She looked at Yi Yu with a face of horror. Her long fingers had touched the hilt and shrunk into a ball. How can this make Suu Kyi stand it! Suu Kyi is a little girl with little experience. It turned out that she had a master to look after the master fairy and a senior sister to take care of her. But what would Suu Kyi think if she knew that Yi Yu’s action of holding down the hilt was just a habitual action before he spoke? People! Sometimes I just scare myself.

Can only say that this Suu Kyi really didn’t look like a real monk in the past. Even before Liuhua Cave was wiped out by Xiushan Sect, in Suu Kyi’s heart, she thought that the realm of repairing the true world was a harmonious and peaceful mind! Today, Suu Kyi finally realized the cruelty of the fix-true world, and this cruel side is about to fall on the head of her only relative. How can this make Suu Kyi not afraid? !
Suddenly, Suu Kyi’s charming body shook as if she had made up her mind, so she let go of Yun Luo and threw herself at Yi Yu’s feet. Suu Kyi held Yi Yu’s leg and looked up at Yi Yu with tearful eyes. "Brother! I … it’s all my fault. Please forgive us! The teacher elder sister and I will … "Perhaps there is something behind Suu Kyi’s vow to be a cow and a horse and never rebel. But Yi Yuben just wanted to Doby. The way she looked at Suu Kyi at this time also felt that it seemed that the joke had gone too far.
Yi Yu quickly leaned down to help Suu Kyi up and said with a smile, "What are you talking about, martial sister? Don’t worry! You are my school sister! " Although Yi Yu may not have the consciousness of being a senior, his firm eyes and kind look easily deceived Suu Kyi.
Su Ji listened to Yi Yu’s words. One leng, the ups and downs back and forth made her feel a little unresponsive. It took a long time for Suu Kyi to "sloped" and smiled happily and looked back at Yunluo. Cloud Laura, of course, also don’t know this pool magic evil influence barrier crying and laughing for a while! At this time, Yi Yu suddenly found this tearful smile really beautiful.
At this moment, there was a loud roar in the secret cave, which shocked the sky greatly. But this roar is not like a human voice, but more like a wounded beast struggling to howl, gloomy and crazy. After a few times, the cave was calm again, but this strange calm was a little creepy.
Sure enough, a moment later, the blue light flashed in the secret hole, and the sound of ghosts crying suddenly reappeared, but all the ghosts cried together! And I saw a strong and cold wind suddenly blowing out of the mouth of the cave, and the foul smell came out with it. And in that strong wind, I don’t know how many broken bones flashing blue jack-o’-lantern.
In the face of this overwhelming blue light, Yunluo and Suu Kyi have been stunned. They just know that they have just dealt with a blue light alone, and they are still stretched. Besides, I don’t know how many dead bones are hidden in this evil wind. However, there is a difference between this blue light and the blue light. The blue lights that flew out before were the best, and they broke free first and were naturally the most powerful. At a time when this blue light is overwhelming. However, the blue light in this gale is mostly dull and weak. Some even have lost their vitality and showed their true bodies. They only came out with the wind when they were tired of the hurricane.
Yi Yu is not afraid to see the truth naturally. I saw him fly out of the big sleeve in an instant. Immediately after the firm but gentle in the air to one thousand. I saw that the place just before the mouth of the cave was densely covered with firm but gentle shock. How fine is the net woven by hundreds of Geng Jin firm but gentle! Even the sunlight from the sky can only fall on the ground.
Although Yi Yu’s firm but gentle net is close, there are also strong people among the bones filled with ghosts and lanterns. Unexpectedly, there are several extremely abundant blue lights struggling to break through Yi Yu’s sword net and move on. Of course, Yi Yu, who has a good understanding of her firm but gentle and the blue-light skeleton, naturally cannot let these people get away with it. The five fingers of the left hand even point to more than ten shock waves, which hide the apocalyptic thunder and fire, fly out of each target and instantly scatter the blue light that breaks through and the bones in it are turned into dust under the apocalyptic thunder and fire.
The sudden madness is followed by breathtaking tranquility. Yi Yu waited for a moment and looked at the dark and gloomy hole coldly, as if considering whether to go in and find out. Yi Yu slightly took a step forward, gently holding the hand on the scabbard and gently inferring Jian Qin’s swallows. After a flash, the sword was in hand and went to the secret hole without hesitation.
