"body?" Lin Zixiao was shocked. It seems that she didn’t expect Su Moxiao to ask him this. She laughed and said, "It’s fine. I took a day off. I just went to the bathroom."

"Oh, then be careful. I’ll find them along. Bye."
"Oh ~" came to say goodbye to him. Later, Lin Zixiao thought about it or forget it. After all, I don’t know them that well. It’s also a lie to say that going to the toilet is also made up.
Lin Zixiao glanced at her ward door, which turned out to be ward No.1. She slowly walked to the registration office. After all, she didn’t move her legs and feet for a day, and it didn’t seem to be very flexible.
"Nurse, I am a ward. Can I leave the hospital?" Lin Zixiao face raised with a trademark smile politely asked.
"Oh, yeah?" The nurse replied with a pair of small hands and keyboards dancing, and then smiled and said, "You need to have a physical examination. If it’s okay, you can leave the hospital!"
"Well, thank you!" After nodding her thanks, Lin Zixiao asked the hospital to give her a physical examination.
But there were many people in the hospital, and her physical examination was pushed to noon the next day.
Early the next day
Lin Shengyan bought some breakfast for Lin Zixiao and wanted to say something, but he left in a hurry because he had been watching Lin Zixiao in Anshun for a long time.
At noon, Lin Zixiao received a physical examination, and the doctor read the report and said that she was fine. Go back and pay attention not to make her abdomen suffer a big trauma, and it will be fine.
She went to the registration office to pay, but the nurse said that Lin Shengyan had paid cash in advance, about 10 thousand, and now she returned 40 thousand to Lin Zixiao
Lin Zixiao naturally won’t covet this mere 40,000 yuan. Although she grew up with her parents, after some efforts, she still has a family property of tens of thousands. Although it costs more than 60,000 to buy a house in the downtown area, 10,000 is more than enough for her!
However, as soon as she left the hospital, they learned that Lin Zixiao had taken away 40 thousand yuan. Anshun smiled coldly and said, "Did Lin Shengyan see the true face of this woman?"
Par4 Lin Zixiao will be impressive ()
Lin Shengyan looked at Anshun and smiled coldly. He felt a faint coolness in his heart. He lowered his eyes faintly and clenched his fist. He said, "Just thank Jin for giving her life to save me!"
"Ha ha, maybe she is the cold-blooded hundreds of thousands of sacrifice to save cold-blooded? I told you, this kind of woman is a swing! " Anshun day mocking raised his lip angle teasing said
"God, don’t say that about her. At least you saved me!"
"Silly you will know that she saved you this purposeful rescue is a wool? Wake up! " Anshun day mercilessly stared at him and then gathered around Su Moxiao and said, "Since Lin Zixiao is gone now, let’s leave the hospital to think about saving Jin Ba Xing. Anyway, Lin Sheng has recovered from the injury."
"Yeah, but" Su Moxiao said coldly and glanced at Lin Shengyan. "Silly, we are going to leave and plan how to rescue Jin Baxing!"
"Oh ~" Lin Shengyan frustrated back to a mind with two people go.
Chelin Shengyan said nothing, Anshun shrugged his shoulders and wrote, "He usually chirps, but he can be so quiet when he meets sad things!" "
"Stop gloating and think about how to comfort him!" Su Moxiao nai smiled.
Lin Zixiao hurriedly took the ferry to city A, and then took the subway to get to the school. She finally came to Xia Mu pity hospital.
She vaguely remembered which ward Xia Mu Flow was. With her high memory ability, she found her ward. Seeing Xia Mu Flow sitting on the bed reading a magazine outside the window reminded her of her lip angle.
"Mu flow ~" she cried softly.
Xia Muliu obviously recognized the owner who was excited and raised his head and said, "Wow, Xiaoxiao came to see me again so soon?"
Because Lin Zixiao left in a hurry and she didn’t know how Xia Mu was injured now, there must be a lot of things that she couldn’t eat, so she bought some novels to let Xia Mu pity pass the time.
Put some heavy novels on Xia Mu’s leg, poured a glass of water for her and handed it to her. Then she sat in the bedside chair and looked at her and smiled and said, "How’s your health?"