But he looks like a parent.

It suddenly occurred to her that "you may be able to set up a marriage agency when you retire"
"Mrs. Zhou, you are a little scary. You want to enslave your husband until I retire. Shouldn’t I be a grandchild after retirement?" Zhou Shiyu retorted.
"You don’t even have children. It’s really long before you have grandchildren."
"Soon" Zhou Shiyu had plans for having children. They had been together for a long time. They didn’t want to get pregnant because he didn’t want outsiders. They got married because they were pregnant, but he had already planned the children after their wedding.
When is the best time for Fu Jingyun to have children? He knows better than others that he is a doctor.
"You weren’t born" Fu Jingyun teased. In fact, she knew that she was too old to have children after marriage. It would be fine if Zhou Shiyu was a few years old, but she would become an elderly woman. It is not a suitable choice for children or herself.
But she didn’t want it to be a requirement for him to obey her and live a life with children.
I didn’t expect that he had already planned it.
There is a joy in her heart.
"I didn’t tell you before because I was afraid you were anxious. My plan is to have children one year after marriage. I want to be a father and a father of our children, and my parents especially like children. If you think that after having a good child, they will help us or have ourselves. I won’t be less worried about you because of the children. You or your children can’t take it away." Zhou Shiyu told her all about her plans.
Is he the man who is seven years younger than her? Everything will be so thoughtful.
Fu Jingyun’s heart trembled and a warm current fell from her eyes. Warm water droplets fell on the back of her hand and she felt the heat.
"Why are you crying about my car? Do you want me to stop?" When Zhou Shiyu saw that she didn’t speak, she turned to see her. I didn’t expect her to wipe away tears.
"No, I’m happy. Today, my parents gave me a great shock, and you gave me more. You made me plan all my doubts and uncertainties about the future."
"I don’t need you to be a powerful person when I am here. I will protect you." When the car stopped at the red light, Zhou Shiyu took her hand.
He came to be her knight. She has always been a princess. She has been a princess since he first met her.
"I know," Fu Jingyun believed and always believed.
"But you still have to work hard to plan smoothly." Zhou Shiyu looked at her. "It’s better to go back and practice one."
She dumped his hand in distress situation. "You are bad at school, too."
"Is it bad?" He tilted his mouth. "I’m trying to push forward the plan and prepare for work. Isn’t that how Yun always arranges work?"
He’s actually imitating her.
Fu Jingyun chuckled, "Well, are you going to be the chief secret of Yun? This little secret is too handsome to be around."
"What a spirit?" He raised his eyebrows and reflected light in the night. His eyes were bright and clear, but what he said really made people fill out a picture.
Oh man!
"Hurry up!" Fu Jingyun didn’t want to talk to him because it would get further and further.
Zhou Shiyu will drive into the apartment community.
Tonight, they all breathed a sigh of relief, because the parents on both sides agreed to make them feel less guilty. China’s unified marriage still needs to seek parents’ approval and be blessed by their parents.
Of course, they also expect
And all the gifts written by Zhou Jia’s bride price were sent to Fu Jiafu every other day, including the phoenix hairpin and the phoenix gold bracelet, the wishful gold lock wedding dress, and a set of crested chaplet and a pair of jade bracelets, all of which were left by Zhou Jiazu. Every daughter-in-law of Zhou Jia accepted the table generation by generation, which is now a priceless good object.
In addition to the gold, the gift money was given to the wedding dowry of the Beijing Municipal Government, including tea, which was originally for the bride’s clothes. This crested official gown was used for the dessert box, so the Zhou family paid attention to playing it safe. According to the rules, the woman needs to return it with two snack boxes, and you should return two accordingly. When you go home, you should put six kinds of snacks to make tea.
The Fu family smiled when they saw the dowry. "I didn’t expect my in-laws to be professors, but they were still very unified."
"If the ancestors stay, they can’t neglect our daughter-in-law," Zhou Jia responded.
This dowry was also paid for by the family for a week, and it was a good day to get married on October 10 th, and the marriage was written and sent to the Fu family
There is still one month to prepare for the divorce.
The betrothal party thinks it’s getting married.
The Fu family is going to hold a wedding ceremony, and it has also been heard in the circle that the bride price of Miss Fu Da is an antique rockhopper and a Xiabi is becoming more and more novel to the original rumor doctor.
Other people’s betrothal gifts are all about choosing good diamonds. This antique of others is valuable.
This word reached the ear of To Hoai whale, and he said, "Lao Zhou, is your family still an invisible rich man?"
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-nine Enthusiastic parenting programs
"Ordinary doctor’s family" He likes Fang’s general description of him. He has always known that his grandmother gave it to his mother, and now he has given it to Fu Jingyun. To outsiders, it is equivalent to money, but to them it is inheritance.
"Ah Xiao, look at him." To Hoai Whale pointed. "One of you proposed romantically, and one of you hired everyone to know that my wife will be sad again. It’s really bad to be the first to get married."
"there must be a place where you can beat us!" Zhou Shiyu nodded.
To Hoai whale looked up curiously. "What is handsome? No, you don’t think so?"
Zhou Shiyu is very serious about giving birth to a child.
Fu Jingxiao has a deep face.
Is it slow after all?