The two monsters in the north and south wanted to see this "blood-writing blue spirit flower" as a miraculous effect, but the blood ancestors ordered them not to disobey the two monsters, so they went first and closed the hole again.

Zuo Chaoyang stood by the pool to guard The Hunger.
The Hunger reached out a hand from the water and then paddled the water towards the blue flower, so the blue flower slowly floated towards The Hunger, and The Hunger brewed it as usual, and the other two flowers floated towards The Hunger.
The Hunger said to Zuo Chaoyang, "I can see that your mind has recovered a lot now. I heard from Yu Beixue that you were not an ordinary person in the Jianghu at the beginning. Have you ever heard the story of Xue Canglan and me two hundred years ago?"
It is true that Zuo Chaoyang not only recovered his mind, but also remembered many things.
Zuo Chaoyang Road "I’ve heard of the master"
Blood magic way "Things change like clouds, rivers and lakes are constantly changing. It can be said that 20 years is a big rotation, and a new generation has changed old people. No matter how famous you were and how high your martial arts were, you will gradually decline and be forgotten. But Xue Canglan and I have been doing things for 200 years. Do you know what?"
Zuo Chaoyang Road "I don’t know"
The Hunger sound at the moment is as faint as floating from the bottom of the pool.
It feels like a dreamland person.
It’s not like a dream to resurrect The Hunger.
Blood magic way: "When I planned everything, I ordered the people in the northern and southern palaces to let The Hunger appear in the rivers and lakes after I died. First, it was a disaster. Second, I hoped that someone could practice the magic shadow of blood pupil. Another point was not to let the world forget me. The descendants in the north and south also took on the responsibility of promoting the story of Xue Canglan and me. Do you know that I did this?"
Zuo Chaoyang is not a fool, although he is still confused sometimes. He seems to understand The Hunger.
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Master doesn’t want the world to forget you."
"Yes!" The Hunger sound like some excitement "I am one in one thousand, I am immortal! How can I let the world forget me because I will come back? I can’t stand being forgotten. Even if I am resurrected, it won’t be much fun, because for them, I am a stranger, and The Hunger keeps appearing in rivers and lakes, and my stories keep flowing. "
Zuo Chaoyang sincerely admires The Hunger.
His master deserves to be alone for thousands of years.
Will be two hundred years of things should be arranged so carefully.
The Hunger now Zuo Chaoyang is like a god in his heart.
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Master is immortal! Heaven and man can compete! I am lucky to be able to follow my master in this life! "
At the moment, the three exotic flowers are still floating in The Hunger from three directions.
But very slowly.
It feels like the water is stagnant.
The Hunger added, "The battle between me and Xue Canglan is still going on today, but the decisive battle scene in those days, hehe, is not the root that ordinary people can know that the world knows everything, and some things must be different. Take this’ game-writing protocol blue spirit flower’ as an example. He knows that even if I win the first world war, it will be disastrous. He also made full preparations before the war. He got these three flowers by chance, and then he referred to the ancestors’ all spirits recorded” game-writing protocol blue’ and’ game-writing protocol blue’.
Speaking of which, The Hunger, stop
A pair of reddish eyes stared at a blue flower, lost in thought.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Restore fifty percent (4)
The Hunger stopped when he talked about the key. Although Zuo Chaoyang wanted to know the details, he didn’t bother The Hunger.
The Hunger just stare at that blue flower slowly float towards him.
At this moment, after soaking in the magical hot spring, the three flowers become more full and bright.
The Hunger seemed to see a stunning beauty in blue swimming slowly towards him in the water.
The Hunger held out a hand to "her" to catch her, but she disappeared.
The Hunger, he reached into the pool again.
Then he said to Zuo Chaoyang, "As a result, before the war, I managed to get the game-writing protocol and blue spirit, which made him lose his retreat. That is, he could crustily skin of head and fight with me. In the end, he won, but he was also hit hard by me. Without the game-writing protocol and blue spirit flower, he could hardly save himself, but now his nemesis needs him to carefully cultivate things to recover … You said that heaven is not playing tricks on people … hahaha .."
There was a burst of laughter on his back in The Hunger pool.
His magic face became even more mocking.
It seems ridiculous to mock the world.
The Hunger also did not say to Chaoyang Zuo what means to get this "game-writing protocol blue spirit flower".
But Zuo Chaoyang also knows something about the current situation.
However, Zuo Chaoyang is still puzzled. Since this "game-writing protocol and blue spirit grass" is so magical that it can heal and hurt the lives of sustainable people, didn’t The Hunger take the risk of freezing himself up until a medical madman resurrected him two hundred years later?
Although Zuo Chaoyang is confused, The Hunger slaves can’t just ask the Lord.
The three exotic flowers continued to drift slowly towards The Hunger.
It has been floating for several hours before it reaches The Hunger.
Zuo Chaoyang has been standing in the same place as a stone statue.
Three umbrella-like flowers covered The Hunger’s head when it surfaced.
The Hunger’s hand in the water holds the red flower stem first.
There is a rotating "vortex" in his palm …