Although Yi Yu can’t help Mu Cailing for a while, in the face of this deadlock, Mu Cailing’s heart is even more anxious. She knew that if she couldn’t get out as soon as possible, once the spiritual roots below were destroyed, it would be a narrow escape.

I saw that the momentum of the big tree suddenly vibrated and it grew ten feet taller. The huge branches waved and swayed straight towards Yi Yu and the altar. I saw that there were ten huge branches over a thousand feet wrapped in thousands of golden awns and came to take Yi Yu’s life!
Yi Yu did not panic when she saw it, and her hands shook to offer a sacrifice to Brahma. I saw a golden light flying out of the wind and soaring to the size of a hundred feet in front of Yi Yu. Is there any way out of Mu Cailing in the face of Yi Yu’s inevitable victory? And can Yi Yuyou really get the East China Sea knot wood as smoothly as he expected? Please see the next "Endless Spring".

Back to the one hundred and ninety-second endless spring.
It is said that Yi Yu covets the treasure of the five elements, and the East China Sea concludes that the wood wants to take possession of it, so he can rush to the north of the East China Sea for the theft and robbery. However, this East China Sea knot wood is the essence of heaven and earth, and it is not easy for the elves to stand in the realm of repair for thousands of years. Even if you are outnumbered in the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, you will not lose your color.
I saw the ten huge branches with boundless huge force shooting straight at Yi Yu on the altar. This Mu Cailing also died, and she said in her heart, "It seems that today is a difficult reconciliation! I don’t know why these tough monks are bothering me. However, in any case, if this blow fails, it seems that we must give up this nest for thousands of years and flee to other places for the future. " Thinking of this, Mu Cailing is even more angry. From my heart, I can’t wait to make Yi Yu into a meat sauce!
Yi Yu looked at the huge branches that came from all over the world, and waved her hand out in front of her. The pure land of bliss’ absorbed energy from hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang, and poured into Baodan crazily. This made the old woman’s clothes soar to a height of more than 100 feet and was blocked in the middle of the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’.
However, Yi Yu, who was ready, failed to wait for Mu Cailing’s desperate blow for a long time. At the same time, the wooden color spirit suddenly felt a shock after the attack. The tree, which was four hundred feet long, disappeared in an instant. She gave up all attacks and returned to human form.
I saw Mu Cailing glanced at Yi Yu on the altar in horror. Although the bitterness and resentment in the eyes have reached the extreme, the elf who has survived for thousands of years still made the most rational choice.
Mu Cailing didn’t dare to stay more. With the disappearance of the big tree, the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ that was blocked by powerful energy and didn’t close was quickly repairing the huge gap. If you don’t go soon, once the gap is closed, it will be difficult for you to escape in the present state of Mu Cailing.
It turned out that just now, Mu Cailing decided to make one last effort, and if she still couldn’t shake Yi Yu, she got away and left. But what she didn’t expect was that. Under the island, the spirit root of the vein was destroyed so quickly! At that moment, Mu Cailing was frightened out of her wits. She only felt that all the energy coming from underground suddenly stopped flowing.
This sudden change is like a bolt from the blue for Mu Cailing, who is used to wasting his mana without scruple. Mu Cailing immediately realized that from now on, she would no longer get the energy supply, and the mana in her body would be used a little less.
Under this huge psychological gap, even the elves who have survived for thousands of years can hardly mention a trace of fighting will. Mu Cailing chose to escape. Desperately, she turned back and went straight for the gap that had not been closed.
But Shen Wuji and others have already been waiting for him there. At this time, when I saw Mu Cailing coming, where could she escape! Eight people at the same time to spell shekinah foaming at the mouth of all attack to the wood color spirit has some out at this time. However, Yi Yu has already decided to put this wooden color spirit into the "pure land of bliss", so although they laid hands on him lightly. The momentum is not small, but there is no real killing. And this has become a wood color spirit. Last chance to escape.
How rich the fighting experience of Mu Cailing is! At this time, a look will know that the attack to the sword light magic weapon is scary. But there is room for it. How can the exquisite wooden spirit not see that it immediately said, "Good thief! What a loud abacus! It seems that the boy above is trying to capture my mother alive! If so, maybe I still have a glimmer of hope to escape. Simply ignore these attacks and rush directly. If they want to live, they will not kill, but … "Thought of here, Mu Cailing struggled again. "What if they don’t really want to take them alive?" the tunnel asked. This must be life-threatening! How can this be good! "
However, as the exit is approaching Mu Cailing, there is no more time to think about it. Looking at the flying sword magic weapon Mu Cailing, which was blocked in the road, she put her heart in a horizontal tunnel: "Even if you don’t run and stay, you will be a dead end. You will bet on this once in your life!"
