Chapter 442 Kill two birds with one stone (2)

This night, the whole city was stunned by him. Jun Yujue didn’t let it go. The whole city was sweating like rain in the sight before coma. I remember that his temples slipped and hot sweat dripped on his skin.
After Yan had eaten enough, Jun Yujue pitied and kissed every inch of the whole body, and hugged the sleepy whole body for a good night’s sleep.
The next day, Jun Yujue didn’t wake up when the whole city was away. When she woke up, where was Jun Yujue?
Having sex overnight consumed the whole city too much energy. She turned over a body and made a terrible sound, which made the whole city almost feel that it was a broken bone and reconnected.
Raise my hand and touched the position next to it. There is no temperature. Obviously, people around me have been gone for a long time.
Autumn frost came in to serve the whole dress and noticed that the whole body showed a hickey and couldn’t help blushing. "When the emperor left this morning, his lips smiled. I think the empress must have served the emperor particularly comfortably last night." Then she pointed at the purple hickey on the whole chest.
The whole city stared at her with shame and annoyance, raised my hand and pinched her arm. "Little girl, even I dare to laugh at whether I have had a too comfortable life recently, and I am all carried away." Then I jumped up and tickled the autumn frost.
Autumn frost immediately burst out laughing and kept dodging and shouting, "Handmaiden is wrong, handmaiden is wrong, empress, please bypass handmaiden."
They are all begging for mercy, but the tone is really different. Everyone can’t help but sigh that it is still good to be on duty in the glass palace. At least, it is not used as a punching bag all day.
The whole city deliberately chose a dress with a high collar to cover the chest hickey. She walked out of the temple and her legs were weak, which made her angry and cursed Jun Yujue.
At brunch, she found Xiujie at the door.
Although the former Jun Yujue said to let Xiujie stay and stay in the city, he said to let Jun Yujue take Xiujie away, only to find that Xiujie was at the door and didn’t want to know that Jun Yujue had specially ordered him to do so.
"Why didn’t you go with him?" She doesn’t like Hugh Jie at all. First, Hugh Jie is too loyal to Jun Yujue, and everything is reported to Jun Yujue in detail, which makes him have no little secrets in front of Jun Yujue.
"The Lord doesn’t trust the imperial concubine to protect her safety in the palace." Hugh Jie narrated Jun Yujue’s speech before he left to the whole city.
Everyone knows that the emperor’s favorite person is Shu Guifei. Although the emperor was not here some time ago, the maids in the glass palace felt that the emperor’s heart had always stayed in the glass palace.
Xiujie’s bodyguard is a personal bodyguard around the emperor. When the emperor went out, Xiujie’s bodyguard was not with him, but this time the emperor was able to leave Xiujie’s bodyguard in the palace, which shows how much the emperor values Shu Guifei Empress.
The whole city couldn’t help but smile when hearing Hugh Jie’s words. "If you really want someone to hurt me, don’t say that you can’t protect me even if you are a Hugh Jie."
The whole city still knows that the means in this palace can never be separated from the darkness. It is difficult for a monarch to protect her. What’s more, Zhou Jie is a little bodyguard.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 443 Kill two birds with one stone (3)
Of course, he didn’t laugh at Hugh Jie, and he didn’t blame Jun Yujue. What he meant was that he thought Jun Yujue was doing this in vain. If he really wanted to protect her, he might as well come back earlier.
During the period of emperor’s departure, the court affairs were proudly represented by the three princes and the left prime minister Zhang Yi, which also made the right prime minister do what he wanted sometimes.
The former right prime minister has been looking for an opportunity to deal with the whole city, but he has never had such an opportunity. How can he give up easily when the opportunity comes?
Zhenfei was seriously ill, and Prime Minister Right found a reason to stay in the palace, but in order not to arouse suspicion, he had already explained everything and waited for the eyeliner to come to Yuhua Palace.
On this day, a maid hurried into the Yuhua Palace Coral from a secluded path. When she saw the maid in front of her, she couldn’t help frowning. "Who are you?"
"The handmaiden has something important to see Empress Zhen Fei." The maid said this and looked around nervously from time to time for fear that others would find her figure.
And this maid happened to be the maid who heard the whole city say that day,’ It’s not certain whether the baby in her belly can be guaranteed’.
"Wait a minute," Coral said and walked into the room.
After a period of self-cultivation, Zhenfei’s face is much redder than before, which may be the reason why she has been in bed for many days and lacks sunshine. She is still slightly pale.
"The empress has an audience outside."
Zhen Fei relied on hearing coral words on the bed and looked a little refreshed. "Let her in quickly."
"It’s the Empress"
Maid followed Coral into the temple, trembling and kneeling on the ground. "Handmaiden, see Empress Zhen Fei."
"Get up."
"Xie Zhenfei Empress" maid got up and looked at Zhenfei carefully.
Zhen Fei looked at the maid in front of her. "What’s your name?"