At the moment, no one dared to sprinkle anything, so the large troops stepped on this soft cloth and walked across the street at a faster speed.

It was like holding your breath for a long time and breathing a sigh of relief until the whole group could see the street blocked behind your tail and lifted the ban.
That was really scary.
What does it mean to throw tablecloths at guests? Isn’t it equal to provoking foot washing water? Who is so cheap to throw this thing?
If the guests have a deep sense of righteousness, it’s okay. If they haggle over every ounce, isn’t it possible for both countries directly? At that time, who cares if you are intentional or casual?
The people can’t help shivering at the thought of fighting. That’s not too terrible. It seems that we should be careful later.
I’m glad that Ling Guo’s emissary was generous and didn’t mind that such a ridiculous way ended.
A tablecloth covering your head? It is estimated that ordinary people have never experienced this kind of experience, and they are struggling to think about it.
Dong Yuling looked at the tablecloth that Lotte was still confused and said, "Why does that tablecloth look so familiar?"
Song Yun looked around, "It seems to be your home. His box is this color."
Dong Yuling is sweating because this is a special box of Lotus Yan Jinging, which will not receive foreign guests. The layout inside is naturally different, and the tablecloth must be different. This didn’t let her see it at a glance.
"If purple calls the shopkeeper," Dong Yuling put some tea lamps, which doesn’t mean that he frowned. Is this a coincidence or is someone really planning something? It happened that her flavor building was not confirmed-her heart couldn’t fall.
Do you really want to investigate this kind of thing? What are we gonna do then?
Fortunately, the emissary of Lingguo has great sincerity and doesn’t mind this episode, otherwise it’s not over yet.
Song Yun didn’t speak. When the shopkeeper came over, he saw Dong Yuling or said, "Go and find out which one threw our things out? Ask for ten times compensation. "
The shopkeeper leng liu immediately after action.
Fortunately, after dying, everyone was excited to recall that the lively crowd gathered just now and was not in a hurry to disperse.
It’s just a word of kung fu. Even if someone is in a hurry, they haven’t got out of the door yet!
Moreover, this kind of tablecloth has boxes, and everyone in each box wants it. Remember clearly that you can’t shirk it.
The flavor building has been established by Lian Yan Jing for so many years. The shopkeeper is not a vegetarian. He should know everyone.
"It should be an accident. I was excited when I threw away all my handkerchiefs." Song Yun comforted me.
"Really excited excited threw things in the store must have to pay! Otherwise, all the guests can’t follow the trend and the flavor building can’t go. "Although Dong Yuling said so, he thought it was not. This is hope, not a conspiracy and calculation.
Behind the scenes of the flavor building is Qin Ru Wang Shi, who should know that it is a coincidence that everyone knows not to check whether Dong Yuling believes it or not.
The street bustle continued to dilute the sadness, but what should be done after watching the bustle will soon become a bit of talk, and it will disappear in a long time.
With such a long accident, the big army quickened its pace, and a group of people soon met the emperor.
Ling Guo’s envoy led by Ling Guowei, the prime minister praised the enthusiasm of the people in Shengjing as soon as he saw the emperor, which surprised them.
When the emperor waited, he naturally got the report early, and he was wary. At the same time, he also complimented Prime Minister Wei.
And fortunately, the tea reception attitude is also good, which makes Prime Minister Wei feel good.
So knowing that the atmosphere is good, the two sides will expose that episode and don’t have to do it again.
Prime minister Wei is not a stupid tablecloth incident. It was not an accident. Then there must be a conspiracy? What can be good about this conspiracy? I just don’t want Ling Guo and Sheng Lian Dynasty to tie the knot. Chapter 431 There is also a princess.
The original intention of destroying the alliance is to violate the original intention of the Ling State. Prime Minister Wei will not be stupid enough to be such a gun without a title.
Without two brushes, how could he be the prime minister of a country at the age of 33? How can you let the emperor of Lingguo rest assured to send him to the Shenglian Dynasty?
No matter whether it is a coincidence or not, it can be revealed so that it will not fall into the trap of others.
Prime minister Wei and the emperor are both wise people, so it is natural and happy.
However, such a sharp episode not only made the emperor see the sincerity of Lingguo, but also made the Prime Minister Wei look out the honesty of the emperor.
Both sides can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and talk happily. The atmosphere is even more harmonious, and each other can’t help but have some appreciate each other.
"Ha ha who’s this around you, Prime Minister? Why don’t you introduce me? " When the emperor saw that the Prime Minister Wei looked at the women around him for several eyes, he was well-advised and asked
We get along so well, it’s only natural that we should know how to look at each other, so that we can get together and part.
Prime Minister Wei and the masked woman got up and blessed the emperor.
"Lingling has seen the emperor’s position" The masked beauty spoke first to show respect, and took the veil to reveal a stunning face with white teeth.
"Back to the emperor’s position, this is my emperor’s seventh princess, who likes to travel on weekdays. This time, she went to your country to visit the Shenglian Dynasty, so she should hope that the emperor’s position would not mind." Prime Minister Wei said this with great standards.
As soon as it came, it did mean that the princess was naughty and the emperor Naicai let him come over, but it didn’t mean anything to him, no matter what the princess’s name was.
The emperor raised his eyebrows and touched Yu Pei’s waist. "Oh, I see. The Seventh Princess is happy to come to the court. If you like anything, just go and play!"
There was a flash of different colors in the eyes. When the emperor reached this point, could he not understand what Ling Guo was doing? However, Ling Guodu said that he was coming to play, and he didn’t know what to do. It’s natural for everyone to be as convenient as possible during their honeymoon.
"Emperor Xie’s pursuit" Prime Minister Wei has been observing the emperor’s look, seeing that it is normal, and he sighed with a serious answer.
"The prime minister and the princess traveled from afar, and they were afraid of being tired. Let’s take a rest in the palace for a while. After a while, I’m going to Chunde. If the Prime Minister and the Princess are interested, it’s better to have a fun together. "The emperor digressed and said the right thing.