Bohr took the words "of course! Six squadrons in Dornier dd, I think the whole Norfolk military port will be woken up! Now that our bombers have not dropped bombs, I think they should try to figure out something! "

"By the way, I still have one thing that is not very white!" Seeckt wiped her lips with a napkin and said, "If Japanese officers are allowed to board our flagship to watch the war, then I think Japan will shift its focus to the aircraft carrier and the army after the war. This seems to be not good news for us Germans!"
Chen Tian nodded this question and he knew that sooner or later he would explain it to the generals.
"What expression do you think people will have on their faces when they wake up and suddenly find themselves spending huge sums of money to build battleships and patrol fleets?"
This interesting field made marshals and generals stop their knives and forks and wait for the text one by one.
"Tell you a story! On a planet like our earth, there are two great powers and many small countries. These two great powers span Europe and Asia and dominate North America, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. They are all first-class military powers. Even if all the small countries add up, they can’t fight them. In their eyes, there is an enemy!
As the saying goes, two tigers on the same hill always try their best to make the other side collapse, but the military strength of the two sides is too close to the battle, and the result will be mutual loss. The two countries have fallen into a long period of confrontation. The economy and industry of that big country in North America are far beyond Europe and Asia, so the government and army of this country have resorted to various means to induce another economically backward big country to have a fierce arms race with themselves. As a result, the high-intensity arms race for many years has dragged down the big country that straddles Europe and Asia, and the only big country in the world is the only one that dominates the world! "
After that, I saw a pair of contemplative eyes. Perhaps these outstanding military strategists can’t fully understand this kind of thing that belongs to politicians and economists. They need to do one thing. Doing so will do more good than harm to Germany.
The relaxed atmosphere in Berlin did not affect the officers and men of the German and American navies in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. Although they won a victory that went down in history, there was no wanton celebration in the German aircraft carrier formation. On the contrary, many pilots stayed awake at night, while others cried in their sleep. The reason is very simple. Many comrades who were laughing and laughing not long ago were either heroically martyred or alive and dead. The tragic scene during the day was not expected by many people.
The officers on duty in the command room of the German heavy-duty "Ernst" carry out their duties. Except for the main carriers "Joachim" and "Sekendorf" and some cruisers and destroyers, the rest of the aircraft carrier formation are sailing north quickly-the remaining ships of the US Pacific Fleet can be cleared by the "Joachim" and "Sekendorf", and the rest are headed back to Cuban waters as soon as possible under the leadership of Prince Heinrich.
"Do you think the US Atlantic Fleet will turn around and run away?"
The discussion of the high command generals is also a hot topic in this aircraft carrier, and it is a young navigation officer who speaks.
"Running away is the same as not running away. It is better to die in a glorious battle if you are defeated!" During Prince Heinrich’s rest, he acted as the temporary commander, Brigadier General Vondifeld, to express his opinions.
"What if they flee back to Norfolk?" Another officer on duty asked
Duffield shrugged. "Stay in the fleet until the end of the war, and then as soon as the armistice negotiation conditions are handed over to us, Germany or choose to sink itself!" "
"Well said, if I were the commander of the American Atlantic fleet, I would make a death decision! Therefore, Marshal Schell’s battle there will be extremely fierce and cruel! "
Everyone looked around and it turned out to be Prince Heinrich, who was wearing a light coat and entering the operation room.
"The Prince’s Temple …" They were surprised to know that he didn’t go to rest until three hours ago.
"I can’t sleep, come out and walk!" Heinrich’s tone was very calm. As usual, he went to the porthole to look at the dotted sea surface, and then went to the nautical chart to see the latest position of the fleet. Everything was normal.
Von Diefeld followed him closely. "Do you think the American Atlantic Fleet will fight to the death regardless of everything?"
"neve underestimate that determination of a country to fight in a dangerous situation!" Heinrich looked up. "Everything will be revealed in the sky!"
The calm night passed, as the orange sun first appeared at sea level in the north sea of Cuba, two powerful fleets finally met Schell’s old battleship, 16 battleships, Edward Abele’s 10 battleships, 2 battleships, Americans and 3 main aircraft carriers. The Germans had wrinkled escort aircraft carriers and a large number of six-class fighters stationed in Cuba. The German fleet was dominant, but no one knew how much strength the Americans could explode when they were in last stand.
"The fleet will turn right for 15 degrees to maintain a voyage!"
