Zhou Shiyu was a little uncomfortable. "Don’t mind if you don’t know what he said."

"He likes to joke with him." Fu Jingyun smiled as if he didn’t care.
Zhou Shiyu drooped his eyes and felt a little uncomfortable.
"Good afternoon Dean" broke into a girl in a white coat and made Zhou Shiyu look back. He nodded.
Zhou Xin entered the ward for routine examination. "Does it hurt here?"
Fu Jingyun shook his head.
"Today, there are still a few checklists that have been sent to the nursing union to take you there for recovery. It’s good, but don’t worry about having Dean at the root?" Zhou Xin smiled and looked at Zhouyu again.
Although I know that he has a crush on someone, it doesn’t affect her eyes.
When talent is linked to face value, he feels as if he is shining.
"Good thank you." Fu Jingyun looked down at Zhou Xin and she could see the expression on the little girl’s face.
When she is checking, Zhou Shiyu will go to the windowsill to make her feel more comfortable, from knowing that he is the same age as his brother, but he feels mature beyond his age.
I wish you a lovely day.
Happy Children’s Day, Xiaoqiu cuties.
Remember to eat lollipops!
Chapter seventy Afraid she’s not happy to know
Zhou Xin didn’t leave the ward until he finished recording.
This department is talking about this handsome escort. Later, I heard that it was the head of the digestive department. Who can not pay more attention?
Xu Jin inkstone just came out from Aunt Shen’s ward.
"How about it?" Zhou Xin hit her.
"The situation is not optimistic, that is, what happened during this period?" Xu today inkstone asked 1
Zhou Xin shook his head and said, "Still don’t answer the phone, but if the phone is connected, it won’t answer."
"Give me the words and I’ll try." Xu Jinyan asked Zhou Xin to take the words. He always called the landline. Maybe the other party didn’t answer it properly.
Xu Jin inkstone took the words and made several calls, and no one answered.
Both of them are like frustrated balls.
"Unless Aunt Shen calls herself, the other party probably won’t pick it up." Zhou Xin analyzed.
Aunt Shen has a strong personality, even if she knows that her condition is getting worse, she will not tell her family.
Or maybe there’s something to hide.
Xu Jinyan turned around and walked towards the office with some sadness.
Just entering the office, I saw li ke drinking milk. Zhou Xin wondered, "li ke, did you order milk, too?"
"No, put it on my desk. I was given to me by you. Can’t I drink it when I happen to be thirsty?" Li ke asked with half the milk he had already drunk.
"This is not a doctor xu …"
"It is estimated that the nurse brought it to li ke. Last night, Li Keda had a hard day shift today." Xu Jinyan intercepted Zhou Xin’s words.
Zhou Xinxu today inkstone has already drunk the milk, so I won’t talk about it any more.
Xu Jinyan didn’t think much.
He has got back together with Xie Zhihan. Why did he come to deliver milk to her affectedly? He hasn’t stepped on both sides yet.
"Stay close to Dr. Xu" Li Kexiao
Xu Jinyan twisted the position between the eyebrows. "Zhou Xin, I want you to go to bed 4 and bed 1 alone, and pay attention to the preoperative follow-up for one afternoon. Prepare for my building first."
Taking a taxi from the hotel to the hospital early in the morning temporarily paralyzed her thinking, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember.
She remembered Xie Zhihan naturally from his room.
She remembers that they spent the night together last night.
She remembers being like a clown in front of Xie Zhihan, and she was fooled by Fu Jingxiao.
"Give her a hazelnut latte." Xu Jinyan was immersed in her own thoughts, which caused her to have no response for a long time before ordering a menu in the coffee shop.
Until that glass knock appeared.
Wei Yunqi pursed his lips and said "another cup of American style"
This just react Xu Jin inkstone has taken out a mobile phone.
"No, I paid for it together. Go sit over there and I’ll bring the coffee." Wei Yunqi patted her arm.
Xu Jin inkstone just walked past.
Wei Yunqi put coffee in front of her eyes.
Yuncheng has officially entered the winter. Although it is a southern city, it is particularly cold here without heating in winter, especially Xu Jinyan, who is used to heating in the north, has not been used to it for several years in Yuncheng.
It will be better to drink more hot drinks when it is cold.
"What’s the matter? Worry a lot. "Wei Yunqi heard Song Yi say that she was in a bad mood early in the morning and now she went to buy coffee.
He died, but what he was doing rushed upstairs.
Xu Jinyan took a sip of hazelnut latte. The taste of hazelnut was sweet, bitter and special.
Sure enough, winter is suitable for hazelnut flavor.
"I just feel that people become very timid in the face of life and death." Xu Jinyan thought that Aunt Shen had been treated for so long and suffered so much pain, but she finally suffered from illness.
"Let’s study medicine. Many people become indifferent, not because they want to be like that, but because they have seen too much. If we all accept that patients and their families should face this inkstone in France, you have never changed since you entered the hospital. You still remember that the patient had no breath when you came to the external rotation, but you kept rescuing him. I have never seen a rotation doctor work so hard …" Wei Yunqi felt as if everything was still in sight.
She lit up her dark world like a fire.
"It’s too difficult for Lao Wei to be a doctor who can output data and judge without thinking. It’s too difficult for me to do well." She bowed her head for the first time in such a long time