"My Lord, you can’t do this to us."

"My Lord …"
These Han slaves immediately fried the pot and cried earth-shattering
Li Yuanqing vomited a long mouthful of polluted air and forced himself not to watch or listen to this scene. I’m afraid that Luo always blamed himself for this scene that day in Xiping Castle.
Love for the people has always been the core of Confucianism, especially a veteran like him …
But Li Yuanqing was not soft-hearted. At this time, the Han slaves had already crossed the five-step sandbag defense line and were driven by the late Jin soldiers to accelerate towards the wall
"Throw the sandbags at the bottom of the wall."
"Come on, old thing, you don’t want to live ~ ~ ~"
An elderly and strong man was severely chopped over by a Han flag soldier.
The Han flag soldier hid behind the crowd and shouted, "Who dares to stand back? This is the field."
The crowd was crying and wailing, but what could they do at this level?
"Shoot, shoot, suppress them, don’t let them come over" Li Yuanqing shouted.
ChengTou army dare not neglect birds’ spears and bows and arrows.
At this time, the catapult crossbow was also ready, and the stinking crocks and pots had been pulled behind the rubber bands.
With Chen Changyou shouting six catapults and a simple slingshot, a row of dark crocks and pottery pots flew over the city wall and landed in the crowd.
"Ah, kill a thousand knives dog!"
A Han flag soldier was hit by a black crock, and the crock burst instantly, and the dark black thick liquid instantly covered his body and smelled foul.
"What is this? What the hell is this?"
The soldier of the Han flag suddenly broke his head, and these foul-smelling liquids instantly penetrated into his head wound and gradually spread to him. He rolled around in pain and wailed desperately, but he could not live.
After all, catapults and slingshots are more powerful. These crocks and clay pots directly passed through the front, and Han slaves fried the pot in the main force of the post-8 Jin Army.
However, it is very rare for soldiers with the flag of the Han Dynasty to be so unlucky, but even if others are not directly hit by these clay pots and crocks, it is enough for them to splash these liquids on them casually.
This sticky smell can’t be wiped off. If it splashes in your eyes, even the horse will go blind.
"Go to the top of your head and hurry up."
The Han flag soldier had to fight for his life. At this moment, a swinging steel knife was inserted into the middle of his back, and a soldier dressed in silver armor marched forward, yelling and moving forward.
It is A Min’s confidant Fuchatai
After seeing the big Lord coming over, 8 Jin J dare not neglect it, so he crustily skin of head and rushed forward a lot faster.
"Whoosh … whoosh …"
Another row of crocks and clay pots flew by, but they smashed themselves in these latter Jin armies, and several unlucky ghosts became tragic sacrifices.
The ground is full of all kinds of debris, sticky and smelly.
If you accidentally step on these things and slip, your skin is cut and stuck by debris, even if you don’t die, your half-life will be gone.
Before Canada, the Han slaves left sandbags, corpses, arrows of Chengtou Army, and projectiles outside Lushun North City. This vast land was like a hell.
But with Fuchatai, A Min is not far behind, and the old slave is in Zhongjun. None of these late soldiers dare to neglect the army’s various firepower and rush toward the city like crazy.
The long-range firepower on this side of the offensive army has almost reached the gap, and it needs to be rested temporarily, which can also cause a fatal blow to the post-8 Jin Army, allowing them to rush to the bottom of the city wall and set up a ladder.
Han slaves have been dispersed, and soon more than 100 late Jin soldiers are covering the archers on both sides, climbing towards the ladder and rushing to Chengtou.
"The rolling stone and gold juice are all his mother’s greetings to the old man."
Li Yuanqing Changsheng Battalion is in charge of the long-range firepower of Chengtou, while Chen Zhonghe is in charge of the close-range melee protection.
This situation two people who also dare not neglect quickly called ministries all kinds of defensive weapons desperately thrown at the city in the past.
Although there is not enough time for the defenders in Lushun City, all three of them have done enough preparations. Lushun City is close to the north gate, and the residential foundations in this area have been demolished. All the energy has been used as weapons
At this time, in the face of the post-8 Jin J offensive army, there is not much to keep here, and it is a dry word to spare weapons.
A white armor with a blue flag with a single knife in its mouth, a left hand holding a shield and a right hand holding a ladder, like a sensitive ape, quickly climbed towards the ladder.
"Beat you to death, you dog." An army soldier held up a big stone with a head and smashed it toward the white armor head.
This white-clad ferocious smile revealed a mouthful of yellow teeth, but it evaded the big stone with a fierce sideways.
However, his skill is sensitive, but a soldier with the flag of the Han army was in great trouble. The huge impact of this stone in the middle of his other life made his brains burst and he fell from the ladder without any movement.
"Yo-ho, how dare this dog jump?"
The soldiers were furious when they saw that the blow missed, and quickly picked up a stone and smashed it toward the white armor.
But this white armor is extremely sensitive and dodged again. At the same time, his right hand suddenly raised the swinging steel knife and quickly threw it at the soldiers.
This soldier is seventeen years old. He was so bold just now. Was the crisis so close?
I can wait for death when I’m at a loss
Just then, a broadsword slammed in front of him, and "clanked" to resist the fatal blow of this white armor.
The soldiers were pleasantly surprised for a moment before they saw the busy face in front of them and kowtowed.
Li Yuanqing smiled and grabbed him. "It’s not good to see things every time. Don’t be silly and hide behind the wall. It’s not good for this beast stone."
Li Yuanqing said and pointed to the next one, which was standing in a broken fire basin and full of thick stench.