At six o’clock in the evening, I went to the supermarket. Jiang Xuanxuan rushed to Kyoto Central Hospital.

It’s already dark outside, and she’s holding a bag full of food and fruit and walking slowly in the hospital. The petite figure in the corridor is pulled by the street lamp in the corridor, and her long and small body gives a strong and independent taste.
Turning a corner, Jiang Xuanxuan skillfully walked to the ward. She looked down at a bag of food in her arms and the corners of her mouth curved to evoke a good mood. "Brother Hua likes apples and oranges and can make him a salad! Is salad nutritious enough? Chemotherapy can also be eaten by others! "
She said to herself, with a pink and tender mouth and a slight pout. The beauty test revealed exquisite beauty.
After six o’clock, the hospital is no longer lively, the outpatient crowd is dispersed, and the inpatient ward is quiet. There are not many people coming and going in the corridor, and all the steps can still be easily heard.
Jiang Xuanxuan is waiting for the ladder to go shopping from the floor. His legs are a little sore, and he is changing left and right on the blue Shi Zhuan ground.
When chatting in every way, I saw that the ladder was about to end. At the moment of reaching the third floor, Jiang Xuanxuan suddenly entered a conversation with a man and a woman.
"You often go to the hospital recently, and I’m still a little man in poor health. I’m going to come and see you." This sound Jiang Xuanxuan swore that she would never forget it. Just two days ago, the owner of this sound still held her and apologized in her ear with tears.
Qing Xue!
"Recently, the child has been in a better health and is not in a good mood. I’ll come and see as much as I can." This sound Jiang Xuanxuan can swear even more that she can recognize even if she is deaf!
Only at noon today did she talk to this man!
Lu Chengyi!
Followed by the dialogue, Qing Xue’s silver broken diamonds adorned the decoration, and the high heels rang’ dadada’, which was neither fast nor slow, and was coming towards the ladder.
With his mouth wide open, Jiang Xuanxuan panicked and looked around, and he couldn’t stand on tiptoe and dive into the stairs.
"Bang" to a staircase exit door by her every move Jiang Xuanxuan stare big pupil back pressure in the staircase exit door guard against wolves generally tightly guard this door.
Panic and fear invade the body in an instant, even though Jiang Xuanxuan is nervous through a layer of door panels, her legs are trembling as if she were pinned down by a powerful momentum and she was out of breath.
It’s about this time that the way to go is narrow.
Jiang Xuanxuan seldom comes to the hospital, but every time he comes to the hospital, he can meet the Lu family!
What’s wrong with this Lu family? Why do you run to the hospital every day? Is anyone hospitalized every day? Rotation hospitalization? A family is sick …
Jiang Xuanxuan scolded her in her heart, cursing those friends who made her feel bad.
Ladder dialogue continues to talk. Landing into one doesn’t seem to notice the strange stairs with Qing Xue.
"Did you eat dinner? If you don’t eat, let’s go eat together after watching Xiaoman? "
Qing Xue is inviting Lu Chengyi, Jiang Xuanxuan to stick a wooden door with vertical ears and swallow saliva nervously …
"You should have work later? I heard from your family that I arranged a blind date for you? "
Is Suo Lu Chengyi refusing or deliberately looking for reasons?
Eavesdropping Jiang Xuanxuan has unconsciously made up the scene of their conversation in his mind.
Why does it sound like you have feelings about cheating men and women?
Lu Chengyi has a wife, right?
Even afraid of Liu Chengyi, Jiang Xuanxuan knows about it.
"This kind of blind date has a few pushes at both ends for three days. It’s not a common thing. The summer vacation is coming and the World Cup is coming. You have to be ready to keep it for me this summer vacation." Xue Qin smiled at Liu Chengyi with an intellectual smile.
Jiang Xuanxuan can recognize that Qing Xue and Lu Cheng are not bad at all in such a sentence.
Section 34
Jiang Xuanxuan shrugged her eyebrows and couldn’t help thinking. She couldn’t figure out what Qing Xue and Liu Chengyi had.
Will it be better than Gu Chen?
But when I think about it, when I was in England before, Qing Xue was so good when he played with Gu Chen and Yu Xi.
So she and Liu Chengyi have speculation again.
Jiang Xuanxuan sighed slightly and said, "It’s really not that she can sort out these bad things."
She’s not one of these young people. How can she possibly know how they get along?
But it’s really possible to be sure that Qing Xue is keeping a good relationship with Liu Chengyi, and that Qing Xue is a united front with Liu Chengyi!
