But her mouth was deliberately blocked. She didn’t even have one last chance to beg for mercy …

"I don’t know what kind of revenge I will get if I throw you in rags before your Lord. It’s really interesting to think about it! "
The woman’s eyes were full of tears, and she looked at Nalanqing in horror, trembling all the time.
Of course, it’s easy to wipe away a woman’s tears gently. The nail in her hand turned in one direction and went straight into her palm … The woman’s face showed a painful expression, and the veins stood out and it looked very painful.
The palm of your hand was abruptly pierced … Blood flowed.
When the cloth in his mouth was taken out and he didn’t come to beg for mercy, she was held tightly for medical treatment and then forcibly wrong … Na Lanqing picked up a small snake from a plate of chopsticks. In this woman’s rebellion, she was stuffed into her mouth and slipped down her throat … directly into her stomach.
Na Lanqing is holding a delicate little drum in his finger. "I heard that this cute little snake will dance in your body if you ring this drum. I wonder if it’s true?"
Of course it’s true. It’s a ritual feast, a snake method.
The woman knelt on the ground and opened her mouth in pain. She felt that there was something living in her stomach that was trying to bite and swallow her dirty … The stomach kept churning, trying to vomit, but it spit out bitter water … but the snake that got in could not spit it out.
She clung to her stomach and felt the moving snake in her stomach. She suddenly felt itchy, and a strange fear made him cling to his body as if he wanted to take the snake out of it.
Pain twisted her face, and she couldn’t even scream …
Her hair was lifted forcefully, and the scalp pain forced her to look up at this face like a demon … Her tears blurred her face. "Please give me a break …"
"Please …"
99 Zhang Qing son she walked more and more far (5)
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99 Zhang Qing son she walked more and more far (5)
Na Lanqing squatted beside a woman and gently stroked her face as if she were gently stroking her pet.
Lazy voice with a hint of ethereal indifference makes the woman feel a touch of pretentious fear. She keeps shaking and begging for mercy.
"Hey … if you don’t want to suffer this kind of pain, there is still a way for you to be my doll … maybe you will die, but you should be dead in my enemy’s field!"
She is very white.
Because in front of him, NaLanQing didn’t intend to kill her, but let him or her live.
However, at this time, the woman feels that living is far more painful than death. If she has a choice, she would rather choose death than live in front of this person … That kind of pain is accompanied by mental torture, and she is about to collapse.
"Please … give me a break … please … please …"
"From now on, you are a respectful princess!" Nalan cleared up and made her give this woman a high position. Four concubines are second only to the queen.
"No … I dare not … I dare not … please …"
"I don’t say the second time I don’t want to know who your master is? This kind of blind chess feels very good and worth challenging! " Na Lanqing stepped back step by step. She turned her head and slammed into Long Ze’s doubles. Her eyes were bright and her anger was cold.
Long Ze has been quietly watching Cheng without saying a word … That kind of tenacious eyes seem to see through everything and see the deepest part of Nalanqing’s heart.
Na Lanqing one leng, she felt as if she had been seen through, and that strange feeling was very uncomfortable.
I couldn’t help flashing my eyes. "Do what?"
Long Ze looked at her quietly and looked at her. "Xiao Qing, are you sure you are really okay?"
"What can I do for you?" Na Lanqing shrugged her shoulders. She tried to make herself look relaxed.
"You have a hair!" Long Ze’s tone is affirmative. Nalanqing’s method has never been solved. It seems that there is some emotional instability because of the loss of the child before, and then his emotions are very quickly calmed down. That kind of speed makes people feel strange.
A moth who lost a child can’t calm herself so quickly, but she did.
However, Na Lanqing’s mood is that it is too calm and calm to make people feel that he has never lost a child and never suffered … It is this kind of strange calm that makes Long Ze always have doubts in his heart
But now this sense of doubt has been growing …
Xiao Qing-er is not interested in everything, but what is she doing now?
Abusing others … treating others as animals or creatures in general, not caring about their life and death, not caring about their emotions, simply treating others as a prop … if there is something left, they will be angry or given death.
When you see Xiao Qing’s son, you will think of yourself before … or yourself after your past life.
There is a abnormal desire for blood and a strange indifference to human life.