I woke up again in the middle of the night and lay on my side, but I touched the familiar temperature. Lingsi slept beside me at night.

Only then did I feel that my stomach was growling and protesting against the pain in my lower abdomen, and it finally subsided, but there was a little pain.
I got up carefully and was about to go to bed, but I was pulled back by the powerful arm behind me and actually hit his chest. It was another pain that made her pale little face tangled.
"Do what?" Lingsi night calm eyes see no smile.
"Hungry to find food" Tang Meng is also stubborn and cold.
"Come on! Send LingFei empress snack "LingSi night is toward the door shouted to the door immediately to the respectful response.
"I can’t go to the palace myself." Tang Meng also pushed Ling Si’s night hand without a trace.
Lingsi looked at her at night, but it was not difficult for her. After she collapsed, she turned to stop looking at her.
As soon as Tang Meng went out, he hurried to hold the wall, and some unstable feet were unwilling to see it outside. He was about to help, but she glared at him mercilessly.
I’m hungry, but suddenly I have no appetite and go to the room alone. I still want to sleep. I have no strength to stay with him for too long, so I can’t help but want to quarrel. At present, she doesn’t have the strength to quarrel and she doesn’t have the mood, and she won’t ask him with jealousy. This is not what she will do.
Looking back at the closed door, I muttered, "Since you care so much, take care of it. I will never talk to you again. I won’t quarrel with you!"
I finally got to the room, and when I saw the warmth, I got a slight pain in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t help but curl up and sniff all the time, but I didn’t cry.
Even if she thinks that her miscarriage is fake, Mammy Gui must have told him that the abortive drug is very harmful. Will he say a greeting? !
What a pledge of eternal love, what a moment with him, what a generation is all rhetoric!
Has been avoiding the clouds, and now it really directly involves him, that is, he immediately turned his face.
Tang Meng thought bitterly, but suddenly he pulled out the golden step and shot it hard at the roof. The golden step was straight into the beam.
So hard and dizzy, curled up and rolled the wide purple fox fur robe, and it took too much physical strength to close your eyes. It seems that you can’t get to the misty valley, but you can make do here.
After a while, she fell asleep again. In a daze, it seems that someone hugged her as if she were dreaming. She habitually rubbed a comfortable position in his arms and fell asleep completely.
When I woke up the next day, Tang Mengcai found that I was still in my bedroom. I can’t remember whether I dreamed last night or gave it back by myself.
Ling Si’s night is missing. Mammy Gui sent breakfast to the house and stayed up. Her favorite preserved egg lean porridge tastes a little different. It seems that some medicines have been added.
Hungry for so long, I drank a bowl of porridge and ate some cakes, which was finally enough.
"What does the emperor do with clouds?" Tang Meng gently wiped the corners of the mouth light asked
"It seems that I took the wrong medicine to protect the temple. I sent it to the palace overnight yesterday and I don’t know what to do." Mammy Gui answered truthfully.
"Oh" Tang Meng is still as low as yesterday, so he stopped talking.
"Empress Yun is the temple’s right-hand man. It’s difficult to be nervous with the temple since childhood. It’s really troublesome to do many things without Yun." Sister Gui persuaded them to make a scene again when they saw the temple yesterday, but they didn’t expect it to be a cold war.
"Right-hand man? Hehe, I really have fun when he doesn’t settle accounts with me! " Tang Meng laughed coldly. He said he wanted her to help, but now he doesn’t need her to intervene in anything? He also needs a right-hand man! ?
Sister Gui, after serving for a long time, naturally felt clearly that the master sighed and advised, "Empress, why don’t you tell the temple, this child …"
"Shut up, this matter will never happen again!" Tang Meng is suddenly cold.
"Yes" has an appointment. Mammy Gui didn’t say anything more and nodded.
At this time, the emperor came to visit the door willingly.
"On the contrary, the emperor has some affection!" Tang Meng mouth self-mockery in the heart is also want to know now children didn’t day frame emperor will be what kind of attitude.
"Empress, where is your golden step?" Mammy Gui combed her hair, but she couldn’t find it. Isn’t it important to wear it herself on weekdays?
"Lost it, don’t wear anything, it’s good." Tang Meng glanced at himself in the mirror and got up.
A simple but elegant moss casually tied into a flying fairy bun without any accessories, together with the heavy fake belly on weekdays, the whole person suddenly relaxed. Although a lot of bones recovered slightly, after all, they were martial arts people who still held up.
It was not until I got to the door that I was in a fragile state and went in with the help of Mammy Gui.
Emperor Wu Tian Frame was sitting in the theme, and there was a big map beside him at night. The father and the son didn’t know what they were studying.
"Male and female servants see the emperor see the hall" Tang Meng made a big gift.
Day frame emperor this just looked up but didn’t let her up, but looked up. Tang Meng leaned over for a long time, and finally he couldn’t stand it, but he still insisted on it.
Ling Si night frowned and gave her a look, but Tang Meng escaped looking at him with his head down.
For a long time, the emperor finally said "stand up"
"Thank you, Emperor" Tang Meng felt that it was suddenly dark in front of him, but he still tried to close his eyes. Fortunately, he was dizzy for a while, and his heart secretly laughed at himself. This is to pretend that the abortion result was really miscarried. This is to pretend to be fragile, but in front of this emperor, he wants a pair of ordinary miscarriages of martial arts people. Of course, it is not too weak.
If the case of Jade Evil is the first fall, then this time it is the biggest fall.
Both with this father and son!
"Lord Tang will take you to the embassy at night. Can you stand this bone?" Day frame emperor eyebrow see her light asked
Lord Tang? !
Zheng in Tang Meng’s heart immediately slowed down and the long-lost smile appeared on his lips. "I obey the emperor’s arrangement."
As soon as this voice fell, Lingsi night came with sharp and unhappy eyes, but Tang Meng still turned a blind eye.
"That’s good" day frame emperor said lightly and looked at the case a few times. At first glance, the map got up and I didn’t know what was confessed in Ling Si’s ear at night, but I left without looking at Tang Meng again.