I’m really curious about this strange secret hole Yi Yu everywhere. What’s hidden in the ancient cave left by the world-famous old devil Cha Shuangying, which claims to revive him? And what’s the purpose of Zhang Ling who claims to be Cha Shuangying’s disciple?
The cloud rose knew the danger inside, and she had to open her mouth to stop Yi Yu from going in. But he didn’t wait for Yun Zhi to speak, but he saw Yi Yu. He didn’t look back and said, "You two don’t have to wait for me to go directly to the Golden Whip Cliff in Qingcheng Mountain. Go to Luoying Farewell to find Elder Martial Sister Yuchen, and she will naturally arrange you. If there is anything else, I will wait until I return to Qingcheng Mountain. " After that, Yi Yu kept walking straight into the cave.
Although Yi Yu said so, Yunluo and Suu Kyi are both smart people. How can we not understand the choice? The future status depends on the performance at this time. Maybe Suu Kyi doesn’t quite understand it, but how can Yunluo, who was born in a noble family and didn’t start to cultivate until she was seventeen, not understand it?
If you want it, you have to pay. If you have the ability, you can pay. If you don’t have the ability, you have to pay loyalty! If you leave a bad impression on Yi Yu at this time, even if you go to Qingcheng School in the future, it is estimated that you will live a good life with a simple life. But Yunluo doesn’t want to do this. She also wants revenge on those Zhushan witches who killed her sister and ruined her master’s life’s hard work.
Ever since I saw Yi Yuyun Luo just now, I knew my chance was coming. As long as you hold this big tree tightly, you don’t have to worry about your sisters’ lives, and it doesn’t seem that it is so out of reach to seek revenge from Zhushan Sect. How could Yunluo give up the opportunity to show up like this? !
"School sister, you …" Just as Yunluo wanted Suu Kyi to go to Qingcheng Mountain first, she actually saw the decisive look in Suu Kyi’s eyes. Cloud rose to Suu Kyi smiled, she already felt the Younger unexpectedly suddenly mature. Yun Luo thought with relief: "Maybe it won’t be long before this daze Younger no longer needs to take care of herself."
Two women glances are to see each other in the eyes of a firm color. Yunluo and Suu Kyi held hands tightly and got up to keep up with Yi Yu. They don’t talk, they just use actions to tell Yi Yu their choices and determination.
Feel the two women follow up Yi Yu smiled. He was satisfied with the choice of Yunluo and Suu Kyi. Yun Zhi and Suu Kyi are not Yi Yu, nor do they covet the beauty of their two women, and Yi Yu is not a stupid gentleman who gives priority to women. Yi Yu naturally won’t give in to them, just waiting for the price. If it comes to repairing for Yunluo, there is really nothing extraordinary about them. For Yi Yu, it seems that all they can pay is loyalty.
At this time, if Yunluo chose to go to Qingcheng Mountain, they would be ordinary Qingcheng disciples. Every man has his own ambition, and Yi Yu will not embarrass them. Even if this page is revealed, although Yi Yu will not be difficult for them, it will not be treated differently. But! At this time, Yunluo and Suu Kyi chose to follow Yi Yu and risk their lives to enter the cave, which has initially obtained Yi Yu’s approval.
Yi Yu has always believed that only the greater the cost will he cherish what he has now, and of course he will be more loyal. If the sisters of Yunluo Suu Kyi are shaken in the future, they will think that today’s trust was bought with their lives as a bet.
It is said that the cave is dark, but it is not an obstacle at all for the people who fix the truth. The three people entered the cave with Yunluo leading the way smoothly, and soon they had already gone hundreds of feet without any movement. Here Yi Yu finally saw the strange scene in this cave. Not far ahead of the cave, there are five blue brilliance, which is the ghost fire demon bone.
I saw that the five blue lights had already fought in a fight, and it was also extremely fierce, and they were entangled with each other and didn’t let a point. Yi Yu didn’t want to stay and raise my hand and hit five swords to kill the ghost bone. After a moment’s meditation, he asked, "was it like this here when you came in just now?"
Yunluo shook her head and said, "Brother … something seems to be wrong here! Just now, when the three of us came in, although there were bones in this tunnel, it was just like a real dead man lying on the ground. Absolutely not like now, they can still emit blue light and fight with each other. It seems … it seems that someone broke some prohibition before liberating these demon bones. "
Yi Yudao: "You mean Zhang Ling?"
