At this time, tears glistened in her eyes and she caught the key words in Hugh Zehuai’s words. She smiled wryly. "Is there any other way?" Tears rolled down in a blink of an eye. "How can he do anything? Don’t you know that what Ning Shulang wants most is his life?"

Hugh ze is silent. How can he not know that Ning Shulang has been with the Lord for many years? He can’t figure out what the primary and secondary know that this is a Hongmen banquet to attend.
"Empress, it’s windy outside. You’d better come in." Autumn frost stretched out his hand to help the whole city lest it accidentally fall off the horse, and the consequences would be unimaginable.
Autumn frost hand touched the whole city at the moment, the whole city suddenly knelt in front of Hugh Ze and Li Fuhai. "I beg you, turn the horse’s head and go back. If you are afraid of danger, let me go back by myself, okay? I beg you." Say that finish, the whole city "Kuang" kowtowed.
At this moment, I don’t want to care about the so-called position and honor, but I want to care about what I can’t do. She wants an ordinary woman to ask the person in front of you to give her a chance to return to her husband.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 663 Birthday (1)
At this moment, I don’t want to care about the so-called status, let alone the fact that Li Fu’s mouth is absolutely forbidden. She wants an ordinary woman to ask the front person to give you a chance to return to her husband.
She can lose a lot of things, but only Jun Yujue can’t.
Jun Yujue’s position in her heart is that all people are equal to each other, and even more, all people are equal to him, which is her department.
Fu-hai Li looked at the whole city and knelt in front of the carriage immediately. "Empress Guifei, you can never make it. You are a daughter, and there is a little emperor in your belly. You are breaking the life span of your minions."
Qingcheng holds Li Fuhai’s wrist. "Li Gonggong, I beg you, can you turn the horse’s head?"
Li Fu smiled and said, "Empress Guifei is not an old slave who doesn’t help you, but a slave of the imperial edict. People have to hope that Empress Guifei can understand and don’t make us slaves difficult."
"Well, I won’t make it difficult for you. Then stop the carriage and I’ll go by myself, okay? I’ll go to Dongjue country and walk beside him even if I go."
"Don’t be hard on your minions, Empress Guifei. The minions accept the will that you will be safely and unscathed and sent to Xilan country." Li Fuhai said nothing more, sat in his position and stretched out his arms to block the gap for a while, regardless of jumping.
If you are not pregnant, the whole city will jump directly, and you don’t have to say so much nonsense with them here. But now that you are pregnant, she is responsible for her unborn child. You must never let Jun Yujue worry about herself again.
The whole city lost its seat, and the autumn frost helped the whole city to pave the mat. As it got closer to Xilan, the temperature became lower and lower.
After all, Xilan country is now in the spring season, and compared with Dongjue country, the temperature is almost different from day to day, which is not enough to form the temperature gap between the two countries
Autumn frost clothed the whole city one by one, and a day later, they successfully reached the border of Xilan.
The whole city looked at Eve who had been waiting for a long time at the border of Xilan country. It turned out that Jun Yujue had already arranged everything before going to Dongjue country. It turned out that he had expected it and would not come back.
He expected everything, but he was so desperate. What is this? !
The whole city can’t understand this problem. Since it must have arrived safely at the border of Xilan and protected by guards, the whole city has slowed down a lot.
In the middle of the night, the whole city stayed alone in the room with the dead of night. The whole city sneaked out of the room and wanted to go to the stable and lead a horse to see what was going on when passing by the door of Eve’s house. Although the candle in Eve’s room went out, the people in the room were discussing something.
She didn’t want to delay, but she heard people in the room talking about saving Jun Yujue and hearing people’s novels come out. The word "emperor" made her stop.
She squatted by the window and quietly listened to the people inside discussing that "the border of Dongjue is now very vigilant and tens of thousands of soldiers are obviously preparing for our war in Xilan."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 664 A trap (1)
"Kyoto is even more difficult to get in. There are dozens of Kagan roads at the city gate."
"The emperor is now being held at the bottom of the prison. The point is that there is no one there to guard him."
"This is just to get us into a trap."
"But the emperor can’t help but save and watch the emperor be tortured."
"Today, the Emperor of Dongjue sent a bloody coat and a wisp of hair, which was a provocation to us."
The people in the room also talked a lot, but the whole city had already turned a deaf ear at this time. Her mind echoed with the man’s words,’ Today, send a bloody coat and send a strand of hair’. She was not with him. What did he suffer when he left?
Tears rolled down the cheeks slowly, and I heard the footsteps coming out of the room. The tears quickly got up and hid in the corner, and my back clung to the wall.
Eve and others came out of the room and saw everyone off. Eve turned and walked into the room and lowered her eyes. He noticed that the wet place was frowning, but the movement did not stop at all. When she turned around to watch it, she looked around for something and then noticed the position at the corner of the room.