When Shelda gave this order, a large group of warships just flew over the fleet. Fighters and dive bombers flew from Cuban airports. Their arrival made the battle between the two battleships no longer a simple confrontation between surface ships. Because three American aircraft carriers "Brave", "Franklin" and "Wasp" boarded the best warships of the US Navy, the decisive battle of the fleet in the 1920s was endowed with a strong modern atmosphere.
Fierce battle immediately followed by 75 German X-henkel D-fighters, 5o Messerschmidt D-fighters and 1o2 American f4a, f4b fighter jets, which courageously attacked each other like ancient heavy riders. The formation battle gradually evolved into a small team, a two-machine formation and a single-machine confrontation against more than 200 fighters, which made the vast territory seem to expand further than the crowded battlefield. Every minute, white or silver-gray fighters fell, and every minute, people died. Every minute, a new trump card was born.
Taking advantage of the fierce battle between the fighters of both sides, the German 6-base dive bomber quietly crossed the defense line of the US military and appeared in the US fleet, while the American aircraft carrier sent bombers and torpedo planes to approach the German fleet rapidly. Three German escort aircraft carriers and two take-off ship fighters were waiting in the square fleet, and the battle gradually became hot!
Tu Mei Chapter ninety-nine Final showdown
The heat in summer is a kind of torture for the gunners who are struggling in the main turret of the battleship. Although they are shirtless and despite the exhaust fan, it is already sweaty to move half a ton of multiple shells and more than 100 kilograms of guns together. The situation is that the shells remain in the high temperature of the gun bore after shooting.
With the distance between the two battleships getting closer to the gun range, 406mm, 30MM and 356mm giant guns roared in front of them. In the last World War, 305mm naval guns were popular, both in range and power. Although the number of German battleships was as high as 16, the King-class and Kai-2-class were all 50X diameter 305mm guns, while the Americans insisted on the principle that everything should be big, and the new york-class guns were 14 inches, that is, 356mm guns were fired at the New Mexico-class. Tennessee-class, Colorado-class and South Dakota-class equipment are even more powerful 4o6 mm guns. The only battle cruiser Lexington-class installation of the US Navy is actually this 45-times diameter 4o6 mm gun. In terms of caliber, the German fleet can compete with four Bavarian-class battleships equipped with 3omm guns, three mackensen-class patrol equipment 4o6 mm guns and five Graff-class guns.
If that main gun caliber difference between the two battleships can be balan by quantity, German sailors will have to take out the skill of accuracy in artillery to deal with the thick armor of American battleships! American ship designers seem to be naturally fond of some extreme actions. Their patrols have high navigation and strong fire defense, but they can be ugly. Their battleships can move slowly, but their fire and defense are very good. After reaching the Hua Da level, the maximum thickness of waterline armor of American battleships at all levels has reached 135 inches, that is, 343 mm turret front armor has reached an astonishing 1 inch, that is, 45 mm, and even the commander tower armor has 16 inches! Compared with even Germany’s best Graf-class armor, these three important parts have a slight difference in armor quality of 145 inches, 15 inches and 15 inches, not to mention that only from these data, the German fleet is unprecedentedly powerful this time.
In the eyes of Americans, the advantage of the Germans in China is that their own method has not achieved any success compared with the artillery of the two fleets. The German six-base fighter plane that took off from Cuba won the battlefield system as scheduled after a hard struggle, and then the German dive bombers and torpedo planes flew in to attack the American battleships and battle cruiser without any worries. It seems that the fighting situation has once again returned to the battle of Laura in South America.
When overreached American bombers and torpedo planes were waiting in the fleet, Scheer and his fleet failed to live up to expectations after a blow from the fighter plane of dd-type ship in henkel. With the shooting data returned by the school shooting machine, the artillery shells of the German fleet hit the target, while the heavy artillery shells of the Americans were still bombarding the wide and swinging on the sea in luxury.
"A single hit on the enemy Delaware-class battleship caught fire on the front deck of an opponent!"
"Single hit the enemy Delaware class battleship again, and an opposing ship is descending!"
Two pieces of good news in succession made nervous officers feel a little relieved. Only General Schell still frowned. The Delaware class is the oldest battleship in the American Atlantic fleet, and it dates back to 191o. If it was not for the 21-day voyage, the American commander might choose to leave this antique battleship with a displacement of 220,000 tons and equipment of 35mm naval guns in Hong Kong.
