Hearing the sound of the flame queen, everyone was stunned. Qin Jing looked at the huge body on the screen beside the flame queen …

It’s the alien queen. She finally came out at the last minute …
"Calculate how much time we have left?" Chu Xuan said calmly.
"After calculating the blocking force of the iron gate and the distance of the rescue capsule, there will be about 30 seconds for the rescue capsule to contact." After a short calculation, the flame queen gave the result
Chu Xuan turned around and walked to the rescue capsule. "If you want to save people now, I have no objection, but I will be so embarrassed. Although you are our strongest fighting force, I still have to give up you."
Listen ChuXuanYin ZhanLan also know that it seems impossible to save Zheng Zha at the moment, because she also saw the alien queen figure on the screen, in front of which the spacecraft can’t afford to install protective doors like paper.
"I’m sorry," Qin Jing helped Ripley up and pressed the close door button after the point.
"No, it’s not your fault from beginning to end." Zhan Lan stared at the door and no one could see her expression.
"I’m timid," Qin Jing said, looking at slowly closing the hatch. "But I can’t die yet. My death will cause Wendy to disappear with me."
And even if Zheng Zha dies, there will be a resurrection of the sun. But when I die, nothing can be resurrected, Qin Jing added silently in his heart.
The support plate was pulled out from the main body of the spacecraft, and the whole engine of the rescue capsule began to spray lavender flame outward. The queen’s timing board has been switched to when the queen is about to approach.
As time goes by, the capsule has not yet started.
"How long will Chu Xuan have?" Qin Jing asked Chu Xuan when he helped Ripley and them into the capsule.
"It will take about a second for the main engine to start," Chu Xuan said without looking back.
Qin Jing pointed to the timing board and said with a wry smile, "It seems that time is not enough."
As Qin Jing’s words fell, the whole capsule seemed to start to tremble. You know, the whole capsule of the spacecraft has been suspended because of the separation of the support plate! It can be seen how huge the alien queen is.
Qin Jing and Zhan Lan rushed to the door of the capsule and saw a huge figure appear in the passage.
Its body is so big that the whole passage of the spaceship is like a dog hole in front of it, and the whole passage will fall apart at every step of it, which feels like the end.
Yes, it is the end.
Qin Jing looked at the figure can not help but also swallow a mouthful of saliva "Chu Xuan, can you hurry up! We have no time! "
Qin Jing didn’t know what would happen if he was scratched by that monster for a while, but he thought it would never be better than being involved in the explosion of the spacecraft.
At this time, the door of the spacecraft began to slowly open, and at the same time, the door at the other end of the channel gradually closed with great suction, and the gas in the isolation chamber was instantly pumped out of the capsule, which began to float in the vast universe and quietly waited for it to soar for a moment.
At this time, the door of the passage suddenly tore out a big hole like paper, and a huge claw stretched out from the hole. With a wave of his hand, the whole passage was connected and the wall next to it began to tear to reveal the black figure like a mountain.
The whole spacecraft gas began to leak violently into the universe, forming a terrible suction, but even in the face of such a strong suction, the figure remained motionless
I can’t help but take a gasp by Qin Jing. Even in the movies he has seen, I haven’t seen that monster can resist too much suction.
Chu Xuan!’
At this time, the rescue capsule suddenly put a huge momentum forward, causing everyone to hit the closed door, but before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, the huge alien queen suddenly popped her tongue at the spacecraft.
The tongue is too fast, like a black flash hitting everyone’s heart.
Fortunately, the rescue capsule offset some of the force, and the alien queen’s tongue did not appear its original destructive power, leaving a huge crack in the thick glass at the back door of the rescue capsule.
Seems to be saved? A few people looked at each other.
"We seem to be saved." Overlord got up from the ground and began to laugh cheerfully.
They also got up from the ground and patted the dust.
Through the window, you can see the alien queen of the spaceship roaring angrily, but they dare not take another step forward. When they all breathed a sigh of relief, they began to laugh.
I don’t know Qin Jing, but there is always a faint uneasiness in his heart. What is it? He looked up at the huge crack in the window, and gradually he seemed to detect something wrong.
"Shh" Qin Jing made a silence, and everyone stopped as he moved. The whole capsule was so quiet because it was completely soundproofed with the outside, and even the engine jet sound could not be heard. The whole capsule was as silent as a cemetery.
No, it’s not that there’s no sound. There’s a trace of sound coming out of that crack
"That seam runs through the whole glass!" Overlord took a breath of air conditioning.
Like confirming the overlord’s words, there is a broken glass sound.
"Damn it, I knew it wasn’t that simple!" Qin Jing complained and rushed into the control room.
"Chu Xuan, do you know how to repair it if it is too cracked?"
"Too cabin cracked? !” It seems that even the facial paralysis male Chu Xuan’s face changed slightly. He shook his head. "There is no way that there are not enough tools in the rescue capsule and there is no isolation room in the rescue capsule. Once the air is turned on, it will leak out completely."
Even Chu Xuan has no choice? Qin Jing couldn’t help but feel depressed. Even Wendy didn’t hear him.
Qin Jing!’ Wendy threw the towel in her hand at Qin Jing.
"Ah," Qin Jing took the towel from his face and said with a bitter face, "What is it?"