How can this woman know that’s right? Just now, she stretched out her hand to hit this woman. She was really scared.

He also said that this woman, like the bad stepmother at home, wants to catch herself and fight.
Seeing this guy staring at himself all the time, Zhang Ting’s face released a friendly smile and looked at him. "Don’t be afraid, we are not bad people, and no one here wants to hit you. Just stay here and I want to see if you are hurt."
Li Yucheng didn’t immediately.
But a pair of guard eyes staring at Zhang Ting’s side.
"But" it took a long time to answer this little Li Yucheng guy.
Zhang Ting smiled happily at the little guy’s answer.
Three little guys face a picture of meng meng expression staring at these.
After a while, Li Yucheng took the initiative to Zhang Ting.
And when Zhang Ting took his clothes, the little guy was very conscious of taking off his own suit.
When the little guy appeared naked in front of everyone, everyone in the hall was stunned.
"Oh, my God, who is this? It’s so cruel to beat a child like this." That Britain and the United States took the lead.
Seeing these whip marks on Li Yucheng’s body, she really wanted to whip the murderer who hit the child to death.
I don’t know how that man did it, but he did it so hard.
Beat a child’s back with so many stripes.
"Does it hurt?" Although Zhang Ting also wants to swear, she wants to comfort the poor little guy in front of her.
Li Yucheng gently shook his head and mouth tightly according to "no pain is used to it"
Yes, he is used to it.
As long as he can remember, his stepmother will whip him on the back with that little whip.
In order not to let others discover her evil deeds, she also asked her family to dress him in thick clothes, even if it was cold or hot.
The purpose is to cov up her crime.
Zhang Ting felt even worse when he heard the little guy say he was used to these two words.
"Who is this? Can you tell Aunt?" Zhang Ting clenched his fist and stared at this stubborn little guy and asked.
Li Yucheng took a sip of her lips and looked at Zhang Ting who had been looking at him.
If it were someone else, he would never tell, but this aunt in front of him wants to tell.
Seeing such a gentle aunt in front of him reminded him of his dead mother.
When his real mother was still alive, her mother was so gentle in questioning herself.
I haven’t felt this feeling for a long time.
"It’s a stepmother in my family. She plays" Li Yucheng is still looking at Zhang Ting with a straight face.
However, Zhang Ting still found that when the little guy said this, there was a hatred in his eyes that was hard to detect
"Did she hit you again today?" Just now, Zhang Ting looked at it and found that several whip marks have been added to the little guy’s back, which seems to be a new increase
Li Yucheng gently nodded. "Today, she asked me to call her mother. I refused. She took her little whip to hit me on the back when my father was not at home, but I didn’t let her bully me. When I hit me, I pushed her and pushed her to the ground, and then I ran out."
Zhang Ting heard that the in the mind already love dearly for this little guy.
I don’t know why that stepmother is so cruel. Even if the child wasn’t born by herself, she wouldn’t be so cruel. Did you beat a child about four or five years old like this?
"Well, don’t say that. You sit here and I’ll get you ointment." Say that finish, Zhang Ting got up and pulled Li Yucheng’s little guy to the chair he just sat in.
"You three are here to accompany your classmate’s mother to get ointment for your classmate." Zhang Ting told the three little guys
Yu Yucheng was injured and three little guys saw it with their own eyes.
At this time, the three little guys have no hate for Li Yucheng to beat their mother just now.
"Good mother, rest assured that we will take a good look at the little uncle." The three little guys shouted at Zhang Ting with different mouths.
When he left, Zhang Ting winked at the British and American side.
The British and American gently nodded at Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting this just rest assured to get ointment.
When he took out the ointment, Zhang Ting went to the kitchen and asked for a bowl of chicken soup and shredded pork noodles
Let people do the back end later and go to the hall.
When Zhang Ting came to have a look, he found that Li Yucheng’s little guy was not only jumping around the three of them, but also around the United States and Britain who were very sympathetic to him