By this time, he will be a fool and can see clearly. These bastards are trying to treat their fierce enemy, the Smecta Warriors, as cannon fodder!

"Bei Ye Bei Ye, you see that the military firepower is so fierce that we are facing ~ fresh warriors have already paid a lot of casualties. Do you think it is necessary to slow down the pace of a warrior? Let’s take a rest for the warriors. "
Master Joe looked at Jin Zi coldly like an alien. "What do you mean, Kim’s adult? Don’t you advance toward the fresh army? Do you want us Daikin warriors to advance? "
"This …"
Jin Zi wanted to refute anything, but when he saw Shuo Tuo’s face as if he were going to eat people, he couldn’t help but swallow it back into his stomach.
What the fuck is this ~ this?
Instead of touching the beauty’s ass, she touched a coquettish body!
But at this time, Kim has no choice since he was white! Can recruit a few North Korean ~ fresh generals to tell them to try their best to avoid casualties.
After hearing this, these North Korean generals can’t wait to dig the gold from the mud for ten generations and whip the bodies.
circumstances are more powerful than people—one has to change due to the change of circumstances
These dogs are eyeing them one by one, and they can survive by crustily skin of head.
It soon came to noon, and such a slow-paced war did not consume much effort for the army
Especially after the military industry is very stable, the arrows and rains of 8 Jin Army can hardly cause too much real harm to them.
Not far behind the first trench, thick broth was rolling in a cauldron.
This is not old and astringent horse meat, but fresh and delicious pork and mutton, which are all shipped from Changsheng Island and Pidao by fleet. The firemen have been carefully feeding and waiting for this moment.
Next to it is a big basket, a big basket of steamed bread with coarse flour and white flour, all of which are bigger than milk
Soon, the officers in the ministries led the men to come to the back in an orderly manner to replenish.
Everyone is a big bowl with two meat gravy, a stack of salted fish and fried cabbage, a boiled egg and two solid steamed buns.
Everyone’s meals are packed in a wooden tray and taken away directly, and then they can go back to the trenches. When the soldiers finish eating, they will come to the trenches to clean up, which can maximize the physical strength of the soldiers.
Of course, this is naturally the longevity camp Li Yuanqing’ hair’
Soon, the thick aroma of paella was scattered in the whole military industry.
At this time, it was the north wind, not too strong, and the rich aroma of paella soon drifted into the nose of these miserable Smectas.
"What are these dogs eating? Why is it so fragrant? " A greedy toward ~ fresh handyman swallowed and asked a few companions carrying stakes together.
"This should be mutton soup? No, there seems to be fish smell! It’s hateful that these humble dogs should learn from our fresh cooking methods! "
"These dog day dog treatment is too good? Why didn’t I listen to them eat so well before! "
"Yes! Didn’t those officials always call Mao Wenlong flowers? "
Everything around me is a little complicated for a while.
Next to a ~ fresh officer face is also very ugly cold drink a way "what do dogs eat? Do you have a share? Get to work! We are ready for lunch later! "
Chapter 7 Smecta’s elite!
At this time, both sides did not have much desire to kill the enemy, and both the military birds and the post-8 Jin Army arrows and rains were a lot of sleepy.
These Korean ~ fresh troops successfully pushed the stake to the front of the army, and fortunately returned without being too hurt.
Sure enough, behind the war, there have been dozens of cauldrons with firewood at the bottom, and the attractive meat aroma is emitted from the flourishing pot.
At this time, even though there are still a large number of companion bodies in the front battlefield that have not converged, these Korean ~ fresh troops have been doing physical work for an afternoon. Where do you care about others?
Crowded around to prepare meals.
But they haven’t come close to the cauldron that exudes a strong meat aroma. A few real slaves and white armor with a dozen tough armored soldiers cried and pulled out a waist steel knife.
Leading a real slave, Bai Jia, looked at these fresh troops and said in Chinese, "Go there!"
These toward ~ fresh army cried froze.
But this true slave has spoken, and they dare not resist. They can go to the real slave’s finger direction and the cauldron behind them.
But as soon as I got near the crowd, the fresh army cried some dumbfounded.
It’s going to blow up in a moment!
These cauldrons are indeed cooking food, but where is the meat in them? His mother is a vegetable!
What’s more, these bastards are not willing to let go of beans and rice!
"These dog tartar is really cruel! Brothers are fighting to the death in front of these dogs to pave the way! They did this to us. Are they feeding rabbits? "
A slightly stronger body toward ~ fresh army could not help but twist the neck toward ~ fresh language in low anger.
"Yes, these dog tartars simply don’t treat us like people! In this afternoon, we lost six or seven hundred people to play around. They do this to us? "
"Don’t choke to death when dogs eat meat!"
"Fuck them, they all eat us ~ fresh people, cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs!"