Scheer is worried about whether his armor-piercing projectile can successfully penetrate the thick armor of the latest battleships in the United States.
"The damage caused by the explosion in the middle of an enemy Tennessee-class battleship has not been reduced for the time being!"
"Two hits on the enemy Colorado-class battleship, one of the other’s foredecks was shot and exploded, and no fire was seen!"
"A single hit on the enemy South Dakota-class battleship, and the fire of an explosion hull in the middle of the other side has not decreased!"
With the reports of hits again and again, the bad premonition in Scheer’s heart unfortunately became a reality. When he was thinking about countermeasures, the pilot in charge of school shooting suddenly shouted with excitement.
"An enemy Tennessee-class battleship with a violent explosion is tilting!"
There was just a burst of joy in the command room, but the pilot added, "The ship was hit by a square torpedo!" "
Including Scheer, in the hearts of many officers, is it that the era of battleships has passed?
"Single hit the enemy …"
Scheer has been reluctant to listen to more. He went to a corner of the command room and silently looked at the sea outside the porthole. The American large-caliber artillery shells were constantly stirring up dozens of meters of water column, and the top of the water column passed the masts of some warships. As a result, the sea became choppy and the water column fell to form waves, constantly pouncing on nearby warships and being smashed by solid steel.
"The left side of the fleet body is increased by 20 knots at 10 degrees!"
Scheer’s indifference reached the order.
At this time, many officers and staff officers in the command room were puzzled to see that the marshal had a good hit rate from the shells of the German fleet at present. Turning left meant that the other side was getting closer. Once both sides were within the visual range of each other, the hit rate of German warships would rise, but the Americans would no longer be their achilles heel if they didn’t have a school shooting machine.
"Marshal von Hartmann, commander of the Cuban army, reported that the follow-up torpedo plane and dive bomber had taken off!" Chief of Staff Lei Deer woke up.
"I know, execute the order!" Schell closed his eyes lightly.
Lei Deer did not hesitate to see Schell’s expression of such refusal. He speculated that Marshal’s intention was probably to increase the power of armor-piercing projectiles by narrowing the distance, but that would also mean that his own risk was greatly high. After the order was delivered, Lei Deer turned around and Schell remained motionless.
Schell’s real intention is that there may be a person in this fleet who can understand that when Schell’s flagship turned the signal, a Schell veteran of the same age was gearing up on the battle cruiser "mackensen", said an opponent officer.
Boys, it’s our turn to show our horse. Get ready to move on! "
"Yes, hippel will!"
In another great naval battle in Jutland, Hippel Scheer was a partner. At that time, hippel led a patrol team to carry out a "death shock" to save the whole fleet. Only when the German high seas fleet got rid of the British fleet to intercept hippel did it stand out not only because of its bravery, but also because he fought Betty twice and won the battle in the early stage of Dogg sandbar and Jutland naval battle, which showed his witty command ability.
Before this world affected the German navy, Schell and hippel had been working together for many years. Without the glory of Jutland naval battle, they were still the controversial fleet commander of the German navy. After the Schell Atlantic Fleet met, hippel started his old business-from the position of captain of a warship, he had an indissoluble bond with the armored cruiser/battle cruiser, and by 1912, he had become the main patrol force. The commander of the reconnaissance sub-fleet of the German high seas fleet had been fighting side by side with Schell, the deputy of the German Mediterranean Fleet.
Just two minutes after the fleet completed its turn, Schell’s flagship "Graff" really sent a signal to the right wing of the US fleet!
According to the reconnaissance report, the rightmost wing of the US fleet is two patrol ships, while the three main aircraft carriers are more than 20 nautical miles behind the right wing.
"Brave hussars attack!"
Hippel always likes to call himself battle cruiser. Compared with German patrol at all levels, American patrol has a higher defense, which is much higher than that of many American generals. For example, the mackensen-class 350 mm main armor belt is even thicker than the Queen’s class battleship. Some people joke that battle cruiser is a German fad and the main armor belt with a thickness of 203 mm is a Japanese King Kong class or a 177 mm American Lexington class. The result is obvious that the Germans are in armor and a gun battle field.
The command of mackensen, Count Speer, Prince Fiedler, Devlinger, Luzo and Hindenburg of the German fleet in hippel was quickly increased to 265 knots ―― having two mackensen-class ships, the highest class, must take care of one 265 Devlinger-class ships, while two Lexington-class ships in the opposite American fleet were able to patrol these German wars.