Ji Yue’s eyes fell on the bowl and coldly shouted "Drink quickly"

This time Pinger dared not disobey crustily skin of head and drank a bowl of porridge clean, and Qiaoer didn’t catch anything.
Qiaoer, though strange, dared not say anything.
Pinger will also salute Ji Yue after drinking "thank the Lord".
Her face turned blue, and her eyes were about to overflow with fear.
Chapter 793 Who is poisonous
Ji Yue smiled coldly in her eyes and dared to calculate her?
Ping-erh was particularly enthusiastic about serving the moon for dinner. "This is crab roe buns. Please try them."
She held the crab roe bag in front of Ji Yue’s plate and looked a little strange.
Ji Yue looked at it clearly but didn’t move. "I can’t help you to be attentive to what I want to eat."
Ping-erh touched her nose and blushed. "Lord, I’m going to urge the kitchen to make them move faster. This millet porridge is too slow."
Ji Yue picked her eyebrows and smiled faintly. "I didn’t expect you to be so thoughtful, but you don’t have to let the little maid run errands. Why do I feel that you don’t want to stay with me?"
Ping-erh shook her head as hard as she could. "No, you misunderstood the handmaiden."
Ji Yue looked at her a few times and seemed to be thinking about what to do with her. "Do you want to stay with me?"
Pinger couldn’t breathe in the air, and his forehead was cold sweat. "It’s my pleasure to wait on the princess."
She had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen.
"That’s right. I want you to relax and follow me. I don’t want you to be very popular behind my back …"
Ping Er’s stomach ached and she couldn’t help crying out "Ah".
She broke out in a cold sweat. It’s over.
Ji Yuefa shook his head slightly when he saw it in his eyes.
But pretend you don’t know anything. "What’s going on?"
Pinger is full of pain and sweating, and she can’t wait to leave immediately. "The handmaiden has eaten a bad belly. Please allow the handmaiden to go to the doctor too much to take some medicine."
Ji Yue waved her hand and looked sympathetic. "Don’t bother to ask someone to cure too much. Just say I’m ill."
Ping-erh’s heart is in a hurry. No, we can’t let cure too much.
"Huei-fang’s kindness touched the handmaiden too much, but …"
Ji Yue impatiently waved, "Come on, don’t bother me."
Pinger’s stomach is getting more and more painful, and the ladies-in-waiting are shaking.
Especially Qiaoer’s indecision is really bad?
Cure too much soon came and walked all the way, sweating profusely. As soon as she came in, she said hastily, "Please raise your hand."
Huei-Fang is supported by Yongping Palace. If anything goes wrong, they will be unlucky to cure too much.
Ji Yue frowned slightly and pointed to Pinger. "It’s not me, it’s her who helps her see what’s going on?"
Cure too much is a sigh of relief. It’s not good that Huei-fang is ill.
But he obviously relaxed too early to find out the pulse and immediately changed his face. "Huh? This is … "
Ji Yue was worried and asked, "What is this disease? Does it matter? "
Cure too much hesitated and finally told the truth. "This is poisoned."
"What? Poisoning? " Everyone changed their faces, frightened and frightened.
"Yes," said Doctor Tai, afraid to say a word more. Have you seen enough royal initiatives?
Ji yue’s silence is a life, no matter how bad it is. "Can you solve it?" Try to detoxify her. "
Cure too much nai shook his head. "I’m afraid it’s too late to delay too long. If it’s possible a moment earlier."
Fortunately, a handmaiden was poisoned. If the princess was poisoned, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Pinger was frightened out of her wits. "Cure me too much. I don’t want to die. God help me."
Ji month commanding looked at her "how good will be poisoned? What did you eat early? "
Pinger bit her purple lips and regretted it. This poison is her own! What else is there to say?
See her silent Ji month eyes cold cold "is that a bowl of porridge? Cure too much, please help me check these things. "
This is self-blame. Who is it?
Cure too much to check all the food, frowning. "There is a lot of poison in the porridge."
Ji Yue’s face changed greatly. "I ate a lot earlier."
Cure too much was shocked. Did you also drink porridge? "Please hold out your hand, Huei-fang"
Too much doctor diagnosed for a long time, and his face was very ugly. Is everyone poisoned when they get up?
Ji has a worried face on the moon. "? Am I poisoned? "