The idea must be that Mu Cailing will no longer hesitate to release protective gas and dozens of small turquoise leaves to protect his body. Ignore the magic weapon of flying sword that attacks the body and go straight to the hope of escape. And those seemingly inconspicuous small leaves on the wooden color spirit are all mysterious.
Just say that Qi Lingyun rode a blue sword, and a blue sword light flashed across the back of the wooden color spirit. I thought the little leaves were a magic weapon for protection, but they didn’t respond to the flying sword. Qi Lingyun’s sword light easily tore the protective gas of Mu Cailing and left a foot-long wound on her perfect flawless back. And this is still Qi Lingyun who turned the sword light when he saw something wrong. Otherwise, this sword will pass through the chest and even go to Mu Cailing’s life.
But the foot-long seemingly scary wound disappeared in an instant! And I don’t see Mu Cailing changing color. It seems that there is no injury at all! And the price paid for this is only a leaf, and one of the dozens of small blue leaves lingering around her instantly withered and fell. This strange thing is seen by everyone in the eyes, and the evaluation of this wooden color spirit is higher.
Shen Wuji murmured: "Is it a substitute? Or is Li Daitao stiff? What a thousand-year-old tree demon really has some doorways! But since Yuer said she wanted you today, you just can’t escape. " After saying this, Shen Wusu suddenly smiled and shouted, "Sisters! Stop for a while and let her out. "
Although everyone is one leng, she does have the qualification to give orders to everyone with her flawless cultivation and qualifications. Is the proud terms and qin home these two sisters also obediently stopped the offensive. Of course, this does not mean that they are afraid to apply for innocence, but that they know that the witch sister is wise and must have come up with a very interesting way.
Of course, Mu Cailing naturally heard the voice of "No Scale". And just this blink of an eye, Mu Cailing has reached the exit at this time. Looking at the twisted space passing by, Mu Cailing smiled and looked at the suddenly enlightened sky, and her heavy mood was relaxed.
Now, as long as Mu Cailing returns to the abode of fairies and immortals, he will take the ontology belt along the back door dug early and escape from Wan Li. Once you leave here, where can you find her? Thought of here wood color spirit also can not help but burst of pride.
But after feeling a little safe, the curiosity in Mu Cailing’s heart swelled sharply. At this time, she suddenly wanted to see it very much. Why did that woman suddenly stop everyone? What else are they up to? For this reason, Mu Cailing turned back, but her turn back was doomed to the future. Although it is not tragic, it is absolutely depressing for Mu Cailing.
When the curious Mu Cailing turned around, she only saw the woman who looked very beautiful and looked at her with a wry smile. At this time, when I saw her turn around, I waved my hand very kindly, and I didn’t know if I wanted to say goodbye. Still want to call her back. Although there was nothing different, Mu Cailing suddenly felt a creepy fear.
I have already felt that the bad Mu Cailing dared not stay for a moment and turned to return to the abode of fairies and immortals. But at this moment, Mu Cailing suddenly felt a huge force shooting at her body, just like playing tennis, turning this beautiful tree demon just out of the jaws. Once again hit back to the’ pure land of bliss’.
Mu Cailing looked at the approaching’ cut’ and the eight stunning beauties in front. And the huge and horrible altar and the bad guy who controls everything on the stage. This enchanting tree demon at this moment. Just stare blankly at the beautiful big green eyes in front of me and have lost focus. Mu Cailing knew that the escape exit no longer existed at this time, and she had no hope.
Mu Cailing muttered in her mouth: "It’s over! Is this all over? What a surprise! It turns out that I, Mu Cailing, will also be a prisoner of others one day. I don’t know if it will be turned into a magic weapon. Or will you just eat it and increase your cultivation? ……”
As Mu Cailing came in, there was a graceful figure. A golden light armor with a huge sword coupled with a dazzling golden long daughter at this time is like a goddess of war. Noble and dignified. It’s the huge sword in her hand that has just struck Mu Cailing back.
I saw that this daughter did not continue to pursue the wood color spirit after coming in, but fell to the ground with a clever sword and whispered, "Daughter has not failed to live up to her master’s expectations, and has destroyed all the roots of the spirit vein and completely broken the reliance of wood color spirit."
Yi Yu smiled and the figure flashed directly across thousands of feet and came to Heer’s side. Yi Yu gently stroked Xi ‘er’s glittering gold just like stroking her own puppy. "I’m very satisfied with daughter’s good performance this time," she said. Go and defeat your enemy yourself now. All the gold elements here are yours to call. Didn’t she bully Heer with infinite magic last time? This time, you can also squander your magic like the original Mu Cailing. Go to war. "
Daughter hearing this face a ash still kneeling on the ground looked up at Yi Yu stupefied.
