Seeing the sudden appearance of a handsome figure galloping in front of them, everyone stopped without stopping. When people hit the quarrelling wall of Henaan cloth and bounced back, they were all shocked. When they saw the beautiful image in front of themselves and others, there was a trace of dignity in their eyes. They intuitively found that the girl in front of them gave them a feeling that they could not see through it, and then they were afraid to start work when they saw those who were not weaker than themselves and others hit the quarrelling wall and were knocked back.

But the white python ignores these. Although the people in front of him give it a very dangerous feeling, it has not yet reached the point where it has to give up guarding the spirit for so long. Section 456: Stop 1
Is to see its snake mouth with a scarlet snake letter, spit out the snake’s tail, and suddenly throw the snake’s tail tip with bursts of broken towards the quarrelling wall.
When Feng Hou saw this beautiful image, his eyelids suddenly jumped. He knew that it would not be easy to get this dragon saliva fruit today. It seems that he has to fight hard. Even if you are blade master, so many gold fighters attack and want to answer the words, I think even you can’t be so easy. Think of this. Feng Hou’s eyes are gloomy and Henaan is ready to start work.
"Evil livestock die" saw that the white python had taken the lead in attacking Henaan’s face with a cold mouth and thundered. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, the horse practiced crossing the quarrelling wall and flung it towards the white python.
See the white python to start work around those human strong know this time can’t hesitate to unite the white python to resolve the quarrelling wall first.
In an instant, Henaan’s pissing match horse training hit the white python’s snake tail, which was very majestic. It was like tofu and was penetrated by Henaan’s pissing match horse training. Then the white python roared with pain, and then the whole snake tail suddenly recovered and saw a lot of snake blood suddenly spewing out from the penetrated blood hole, and all the places touched by snake blood took up white smoke. This shows that the snake blood is toxic [
Take back the white python with the tail of a snake. Finally, there is a trace of fear in the cold and narrow snake’s eyes. It has never been so seriously injured. At this time, it is full of fear for this seemingly weak human being, because this is the first time that someone has injured it.
Seeing that so many people failed to leave scars on the white python, the white python actually suffered such serious injuries in the attack at present. At this time, the strong people finally paid attention to this seemingly harmful girl.
And those dragon eagle knights came to try to break through it, but when Henaan smiled coldly and then snorted "Come on", they saw that graceful figure was flying in vain, and then the dragon eagle screamed with a wave of his hand, and then fell like dumplings towards the ground, which made the heart of the wind soar. If these dragon eagle knights fell and died, the losses would be a bit heavy.
Good Henaan didn’t want to kill them. When they were about to land, the Dragon Eagle Knight finally stopped falling. They were well trained, but even so, their faces were bloody and they drove the Dragon Eagle slowly towards the back, distancing themselves from Henaan. It was enough to experience it once, and they didn’t want to experience it again.
"blade master, my God."
"It seems that I met blade master this time and blade master is still so young."
When the strong people at the bottom saw Henaan’s rise, they all looked dead gray, and they all came out. What level did Henaan belong to? This result made them all fall into a panic. Although blade master said that few of them had seen blade master, they also knew most of blade master’s names and information in this mainland, but blade master was so young. When did they really see the mainland come out with such a young blade master? I don’t know which old monster actually taught such a good brother. Section 457: Stop.
Today, there is this girl blade master, so I’m afraid there is little hope for these people to get the dragon saliva fruit. I think that all the strong people are bitter in their hearts, and they are old enough to be this girl’s grandfather, but even their grandchildren can’t stand it. They have been practicing to the dog for so many years.
The white python also knows that this man is buhaore and didn’t dare to practice to this level before, which has certain wisdom.
See these people didn’t go any further, Henaan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. She’s not a killer. It’s better not to hurt people, but if they really dare to go beyond it, it’s hard to make an exception. It’s even colder in Henaan’s eyes.
When everyone was deadlocked, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly fell from it and flew towards the dragon saliva fruit.
Come on, everyone hesitated whether to start work or not, but when they saw that someone was going to take the dragon saliva fruit, of course, these strong people quit, and they all got red eyes. At this time, they no longer cared whether the person in front of them was blade master or not, and there was the bright red dragon saliva fruit in their eyes [
"If we don’t do it now, we can’t find anyone who wants to do it." Then a voice came out
Hearing the sound, these strong men are hesitant. They are like eating aphrodisiacs. Their eyes are red and they are roaring and rushing towards Henaan. But the original quarrelling wall of Henaan cloth is smashed into pieces. Without this barrier, everyone behind them is jealous and in love. Bulls are also fierce and not afraid of death.
Looking at these people rushing to Henaan’s original cold face, it’s like a layer of frost on Henaan’s cold road. "Anyone who comes into my front will die five feet …" With that, Henaan beheaded the front five feet and drew a horizontal line there. Her meaning is very obvious. Going beyond this informant will be hit like a storm in Henaan.
In normal times, these people would be afraid, but now they are obviously blinded by greed. At this time, they can’t take care of the threat of flowers and feathers. They are all fierce and not afraid of death and rushed towards Henaan.
When the first person crosses this horizontal line, Henaan, with a cold face and a wave of his hand, cuts a horse at the first unlucky child to see it. If he can’t effectively defend himself, it will definitely kill him.
Feeling locked by Henaan’s quarrelling and moving towards his attack, the man’s reaction was not slow. The front of him was condensed with a thick shield of quarrelling, but even so, it did not bring him a sense of security.
After seeing her attack, Henaan’s eyes showed a trace of reluctance. When she was near halfway, she controlled the quarrelling and cut it toward him. The ground of the human foot was suddenly cut out of a very deep pit.
Looking at the deep pit, the man was almost scared to death. Before touching his neck, he felt a chill in his neck. He could imagine the situation after his neck was cut. Section 458: Success 1
But fortunately, he escaped this robbery. He knew that this was the girl across the street. Otherwise, I am afraid that he would have been beheaded at this time. At this time, he finally realized that even if it is a good thing, he must have a life to enjoy. I thought that the man wiped his forehead and sweated his body. He quietly retreated and withdrew from the horizontal line.
Henaan also breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that man quit the horizontal line. If this man doesn’t know how to be good or bad again, then her attack is not his feet, but his neck is blade master. She has her own dignity. If she speaks out, she will definitely carry out the so-called kindness once, but not the second time.
People around you were also frightened by this attack by Henaan, but they remained motionless there for a moment, and then they were imposed by limited desire and greed. Moreover, the strong man who crossed the line just now was not hit by Henaan, and their hearts were also a little lucky.
Seeing that these strong people rushed madly one by one, five or six people crossed the Henaan line to cross the horizontal line in an instant. After that, all the strong people played drums in their hearts. I don’t know if they would be hit by the girl opposite, but they didn’t get hit after crossing, which made them feel relieved.
The people behind saw that nothing happened after the people in front crossed the line. They also crossed the line and galloped towards the back. More and more people crossed the line [