to be careful to deal with Gao Chen. Without any nonsense, he directly said, "Are you ready for a month?"
Although Gao Chen’s tone is not at all polite, it seems normal for him to swim with his heart. He said with some respect without any accident, "God has made us ready to wait for you!"
The name of the heart-swimming made Gao Chen frown and asked, "What did you call me?"
"God, don’t you like this name?" Mind, mind, mouth, and spirit. This is not an angel. What else can it be? Of course, if Gao Chen doesn’t like this name, he will have to change it.
"It’s urgent to let them out now that everything is ready!" Gao Chen thought about it all the time and said, "What do they call themselves? This Gao Chen is really not very concerned. It’s just a name to ask them not to play any tricks. There is no need for this wave. Maybe it’s time!"
The heart swam to Gao Chenkou and said, "That’s a lot!"
"If I’m not satisfied with it, I’m not afraid of how much!" Gao Chen said that he wanted to come to this number, and it would not be less than Kangcheng.
"Well, let’s go outside. It’s too narrow here-Tina!" It’ s a mouthful to be busy!
It’s almost the same as Gao Chen’s thinking about Kangcheng. He accepted more than 200 million disciples like Xin Su Cheng, and then left him with a horrified face. Everyone knows that Gao Chen has one who can hold the living, but when Gao Chen holds 200 million, it’s completely different. You know, even the eleventh-order nine planets is not that big, and he is only a tenth-order star. Of course, it will be even more shocking if they know the true size of Gao Chen.
After Gao Chen received apprentices in several cities, the number of apprentices directly rose to more than 10 billion. Looking at the skyrocketing experience value every moment, Gao Chen was very satisfied. Is it still difficult to upgrade? And when these apprentices have all collected it, it is a month later, that is to say, it has been almost a year since they first collected those apprentices. Although the level has not risen much, they are familiar with skill manipulation.
During this period, I don’t know when those Warcraft attacks on the city have already erupted to an extent that I’m afraid. It’s rare to see 11th-order nine planets Warcraft now. It’s good to have guardian beasts. Otherwise, I don’t know how many cities will be destroyed. Of course, the real reversal result is not guardian beasts, but Gao Chen’s disciples. To be more precise, it’s Gao Chen’s warlock disciples. This is also the disciples who really shocked the Terran in the martial arts world. Then more people want to join and learn this miraculous skill.