She had to make more plans by herself.

This is also the reason why she recommended to leave Jiefang at night.
Only when the former forces do not reduce the harem position can they sit for a long time.
The "night away" woman sighed in a low voice and leaned back to the soft pillow. "Now you are directly obeying the emperor’s mourning family, and you can’t always call you into the palace."
At the end of the night, I hung my eyes slightly and added, "I know what to do."
"Well," the woman nodded her head with satisfaction, and looked at the night before leaving for a moment before turning her eyes and withdrawing her sight.
"I don’t know whether it’s because it’s too cold or the mourning family is getting worse and worse. My knees are sore these days, and I still have you around to help the mourning family massage before I prescribe medicine …"
Night from long cilia light flash two steps before "let the slave to serve the queen mother empress"
Haha, who put it at Zhangmen?
In the update for the time being, it’s one shift a day these days, and it’s about four o’clock in the afternoon, and there will be more shifts after the update.
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The futon kneeling at the edge of the low couch with the robe slightly lifted was about to lift the fox fur blanket that the woman covered her body, but it was stopped by the woman.
"Forget it. It’s still a noon sun. Let Moon help Ai Jia push you up."
Night away from hanging down my eyes and not getting up, I will cover the fox fur blanket with a corner off again, and then I will put my hands directly into the blanket and grope my way into the woman’s skirt.
This time, the woman didn’t stop looking at him with her eyes slightly set.
At night, the eyebrows and eyes are low, and the fingers in the fox fur carpet are gently rubbed. n and e women wear pants and knees.
"Well ~" I don’t know if he pinched it hard or if the woman’s knee was too painful. He pressed his fingers and the woman snorted at the same time
Night from the eyes a slight quiver hand immediately reduced how much strength.
"It’s still your best technique." The woman sighed and rubbed N and E with the night, but she enjoyed the whole body weight and leaned against the soft pillow, pointed and thin jaw, slightly raised and comfortably closed her eyes, and from time to time there was a sigh of relief in her nose.
The night is as heavy as water, and I concentrate on moving my hands until I suddenly feel that someone seems to have a deep gaze, such as a sharp edge falling behind my back. He suddenly turns back to the door and touches the tall and graceful figure and goes straight into ru’s eyes.
A touch of yellow and a touch of white.
Xu had felt that his strange woman also opened her eyes, and when she saw the door standing tall and slim, she was in a dilemma, and the woman quickly sat up and looked a little flustered.
So night away clearly see the door two handsome face look more embarrassed and complicated.
It’s just massage, but the queen mother suspects the silver here
He knows what happened to them.
"When will the emperor come? Why didn’t anyone inform me? " The woman smiled and spoke.
Two people just came in, yellow figure in front and white figure in the back.
Take your hand out of the blanket and drop your eyes slightly from the futon.
"I pay my respects to my mother." The new emperor devoted himself to thousands of feathers and smiled like a spring breeze.
"Slave sees the emperor" leaves at night to salute the new emperor Luo Luo.
The low-alcohol magnetic sound of "I have seen the Empress Dowager" comes from another man who wins snow in white.
Night away from a slight lift eye wind in the past.
A man’s posture is bold and noble, his head is crowned with jade, his hair is light, his eyebrows are drooping, his eyes are bright and his lips are thin, and the outline of his facial features is three-dimensional like a knife cutting and seal cutting.
The world knows that the new emperor Mo Qianyu is the most beautiful man in the world. Today, two men left together at night and found that this person actually didn’t lose at all.
Is it a night away from happiness?
Because he is the master of Taiwan, Feng Yingmo.
A brief moment is to say hello. I didn’t ignore the profundity and disdain in the dark pupil of Phoenix Shadow when my eyes were facing each other.
"I don’t know what the emperor and Taiwan master are doing at this time when they come to Ai Jia Jing Ci Palace?"
The story hasn’t started yet, children. Don’t worry. The cliff looks good
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"I don’t know what the emperor and Taiwan master are doing at this time when they come to Ai Jia Jing Ci Palace?"
The woman asked as she gently gathered her fox fur blanket, which seemed to be a little chilly and seemed to prevent the spring from leaking out on the blanket surface.
After the two men looked at each other, Feng Ying Mo gracefully fuels. "I report to the empress dowager empress that I am chasing a drug dealer, flying to the eaves of the palace to escape from Jingci Palace and disappeared …"
"Drug dealer?" Before Feng Ying finished speaking in ink, the woman interrupted her in disbelief. "Escape to the Jingci Palace in Ai Jia?"
The woman suddenly changed her face. "Do you mean that Ai Jia is hiding drug dealers?"
"I don’t dare to be a minister for fear that drug dealers will bring danger to the queen mother."
Although dare not a Zhang Jun face but calm like water a little scared.
The woman sneered, "Don’t be alarmist! Where is the palace? Can anyone get in so heavily guarded and impregnable? "
"But I followed all the way and saw the drug dealer enter the Jingci Palace with my own eyes." Phoenix Shadow Ink is still in a bad voice.
As soon as the woman’s eyes turned cold, she wanted to say something more. She said, "We are also mothers, so it’s better to believe it or not, and it’s always good to pay attention to prevention."
The woman wanted to smell the new imperial city, so she swallowed the words in her throat. She didn’t good the spirit tunnel "Is it necessary to search the Jingci Palace in Aijia?" Or what do you want? "
Phoenix Shadow Ink smiled. "I need to unite people in the Niangniang Palace to compete with this person. I should know it."
"Oh?" The woman’s eyes flashed "so good!"