Yi Yu smiled slightly: "What’s the matter? Don’t you want to go? "
Joy shook her head hard, and water mist had accumulated in her beautiful big eyes, and she gently choked: "Master!" "
Yi Yu smiled and gently knocked on Joy’s head. "How dare you play this trick on me, girl!" he said. My Miss Raytheon will play against your men in the future. "
Hearing this, Joy said angrily, "Is the master’s family really moved? In the past 1000 years, there has never been a person who can stand up for me after Xi ‘er was bullied! But now there is a master … "Say actually shed tears.
At this moment, Qin Ziling said, "Brother Yi Yu, you don’t know that it’s not easy to be a different kind of monk in this fix-up world! Our sisters are not bad. My mother is a famous demon and has some connections with the Emei Sect. My father is a disciple of the blissful ancestor of Qingcheng School, and he also has some photos. However, it is even more difficult to count the sufferings of a heterogeneous person like Xi’ er who is born without roots and factions to survive! "
Yi Yu patted Xi ‘er on the head and said, "Well, my daughter is an open thor. How can she cry?" In the future, this will be Xier’s home, and there will be so many sisters that no one will bully Xier again! "
Yiyu voice
I heard Qin Han’s calyx cold hum a track: "What? No one can bully anyone again. It’s you! Xier’s future is very dark! " When they heard it, it was a burst of laughter, but what the cold calyx said was really something that Yi Yu would refute.
Yi Yu smiled and didn’t pick up this conversation. She still said to Xi ‘er, "Xi ‘er goes."
Who looked at the smiling Yi Yu firmly nodded and went straight to the wooden color spirit. Looking at the back of Xi ‘er, Qi Lingyun said, "Her. What Sister Ziling said just now is true, but the five elements like Xier are different from other monsters. They rarely really understand human accidents. You should be more careful in the future to avoid being addicted to it. " When all the daughters heard this, they nodded and said that Qi Lingyun’s words were really self-mature.
Yi Yu smiled slightly and said, "Don’t worry. Now Xi ‘er’s essence gold has merged with my’ pure land of bliss’. You will get used to it after a long time. And now, as long as my mind moves, I can extract all her mana and even annihilate her consciousness at any time. "
After that, Yi Yu looked at the women and said with a smile, "Besides, in the future, in order to fight against Mu Cailing, who is a little stronger than her, it’s not urgent for this master to come. How can he have second thoughts?" Besides, I’ll let them work well for me in the future and intrigue with each other in their spare time. There is no time to think about other things! "
When everyone hears Yi Yu’s words, it’s all an ash. And the Qin Han calyx more suddenly shot hard lamented the Yi Yu. Hate: "You are really a big bad guy! Tell you what! You can’t use such bad tricks on us in the future! Otherwise … Hum! " All a listen to the cold calyx is also echoed aloud.
Yi Yu is able to shrug off at all. Conveniently pulled up beside him JiLingYun and Qin Han calyx hand way: "I don’t do this for you. If I can’t keep getting stronger, how can I stand in the field of repairing truth? If I had found a corner to hide, it might have been nothing. But now it’s different. You top beauties are all attached to me. I don’t know how many people are jealous and looking for opportunities to kill me! Then you can … "
Don’t wait for Yi Yu to finish. Daughters are very tacitly qi qi "bah". Qi Lingyun shook his hands and said angrily, "You little thief! Who wants to stick to your little fart child! "
It’s just that although this Qi Lingyun is arrogant, the result is high and low. Tang Wan, Luyi and Shen Wuguang, three die-hards, naturally won’t come out to make peace. Yin Sutang and Qin Ziling are irrelevant. That Qin Han calyx didn’t give up Yi Yu’s hand even though he repeatedly echoed it. He was also a duplicitous little traitor. Only JiXia son and her sisters stood firmly on JiLingyun’s side.
JiLingYun looked at this some cold situation and looked at satisfiedly Yi Yu is angry. Qiao face blush JiLingYun finally unbearable mercilessly caught Yi Yu waist’ lifebuoy’ Siming hold on …
Let’s press Yi Yu for a moment, not to mention how everyone flirted, but to say that Joy flew straight to the wooden color spirit.
At this time, after a short absence, Mu Cailing has recovered and renewed his spirit. Although I know that today’s situation is a narrow escape, Mu Cailing has made up his mind to fight hard to exhaust the last trace of essence even if he dies.
Who is not in a hurry to attack at this time, she is feeling all the gold elements in the whole’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ and the huge and true spirit that is pouring in from outside. And these are all controlled by her, and there is even a pleasure of mastering heaven and earth between trance! Although this world is still very small, this feeling of control is really tempting!