NingYun smell speech a fiercely nodded "is we go home first"

But it’s not that easy to go back!
When I first chose the place, I chose it specially. It was not only a dead end, but also difficult for horses to get around. I also tried to avoid the patrol soldiers, just trying to fight without being disturbed.
Now I’m shooting myself in the foot.
They didn’t go far, and Wei Tietou quickly came over. "My Lord, those men in black fought with the Xue family, and now they have rushed out. The Xue family failed to stop them, and now they are almost at the door of the lane!"
Chapter 564 564 Surging tide 3
I didn’t expect there to be one!
And those who Wei yi department leng one quickly reacted and made a gesture to signal that others were surrounded and ready to start work.
Just then NingYun suddenly heard a voice telling her that crash and burn were killing him!
This is the first time I’ve seen a white-haired man. Ning Yun hasn’t responded yet, but his body naturally moves!
The man stabbed Wei Yi after avoiding the attack of the Sword, while Wei Yi’s attack style had been accepted by the old farmer!
This posture is menacing, but Wei Yi can avoid abruptly preparing to fight this sword!
At this time, Ningyun just came to solve the problem!
Crash and burn is a life-saving move of Ningjia. Although limited by Ningyun’s low force, both moves and momentum have the right time to make up for Wei Yi’s lack.
Just as she hit the other weapon, the sound rang again in her ear. Let go!
The two weapons hit each other. Ningyun had already been awakened and prepared. As soon as the two weapons touched, they quickly let go of their weapons!
Even so, the surging force along the weapon will push her back several steps!
Accompanied by her, she was a weapon fragment, and the fine iron sword was abruptly broken into several pieces by force and came towards Ningyunfei.
Ningyun can’t avoid the past, but she can protect her face and side with her hands, hoping to minimize the damage!
As soon as she interrupted, she was ready for injury, so Wei Yi had a chance to fight back.
Not only is it to fight back against those fragments that have been recovered, Wei Yi raised his hand and hit them!
By NingYun such a step in weiyi crisis relief command ministries toward each other to kill the past two people fight into a ball again!
Ningyun stopped castration until she retreated to the wall. Her face turned white and blue, and she felt glad that she had given up. Otherwise, she had been holding a weapon and was broken. It was difficult to get a minor injury!
Knowing that Wei Yi had to take care of his own injury while facing the enemy, Ning Yun quickly said, "I’m fine and didn’t hurt me!" "
Wei Yi’s heart was set to fight against the enemy with Si Jian.
At this moment, suddenly, several figures came over the wall. Wei Yi’s department was surprised and immediately attacked those people, but the sword shouted, "One of our own! Don’t do it! "
These men joined the show and changed the situation!
Wei Yi is worried that NingYun doesn’t want to continue fighting. As soon as he sees someone who can stop him, he will withdraw and pull NingYun out!
Ning Yun took him by the hand and didn’t want to go. "We can’t go back now, and the troops are coming!"
Just out of the corner WeiTieTou hurried to see WeiYi and NingYun torn his face towel "adults on both sides of the team is coming here, I’m afraid it will attract their attention!
I feel that they have heard the noise, and the horse is coming. Adults must make a decision at once! "
Ningyun can’t see anything clearly in the dark.
"Those people are Su Qiyi. What now? !” NingYun pulling wei yi stamp said!
I came to lead the enemy to them, but now it’s great, but it’s a disaster for myself!
While they were talking, the white-haired man and others also captured the man!
A few people tied him up and tied him very firmly. Even at night, Ningyun recognized it at a glance as Zijin Suo. It seems that he attaches great importance to this man!
It seems that the acupuncture points were ordered and dragged around like a dead dog. As soon as a few people came over, Ning Yun and Wei Yi suddenly became nervous!
Wei Yima pulled Ningyun to his full-back steel-toed, and also reached the other side of Ningyun, showing off his weapon and posing as an alert attitude.