Ye Ran, the false rumors, finally took them to heart.

"I checked the surveillance today, but it was a coincidence that the surveillance broke down last night. The security guard said it was caused by the wind."
Gu Lengchen Bai Yeran was afraid of something before she asked him to take the initiative.
"If there is a problem, when is it not bad? It happened that it was bad last night." Ye Ran’s mind flashed. "By the way, I got up last night and saw a shadow in a trance. I didn’t pay attention to it at that time. Now think about it …"
The whole body hates cold
"Shadow? That … "
In the middle of Gu Lengchen’s speech, two women in ladies’ suits came over and nodded at them and asked, "Do you have any questions or needs, sir and woman?"
Ye Ran and Gu Lengchen looked at each other and then shook his head. Ye Ran tore Gu Lengchen and welcomed him into the living room.
It’s been too long outside and someone has seen them together late at night. It’s really a wave of unrest.
"I’ll let you go. You have to work in the day." Ye Ran grabbed the barbecue marching orders.
"Give me the key."
"No, I’ll just get someone to help me with it."
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"Looking for your boyfriend?" Gu Lengchen doesn’t know how to suddenly say that.
"What? Hu said, "Ye Ran took a bite out of the chicken wings, and it was tender and tender, which was quite delicious.
"Xiaoya’s craftsmanship is really good and her personality is easy to get along with. Whoever marries and goes home in the future will be blessed."
"A donkey’s lips are not right for a horse’s mouth" Gu Lengchen muttered.
"What do you mean? Get out of here. I remember your money. I can pay back 20 thousand at the end of this month. "
Ye Ran blushed and hung her eyes, embarrassed to face Gu Lengchen.
Gu Lengchen sneered, "Don’t you have an amazing boyfriend who won’t help you pay it back?"
"ah? Who is it? " Gu Lengchen asked Ye Ran one leng one leng.
"What famous foreign entrepreneur is Su?"
"I misunderstood that we were classmates in college, but it’s a good thing that we have a lot of points now."
"Do you miss the original? I don’t think he knows anything about you. You can’t hide the fact that the man is chasing you. "
Ye Ran was speechless. After eating a chicken wing in front of Gu Lengchen, he put a bamboo stick and raised his hand, pointing to the little face at the door to "go out"
"Angry from embarrassment, if you let your boyfriend out now, won’t our scandal just disappear naturally?"
"I told you he’s not my boyfriend."
Ye Ran frowned and was impatient to explain that it was impossible for her to follow Su Zhicheng, and now she can’t avoid it.
"Then what do you …?" What about the room?
Gu Lengchen wanted to ask at one time, but the words went to the corner of his mouth and he seemed to cross the line too wide tonight.
☆, Chapter 70 Meet again
The next day, the weather was fine, and the smog dispersed, and the floating white clouds and charming sunshine were refreshing.
It is getting closer and closer to the anniversary of Ye’s group, and the company is busy as a bee early.
The public department has completely turned into a department manager, who customized a special gift for everyone and told them that the guests would bring tea and water on the day of the celebration.
A diviner asked a sentence, "Ye Ran, the manager of Yip’s group, should come back to celebrate whether President Gu will come with him. It must be quite a gift."
"Snow is not kept? Have you ever seen a gold Lord fawning on Miss Yao? What a joke? "Next to him, he smiled sarcastically.
"The joke is this year xinghai city drama leaves home big miss great." Another person tut out.
When she finished speaking, her colleagues around her seemed to see some terrible creatures and shut up in an instant. Some people even left the lounge with their heads down.
She turned around and saw the people behind her, her legs shaking and her cheeks pulling stiffly. "Miss, you’re here. We have to go to work first."
Ye Tong can’t let them go easily. If she speaks ill of Ye Ran alone, she doesn’t care, but she can’t pull Gu Lengchen.
Lift your wrist slowly and put your hair in a high profile. Say, "This is the first time I have heard people pull Ye Ran and Gu Lengchen together. To tell the truth, I don’t know whether the newspaper scandal is true or not, but Gu’s chief executive will never look at Ye Ran after a drag bottle. Who will talk nonsense and say, be careful, I will pull her tongue?"
"Yes, yes, we dare not." They wiped a cold sweat.
When Ye Tong walked away with his head held high, the lounge became lively again.
"Before, let’s see from an objective point of view that Ye Ranren is much better than Ye Tong, and Ye Tong will stumble sooner or later."
"It is by selling beauty that you pretend to be pure and free. It is estimated that the president is innocent and even more ignorant of whether the entertainment circle is a woman."
"All right, all right, let’s disperse. Remember that walls have ears."
After work at noon, Ye Ran and several colleagues discussed going to the restaurant for dinner. Just entering the ladder, he was dragged out by the collar of his neck.
"Ah, who is it?" Ye Ran touch neck twist a head.
Seeing Su Zhicheng’s eyebrows hanging and laughing, wearing a very casual look is in high spirits.
"What are you doing?" Ye Ran frowned and saw that the ladder door was closed.
"It has long been agreed that you will accompany me to have a meal before I leave." Su Zhicheng’s eyes are bright and attached to Ye Ran’s delicate face.
Ye Ran paused and asked, "Are you leaving? When? "
"The plane won’t come to the company at noon in the evening. Shall we find a restaurant to eat and talk?"
I wonder if Su Zhicheng is interested or not. He drove Ye Ran to Jinling Entertainment Center.
Jinling Entertainment Center and Jinling Hotel are combined. The hotel is a place for guests to eat, drink and have fun on the tenth floor.
Ye Ran held on to Ann’s belt and didn’t drive.
"This is the best restaurant. It’s on me today."
"Don’t let’s find a common point. We have to work in the afternoon, so how can we enjoy it?"
Ye Ran thought about changing places.
But Su Zhicheng seems determined to clap his chest. "Your boss is here and I will give you half a day off. Your boss won’t say anything."
"Zhicheng’s scandal yesterday, I believe you heard that we are in the media, and you know it well. Don’t listen to outsiders’ nonsense."
Ye Ran understands what Su Zhicheng cares about, and speaks softly and persuades.
"Where are you looking for shelter after the Boyang Group accident? I believe you are not kept, but …"
"But what?"
Ye Ran saw that Su Zhicheng’s face became strange and he regretted it after asking.
"Let’s eat. I’m hungry."
In the end, she compromised and took the car first.
Jinling entertainment center can enter the door not because of rich brothers and dignitaries.