In the stairs, Jiang Xuanxuan heard the ladder make a "ding", and then the chat gradually faded and disappeared. The ladder was as quiet as ever.
"Cheep!" Jiang Xuanxuan secretly pushed the wooden door of the stairs. She poked around and drilled a small head with alert eyes. After repeatedly confirming one person, she strode out with a bag of food.
Jiang Xuanxuan pressed the ladder button and looked at the ascending ladder, which showed a 5-9 floor jump. She pursed her lips and took it seriously.
But on second thought, I suddenly stared at the number of the ascending floors and stopped at the last 12 floors. At the same time, the stairs on the other side had reached the first floor.
It can be concluded that Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue went to the 12th floor!
Jiang Xuanxuan looked up at the wall and posted signs. The 12th floor is the hematology ward.
I don’t know whether it is curiosity or adventure spirit. At this moment, Jiang Xuanxuan made a big splash. After entering the ladder, he hesitated and finally pressed the’ 12′ button.
Floor by floor, Jiang Xuanxuan’s nervous heart also rises with the rising of her small heart. She swallowed and heaved a deep breath. "Calm Jiang Xuanxuan, you have to calm down! Just go and see if the two of them are working together to prove it. Just sneak a look at it if it’s not causing trouble! Take a peek! Hmm! "
Jiang Xuanxuan constantly cheered herself up and repeated the words. When she came out of the avenue and re-entered her ears, it seemed to really inspire her.
At that moment, Jiang Xuanxuan’s confidence and courage were hammered out by herself, as if she were invincible in the battle field wearing armor.
"Ding" rang and the ladder reached the escalator door on the 12th floor. Jiang Xuanxuan nervously pinched her two rosy lips and feet and stepped out of the ladder carefully.
The overall setting of hematology ward is exactly the same as that of Hua Hongan’s ward. Jiang Xuanxuan easily found the entrance to the ward.
At this point, the whole ward has been resting in the corridor, and the patients are not scattered. The family members hold the patients and walk slowly.
Jiang Xuanxuan’s guilty conscience is so deep that she pokes around and purses her lips. Even if no one notices, she still walks like a thief. Every step is as light as stepping on the tip of a knife.
She easily found the ward where Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue were located. As she thought, Liu Chengyi was so rich that he must have arranged his family in the highest-class room. As soon as Jiang Xuanxuan came, he went directly to the vip ward.
There are about three vip wards in the whole ward, and one door is on, so Jiang Xuanxuan went directly to that ward.
Accidentally succeeded in finding it with her IQ.
At the door of the ward, Jiang Xuanxuan stood on tiptoe and opened her eyes. It was so easy to see Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue at a glance.
When Jiang Xuanxuan comes, she will see two little people discussing treacherous attempts in a private environment, but she never expected that the picture of her fundus income is that Lu Chengyi and Xue Qin are sitting next to a little girl with their gentlest smiles, talking to the little girl and feeding the little girl.
"No way …" Jiang Xuanxuan was somewhat shocked, as if he had been struck by a bludgeon hammer, and felt that the whole person was leng.
She saw a little girl sitting on the big white bed in the ward with a croissant braid, about six or seven years old.
The little girl’s round eyes and dark eyes opened wide with a pale smile on her little face. The skin color was really white or a morbid white face was more lovely than smiling. The little girl was like an angel who fell into the dust, innocent and brilliant, but her wings were broken.
Jiang Xuanxuan is distressed that every child has no parents, and the disease method chooses his own destiny child.
She came out of the orphanage and grew up in the orphanage. She saw too many children abandoned by their parents because of physical disability or terminal illness. According to the orphanage teacher, these children are all winged angels. They can’t choose their own destiny. They are born to accept this fate. They need the world’s love more than anyone else …
She looked at Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue and still didn’t have so much affection, but looking at the child was hurt by living.
The little girl is wearing a drip on her hand and an oxygen hose at the tip of her nose, as if her life was in this set of equipment, but she never stopped laughing. She laughed and the sun was charming and snuggled up to Liu Chengyi and struggled with Xue Qin.
"Scissors, rocks and cloth!"
Ward Qing Xue played a game of scissors, stone and cloth with the little girl, and they both got out of the palm of their hands, and then they saw her giggling and the atmosphere was very harmonious.
"Are we going to kiss Aunt Yi after our little man loses?"
"It’s a giggle ~" The little girl smiled while pouting and greeted Xue Qin closer and closer. She just ate fruit and left a kiss on Qing Xue’s side face.