Thinking loudly, two sentences finally loosened, "Okay, I’ll watch the play first."

"When you are optimistic, contact me and we will make an appointment to talk about it these days."
Hang up and sing loudly to print out the information of "Escaper"
After binding, I turned over two pages, but I was a little overwhelmed
She can’t concentrate now, and her whole brain is so noisy.
The news in the left corner of her brain kept beating, and she was upset but not careful.
In the news, it was said that a pregnant girl saved her leukemia, and her younger brother gave up the baby and donated bone marrow. In the news, the greatness of this sister was hyped up.
Sing, clench your fist, brush your head and pull out the bolt.
She got up and left the room.
Anxiety paced back and forth in the living room.
If that sister didn’t save her brother, would she have to bear the blame? Is it a sin to choose one’s own flesh and blood?
Singing loudly and burying her face in the palm of her hand, I wish she were as cold-blooded as she said.
She sat on the sofa for a long time, and when she looked up, her eyes were red. She picked up her mobile phone and dialed Muyunze’s words after all.
MuYunZe that word "hello" come over when singing a little mood.
"When will you come back?"
MuYunZe dazed tone couldn’t help but nervous "what’s the matter?"
Sitting on the sofa with your knees in your arms, singing loudly and saying "I miss you"
MuYunZe heart soft voice is not mild "two days in two days, I will definitely go"
Singing without talking but holding the phone.
Mu Yunze is not clear about singing habits. She has something to say, but she doesn’t know how to say it. If he doesn’t get up first, she can simply not say it.
"What happened? Work is not smooth? "
"No" sang and clutched the mobile phone.
"What’s the matter with that?" Mu Yunze rarely showed great patience.
"… you know all about it, don’t you?" Sing softly. "You know that I am elegy with Qu, don’t you?"
MuYunZe silence.
Gao Song stretched out his hand and covered half his eyes for a long time before saying, "You know that Xiao Yin and I are suitable for bone marrow matching, right?"
"Yes, I know."
"That you what-"
"Then I won’t say anything?" Mu Yunze asked, "I know this is a difficult choice for you. What do I have to say?"
She didn’t want to question Mu Yunze when she was silent. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t do it whether she donated or looked on coldly. But it happened that there was no two ways to force you to make a cruel choice.
For the first time, Mu Yunze called her "no one is a saint, and no one can make everyone satisfied. Even if there is a balance point, it is only temporary. If you want to ask for ideas, I can honestly tell you that I will not agree to your donation of bone marrow. I am also the father of the child besides your husband, and I am more eager for his arrival than anyone else."
"I saw your online records at home the other day and saw you checking those things."
Gao Ge Zheng explained in a panic, "I saw Xiao Yin’s father that day and came back with a confused mind. I didn’t really want to abort my child and donate bone marrow. That’s why my child was so cruel …"
Singing loudly and closing your eyes, your voice is tired. "Today Su Jinghuan came to question me again. I really don’t understand. I want to protect my child. What’s wrong with me? What are you accusing me of? Besides giving birth to me, what did she do to me, and now she wants me to change my life for what? But I really can’t do it. I don’t care if I don’t listen, no matter how I hate myself. "
"Good boy, I know," Mu Yunze interrupted her. "I know your kindness better than anyone else, but can I talk about donating bone marrow when I get back? Maybe there will be a better solution then."
"Maybe," sang the absent-minded Mu Yunze and warmly comforted him. "I want to consult a doctor to see if pregnant women really can’t donate bone marrow."
Mu Yunze was silent for a while before saying, "If it can make you feel at ease, go."
They all know the answer, but doing nothing is obviously not in line with singing personality, and it is good to die. Anyway, he will go back soon.
"I won’t have children," she sang softly. "I look forward to it as much as you do."
MuYunZe lip corner bent "I know"
Hanging up and singing is much better than just now.
This world knows her best or Mu Yunze. It’s one thing to do something or not, and it’s another thing to try your best to ask for a clear conscience and peace of mind.
She spent one night watching The Escaper, which is a shocking story about the case of trafficking in women and children. The heroine resisted the escape clue and led the whole transnational trafficking in human beings.