"Brother wise! Yunluo really thinks so. " Yunluo quickly seized the opportunity to send a dose of flattery to test the hobby of this new master named Senior Brother who is actually her and her pool.
Yi Yu smell speech one leng looking at cloud rose gently patted her on the head. Laughing: "You girl!" I didn’t say whether I liked the compliment or not, but Yunluo was a little at a loss. But in less than a moment, Yunluo immediately smiled and caught up with Yi Yu in two steps. "Brother, that Zhang Ling is very suspicious. Although I claimed to be the disciple of Cha Shuangying when I turned against us in the cave just now, Yunluo felt that this statement may not be true. "
"oh? How do you say this? "
"Brother, please think that since he is the disciple of the old demon Cha Shuangying, he should naturally know the exact location of this magic cave," said Yun Luo. But the Zhang Ling is with the help of our other disciples just found here. At that time, my school sister and I decided to come to this secret cave to get the treasure, and our self-knowledge was low, so we invited the Li brothers to go with us. I just met Zhang Ling around here, and now he has come to this cave to see him practice well and go hand in hand. " Although Yun Luo said it simply, Yi Yu knew that taking treasure was a great event in the field of fixing the truth. I don’t know how many times it took to form a companion.
Cloud rose connect a way: "now in retrospect that Zhang Ling doesn’t seem to know the location here as he said, but should be.
Wandering for a long time, but I can’t find the mouth of this secret cave. And after wandering for a long time, I couldn’t find the entrance of this secret cave. And after wandering for a long time, I couldn’t find the entrance of this secret cave. And after wandering for a long time, I couldn’t find the entrance of this secret cave. And after wandering for a long time, I couldn’t find the entrance of this secret cave. And after wandering for a long time, I couldn’t find the entrance of this secret cave. Moreover, when it comes to ▋, we don’t know how to open the organ of the array law, so we can only forcibly break the door. "
Yi Yu said, "That makes sense."
"Brother! ….. "Cloud Laura awkward seems to have any difficult words.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Sister Yunluo, don’t worry. Since you and Sister Suu Kyi came into this secret cave with me this time, we have been one of our own. Just say what you have to say, don’t worry! Brother, there are no such rules here. "
Yunluo was very surprised to hear the surprise and was happy with her decision just now. Although I was happy in my heart, Yunluo didn’t dare to keep Yi Yu waiting. She hurriedly said, "Brother, I suspect that Zhang Ling is not a disciple of Cha Shuangying at all, but the purpose of his coming here is worth pondering. ……”
Yi Yu is still looking at Yunluo, but there is no sign of her. Yi Yu feels that what she said just now seems to be wanting more and has hidden half a sentence. Yun Luo also seems to feel the abnormality of Yi Yu, and some can’t bear Yi Yu’s eyes. Finally, he said, "That … brother … I felt … that his swordsmanship seems to be Qingcheng School when I fought that Zhang Ling just now!"
After Yunluo said it, she was relieved and just said it all. Connected: "Although my experience is shallow, this Qingcheng swordsmanship has been practiced for several years and I am very familiar with its characteristics. The cloud has eight levels of assurance. Zhang Ling used Qingcheng fencing. Especially at the beginning, he attacked Li Lai’s sword, the starting style of Qingcheng Mountain fencing was very obvious, and the trajectory of flying sword was similar. Although he wants to hide it, decades of habits are not so easy to change. "
That Yi Yu is pregnant with a treasure to protect himself and is deeply cultivated, but she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. However, Yunluo and Suu Kyi, two women around him, were pale and dull-eyed after hearing the crying. It seemed that something was wrong. Yi Yu tried several times to wake them up. Yi Yuxin said, "It seems that this cry is really fascinating, but it should be broken as soon as possible."
Yi Yu carefully searched for half a day and didn’t see any abnormality. Finally, in desperation, he could only take out the area of Jian Qin offering. Yi Yu also willy-nilly released millions of spirit of war in Jian Qin within the field. Whatever he is, the evil spirits will devour him.
I saw that millions of spirit of war immediately turned into the sound of wailing as soon as they came out of the surrounding area. Although these strange ghosts can hide from Yi Yu’s spiritual sense, they can’t hide from the eyes and ears of the same kind who have passed through thousands of years. Under the bite of these thousand-year-old evil spirits, there will soon be no sound.
