"No … don’t want to …"

"Teach me to make strength"
Your attitude to study seems abnormal, Lord Shao Qing.
At the door of the house, Xuanyu saw the green ink face hanging freely with ink hair, covered with a thin piece of hair, and Ruxiao was also dressed casually with her hair wrapped in a thick piece. They went to the room in tandem.
"Go ahead, I want to make you that kind of power." Green ink Yan looked like business after sitting on the console table.
RuXiaoNan thought for a moment that when she was studying Yin and Yang, her grandfather tried her strength first.
"You can arouse your strength first. If it goes well, you can learn several spells first, but these spells are very difficult and difficult." Ru Xiaonan frowned and was beaten by her grandfather’s ruler when she learned these things.
"That’s it?"
RuXiaoNan nodded.
Shao Qing’s adult is really simple
RuXiaoNan a face of nai "this is not a success, but it took me six months to trigger the power"
She drew a sign on the console table and asked Qing Moyan to put her hand in the center.
"I’ll start a spell later. If you can feel the strength pulling your body, don’t resist the first failure. It’s normal for you not to be too discouraged. There will always be a day of success …"
She was talking about the blue ink Yan suddenly interrupted her words.
Is this light my strength?
RuXiaoNan looked green ink yan hand almost soft legs.
That’s impossible! He was inspired to come here for the first time … It’s a genius.
Ah, ah, ah, I can’t believe I accepted a talented apprentice!
Looking at her face, rain or shine, her eyes narrowed
"Is your ass itchy again?"
RuXiaoNan hands behind his back quickly.
Blue ink Yan looked at his hand light blue fluorescence from his fingertips.
This is his strength? As powerful as a little thing?
"can you see your hand light?" A tentative question from RuXiaoNan
"Of course"
"Your eyes really have the characteristics of yin and yang eyes, although it is not so powerful, but it is very important for a teacher of yin and yang." Ru Xiaonan called Xuanyu outside the door.
"What can I do for the mushroom girl?" Xuanyuwen
Ru Xiaonan pointed to Qing Mo Yan’s hand. "What do you see?"
XuanYu puzzling scratched his head "mushroom girl is to see the hand … nothing …"
RuXiaoNan bent the cat’s eye "very good, you go out"
Xuanyu is confused about it and went out.
"How are you white now?" RuXiaoNan smile happily looking at the blue ink yan.
It turns out that not everyone can see this light.
Qing Mo Yan’s lip corner ticked "Good. What should I do next?"
Ru Xiaonan pouted his mouth. "I’ll teach you a few spells, including the cleansing spell. If your body poison suddenly happens, if I’m not there, you can seal it yourself. It’s a spell, and it’s complicated, and it’s not the handwriting of Xia Guo at night. You may have some difficulties learning it."
"Try it." Qing Moyan directly brought paper and pen.
Think of before he forced her to practice calligraphy RuXiaoNan heart hard to gush silk revenge pleasure, she would like to see the green ink yan to those spells.
Ru Xiaodong painted several spells on paper.