"Can you get a good look at those two women in white?" Yang Muyu asked frowning.

"Look at it clearly …" Hao Nan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and nodded. "One of them is the Lan girl we met yesterday … I have never seen it again except once here."
Yang Muyu nodded: "Then why do you want to rely on us desperately?" This problem is beyond his comprehension.
Hao Nan bowed his head and said nothing. Yang Muyu sneered, "I said you’d better speak honestly yourself, or I’ll have the same way to know."
"I said you can’t kill me!" Hao nan sad face way.
"You said-I’m going to kill you. I’ve already killed you and waited until now?" Yang Muyu shook his head a little impatiently.
"It’s … that girl Lan asked me to find you!" Hao nan whispered.
"What?" Yang Muyu hardly jumped up.
The knife in the ghost servant’s hand pressed against his neck again, and the cold blade pressed against his neck, which had a tender pain.
Hao Nan said with a sad face, "I didn’t give up after seeing that girl Lan here, but she finally caught me, and then she stopped me, but she didn’t embarrass me, so she kept me in a secret room here, and I don’t know how long it took. Just last night, she suddenly came to me, asked me to find you, and then tried to follow you …"
"What are you doing with me?" Yang Muyu face a dark heart is more uncomfortable.
"She didn’t say she said-she would contact me when something happened …" Hao Nan shrank her neck and reluctantly accompanied him with a smile.
The ghost servant asked coldly, "How do you explain yesterday’s dice?"
"That’s-Miss Lan arranged in advance for Bao Guan to control points according to the size I said in order to cheat you …" Hao Nan’s eyes are going round and round. Although this explanation is a bit far-fetched, I hope I can fool them.
"Son!" Ghost servant looked at Yang Muyu frowning slightly.
"Let’s go back!" Yang Muyu talking at the same time has been holding the pearl turned and walked toward the outside.
The ghost servant was a little unexpected, but he still followed him with Hao Nan. Unexpectedly, there was no one guarding the secret passage of this orchid girl, and three people appeared on the reef again soon.
Standing on the reef, Yang Muyu looked at the sky and sky in the distance, and the blue color made people feel relaxed. There were seagulls spinning low on the shore, but deep down in his heart, he felt particularly uncomfortable as if he were holding up a huge stone.
"Let him go!" Yang Muyu ordered.
"Childe let him go?" Ghost servant asked incredulously.
"Yes, let him go!" Yang Muyu sneers at people-it’s just one use. How can it be used again and again? What do you want to do with 6 Jinghong? At the beginning, I bought her an ice swallow with the tips of Xuanji Liuxia Dance, which led to a misunderstanding. Don’t say that now she has openly got someone to monitor him?
"Get out of here and don’t let Lao tze see you again!" Ghost servant loosen hao male hard to throw him on the ground to ruthlessly say.
Hao nan hesitated for a moment and ran away. Yang Muyu stood on the reef and the ghost servant came up to him and frowned. "Son, why did you let that wretched guy go?"
"Because he is lying!" Did Yang Muyu take him for a fool when he smiled gently?
"Is he lying?" The ghost servant didn’t understand why he was released when he knew he was lying.
Yang Muyu looked at the sea in the distance and smiled faintly: "Do you remember that after we left the casino yesterday, you told me that someone in the casino was eyeing us?"
"Yes!" Hao nan remembered that there really was such a thing.
"If he really colluded with the casino long ago, is it worthwhile for the casino to do so?" Yang Muyu sneered, "Is he smart because he thinks others are fools?"
"But what is the purpose of his doing this?" Ghost servant still doesn’t understand.
Yang Muyu took a deep breath and recalled what the ghost servant told him about the five great families this morning. He immediately smiled and said, "He and that girl Lan may both belong to Tianyimen. We are really in big trouble this time."
"Why are you so suspicious?" Ghost servant didn’t understand that it was the first time he saw 6 Jinghong yesterday. Naturally, he didn’t know that Yang Muyu had been with her for a few days.
Yang Muyu said with a wry smile, "Let’s go back and talk while walking."
"good!" The ghost servant promised Yang Muyu that he seemed to be absent-minded and bowed his head and knew what he was thinking about. The reef was washed by the sea water so smooth that he almost fell off the reef when he stumbled carelessly.
"Be careful, son!" The ghost servant instinctively gave Yang Muyu a hand, but instead of standing up, he sat on the reef for a long time before saying, "Be careful. I have been careful since I was seven or eight years old, and I have known how to deceive people. Even my father has been cheated by me in these years, but I didn’t expect that it would be so easy to show traces when I was obsessed with ghosts."
The ghost servant can’t help but be surprised that he has never seen Yang Muyu like this. At ordinary times, the two people get along with each other. This man has always been smart and sophisticated, and he really doesn’t look like a 15-year-old child. He always thought that it was inevitable that he and Chen Ye had traveled from childhood and matured earlier than ordinary children. But today, it seems that he has always hidden his own nature. I really don’t understand how the master has trained this child in recent years. A 15-year-old child has such a heavy calculation.
"The old man of Erpang’s family is right. Women are like poisonous mushrooms in the mountains these days. The more beautiful they are, the more dangerous they are!" Yang Muyu jumped up as he spoke, patted the dust on his ass and pointed to the ghost servant’s nose and shouted, "I’ll tell you how far you must hide if you see a beautiful woman in the future, okay?"

Chapter 23 East Flower City and Tianyi Gate (1)