But where have the Yunluo sisters seen this appearance? At first, they thought that the overwhelming evil spirits were attacked by the enemy. Although I wanted to offer a flying sword to meet them, I was just fascinated by the magic sound. Although I woke up at this time, I was still weak. And when they looked at Yi Yu, now he had no reaction and looked at them laughing leisurely. At this time, the two sisters just realized that those powerful demons were not coming towards them.
Seeing that the cry was gone, Yi Yuyi took her sword and took out two pills of solid Dan medicine for Yunzhi Suu Kyi. It was only three people who got out less than thirty paces, but they heard the strange cry. Only this time, the difference is that the crying is a male voice, and the voice is strong and strong. Although it is crying, it doesn’t give people the feeling of cowardice and softness. On the contrary, it is very tragic. Yi Yu smell of it is also one leng, then eyebrows locked hands have been alert on the hilt of Jian Qin.
What makes Neng Yiyu so nervous and who is Zhang Ling? Please see the next Keith. Lu Array.

The one hundred and fourteenth back to Keith. Lu’s array
To those spirit of war will cry ghost devour clean Yi Yu will withdraw from the field. No |.&1t; .t▋|.&1t; .t▋|.&1t; . t▋|. However, the resurgence is even more faint. Yi Yu looked at Yunluo and two women. Now there is nothing unusual about them except a little nervous. Although there seems to be nothing unusual about this heroic and tragic man crying now, it has put great pressure on Yi Yu. Yi Yu can feel more and more clearly that danger is approaching.
Yi Yu didn’t dare to neglect any more, and quickly offered Taiyi Wuyan Luo, Yunluo and Suu Kyi to protect them in case of any more accidents. Yi Yu once again released spirit of war from Qin Jian, but this was in vain. After those spirit of war gushed out, they couldn’t find the enemy! Yi Yu also made a whisper in her heart, perhaps saying that the crying secret enemy is no longer here.
Yi Yu took the sword but didn’t take it back. Taiyi Wuyan Luo three people walked carefully. It’s just that the crying keeps going up and down, and it’s annoying to be around. Just then, Yi Yu had a slight meal, although I still don’t know who made this cry. But at this moment, Yi Yu suddenly felt that the danger was approaching his enemy!
A silver light split empty and it was a sword, a very bright and cold sword. Yi Yu was shocked when she saw the silver light! The silver cold blade is only two feet away from his throat! Fortunately, this sword is only over a foot long. If the three-foot Qingfeng had taken Yi Yu’s life by now.
The Taiyi Wuyan Luo is the treasure of Taoist protection, but it has no response to the silver sword that sneaked nearby. It was not until the sword showed its true identity that the colorful smoke rushed over to intercept the silver light. But compared with the distance of only two feet, the haze is too slow.
But Yi Yu is not the waste who lived to this day by relying on magic weapons. The right hand that has already been pressed on the hilt has destroyed a string of crisp and pleasant ringtones. The bell is very fresh and smells like an empty valley and a secluded orchid, and even has a refreshing feeling. But in fact, it is a heady sickle that kills people.
I saw that the silver sword that had been handed to Yi Yu’s neck for less than a foot had a slight meal. Although this meal was short of instant, it was enough for Yi Yu to escape the fatal blow. The ringing bell has gone, but I don’t know when Yi Yu’s decision Jian Qin has been drawn and pointed at the dagger that struck. It’s just that in a hurry … Yi Yu didn’t stop the silver cold sword from passing by.
This is a life-threatening sword. Will Yi Yu really make mistakes? Yi Yu has practiced the action of drawing the sword and stabbing again for hundreds of millions of times, and both the angle and accuracy have reached the ultimate goal. How can he make such a low-level mistake?
Yi Yu certainly won’t make such a low-level mistake. He didn’t stop the stabbing blade just now. But Yi Yu didn’t want to resist at all. Jian Qin handed out only to hear a "cough" sound like a blow to deadwood. At this time, four feet in front of Yi Yu was empty, and a space distortion showed a bunch of blue light. It turned out to be a human skeleton with complete bones and blue light! This is the first fairly complete skeleton that Yi Yu has seen so far.
And Qin Jian is fixed on the chest of the skeleton, while the dagger in the hand of the skeleton is still a foot away from Yi Yu’s throat. The flickering flame in the dark eyes of the skeleton is shaking in the fear of the skeleton. The still wriggling jaw is still sobbing that annoying cry.