Long Qiyou laughed at "chasing ridiculous. There are so many beautiful women waiting for my luck here. You asked me to chase a woman who is so natural. I’m not fucking sick."

Qin Muwei narrowed his eyes. He had long known that Long Qiyou was very interested in Xi. He was afraid that if he didn’t chase him out today, he would suffer the same damage as Xue Jiner. He was still here.
"Long Qiyou, I told you long ago that if you want to play, don’t look for a serious girl. If you want to fall in love, be kind to others’ girls. Don’t be hurt by your feelings and hide your cowardice. You’ve been lovelorn for fucking days. You’ve been a gamer all day. Who are you showing to?"
Long Qiyou pulled a corner of his mouth, but his mouth was hard and he said casually
"Qin Mu, you fucking made me look down on you. A woman tried her best to lose face. Do you want me to lose a leaf and the whole vegetable garden like you?"
Qin Mu also knew that Long Qiyou felt uncomfortable and wanted to find someone to quarrel and vent. Before he reached out and grabbed his collar.
"At the very least, I like it. I dare to admit that I dare to pursue it. It’s not like some people are just a little puss-head. You don’t have to chase me. Tell me, it’s easy for a drunken woman to pick up a body at the entrance of a hotel."
Long Qiyou’s look suddenly became dignified. Xing Le fell back as if nothing had happened. He comforted a few words because he knew that if he comforted them, they would point their finger at him directly.
Several beautiful women in the bag felt the murderous look in the room, fearing that the two men would fight and hurriedly comforted "Qin Shaolong has little to say."
The two men almost said "get out" at the same time.
Several beautiful women hurriedly stopped and looked at each other awkwardly.
Qin Musong let go and helped him caress the folds at the neckline. In fact, they can’t fight. Their identity is there. They won’t do such a savage thing.
"It’s up to you to do it yourself."
With that, he turned and left the box. Long Qiyou’s expression was very dignified and ugly. He breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t disguise himself any more. He made a dash for the door with long legs.
Three people left, and two Xing Le shrugged. This is the rhythm of abusing single dog. It seems that we have to hurry and find a girlfriend. He can leave when he is gone.
Summer orange is looking at the video door alone. It’s called "noting" to see Yao Shu in a good mood. It’s not good to see him immediately. After she glanced at him sideways, her eyes fell on the video and she never wanted to look at him again.
Qin Mu sighed when she saw how emotional she was, and came over and sat next to her, trying to control her temper.
"Can’t you just listen to something and make me angry?"
Summer orange black eyes become more emotional, thinking about this period when Qin Mu dotes on her so much, what is the fear of talking? Her tone sounds a little got to Qin Mu.
"Who dares to make you angry? Why didn’t you bring your boobs when you came back?"
Qin Mu frowned very carefully to identify what a big weapon.
"I don’t know what the big murder weapon you mentioned is or what it is. Anyway, don’t let me see you being so intimate with other men again."
I don’t know what to pack. A 30-year-old man doesn’t know whether the devil believes it or not. He doesn’t know how to unbutton his clothes so skillfully. He just finds these chest devices to practice.
She consciously felt that he was pretending to be koo again. Yes, President Qin’s acting skills are so high.
"I want you to take care of your boobs as much as I like, and leave me alone. It looks great every day."
Xia orange continues to focus on whether to see him or not. In fact, her temper is not too bad. Whether she treats people or objects is very decent, and she rarely brings negative emotions to others. In front of him, all emotions are magnified several times.
Qin Mu squinted. What the hell kind of murder weapon is the big murder weapon? He picked up the remote control and slammed his hands, pulled her body over and skipped her question directly.
"What do you want to do at the door of the guest room with a small white face so late?"
When he spoke, his tone was not very good and a little harsh, but after he said it, he regretted it. Knowing that she was a girl who loved herself very much, it was a bit excessive to say such a thing, but he was just angry.
Summer orange suddenly felt very wronged and even more angry when he saw Yao Shu. He didn’t go to see himself and the two friends in this sister for so many days. The woman didn’t feel sick and questioned herself in this tone, and her eyes turned red.
"Qin Mu, what qualifications do you have to care about me? What do I do have to do with you? I like coming out so late. I like being with a gigolo. Do you care?"
Qin Mu immediately relented when she saw that her eyes were red. He was reluctant to say harsh words to her and knew that his words were heavy. He naturally guessed that it was other because of his own words.
"Well, I shouldn’t have said that, but you should be good, even if it’s not allowed this time, you know?"
Just saying that you want to do something with another man so late makes her feel wronged. What do you want to do when you are so close to another woman or a woman with so much material so late? What do you want to do now? It is naturally magnified several times. Although his tone is soft, she just doesn’t want to forget it. She is even more angry when she knows that she is a little obsessed with him.
"Why don’t you talk about you bastard? I hate you and don’t want to see your door. I’ll take care of your waves when I get back."
The word "surge" was left behind by Qin Mu before he could say the word "surge", and the words remained in their lips and teeth. The girl still didn’t cooperate with his arm very much, and she didn’t know what to do. Now the anger should not be her own. What, she was so excited, and when she hugged her soft body, he felt limp and numb all over, and the kissing strength also increased his thirst.
Summer orange just kept pushing him away, but her strength was wide. Her root was to struggle in vain, but she was not his opponent. He still did what he wanted to do, which made her feel very wronged. Her eyelashes trembled and her tears fell.
The salty taste fell into the mouth, and Qin Mu felt a tight heart. All her desires were doused by half, and she gasped against her forehead. There was still a feeling in her voice that she would not withdraw.
"Can I apologize and stop crying?"
He sat up straight and let his back rest on the sofa with a sigh.
"I really miss you when I haven’t seen you these days, but when I see you, you are so brazen that individual men are so affectionate and hand in hand in front of me. I am very angry, but I can’t bear to treat you like this. I don’t understand why you are so emotional to me. I apologize to you very seriously."
He leaned over again, put his hands on her shoulder blades and stared at her. "Will you stop crying? I apologize for what I said just now."
Who cares if you apologize? She just feels angry and can’t send it out. She has been sour and straight, and her eyes are red and delicate. She thinks that she must be flirting in the box. It’s a room when she can’t stand it. How convenient it is to go out. These days, she may be so merry and happy. She also called to tell herself that she is very busy. Of course, she is busy. Can she work day and night?
I stopped my mobile phone to revise the manuscript, and I was blind. Whoops!
162 the king needs it.
Although he has said something soft to himself, she has always been stubborn in her heart, just trying to make a noise, but not wanting to give him steps. Tears are pouring in more and more, and she feels weak in front of him like she is out of control. Because of his words, she feels even more wronged, and she doesn’t speak freely. She feels that she can’t breathe even after biting him a few times, and she wants to catch him and give him a good beating.
"Who wants you to apologize? I want to apologize for the choppy waves. I want you to apologize for the big breasts. Qin is always so busy every day. I am busy making money during the day and I don’t work hard at night. Who dares to ask you to apologize? It’s hard to keep a big wave dangling in front of me. Hurry to the door. I have to go back and delay your good things. Call and let people come. Don’t let people wait."
Qin Mu hesitated for a long time. She said so much angrily. He was really thinking about what a choppy weapon was. He was really not white.
However, the latter words made something slowly overflow in his heart, permeating all the time to every cell, and the blood rolled uncontrollably all over his body. The sweet and greasy warm feeling flooded in his body, and his heart trembled uncontrollably for so long. It turned out that he was jealous.