Ling snatched the cup from her hand. "Are you hungry?"

Royi blushed with embarrassment.
Ling didn’t tease her, but seriously scolded her, "Drinking water will solve the problem?"
Ling sat up from the bed and dressed and went out.
Royi looked down and rubbed his eyebrows. She didn’t really have hyperthyroidism, did she?
I just ate two bowls of rice before bed.
Section 237
Soon the servants came upstairs to talk and jingle in the kitchen.
It seems that Ling ordered the chef to cook.
Ling came back to see Royi lying on the bed with a sad face and suddenly felt funny.
He went over to have her hair cut twice and said, "I’ll take you to see it someday."
Royi nodded.
"Okay, or I’m going to get fat."
Yi snow a smile.
"I also like meat to feel good when you become fat."
"Not afraid of crushing you?"
Royi just smiled.
"Aren’t you always there?"
Ling naturally said that she played her forehead by the way.
"This topic is so sad."
Royi rubbed her forehead and pouted that she didn’t want to become fat.
Ling didn’t feel sleepy at this time. She leaned against the bed and amused Royi for a while.
Kitchen stew is a fish soup, which is almost a must every day. These days, because of the Royi exam, I specially gave her brain.
In a short time, two dishes and one soup were served.
Ling kissed her on the forehead "eat quickly and sleep well"
"Well, you go to sleep first."
Royi jumped out of bed in a thick pajamas.
Ling spoil shook his head and lay back in bed.
The midnight snack is quite simple, probably afraid that she will have indigestion, except fish soup, which is vegetarian.
The rice was soft, too. Royi ate it quietly in the living room for a while, and she didn’t put chopsticks slowly until the third bowl of rice entered her stomach.
A servant has been waiting at the side to see Royi finish eating and tidy up. He smiled and asked, "What does Miss Yan want for breakfast tomorrow?"
Royi looked at the floor and said, "Anything but milk will do."
The servant nodded humorously.
It’s already one o’clock in the morning when Royi goes back to her room. God, why did she stay up late on the last day of the exam today?
Ling is probably really tired and asleep. The light leaves a long silhouette on his eyelashes.
Royi got into the bedside lamp.
After a while, a fiery skill came from behind her and was still on her waist.
Royi pushed, but he didn’t push, and he felt a little sleepy, so he left it alone and closed his eyes.
The bedroom wall lamp ticks and the second hand turns round and round.
I don’t know how long it took
Royi was in a daze and suddenly felt a little chest tightness, breathlessness and suffocation. She struggled with her legs and felt the same pain as her stomach suddenly stirred.
Gradually, it seems that something is coming to the top.
feel sick