"Lan Er, did you expect that today’s situation gave him a name early in the morning? Is this your revenge on me? If I knew it would be like that, I would never cheat on you. I’m sorry Lan Er!" Tianyue Emperor suddenly burst into tears and made a sad and desolate sound.

Chapter 35 Sue talk nonsense is dead
In the afternoon, there was a pool of lotus leaves in Qingyue Lake near the Imperial Garden. The lotus leaves surged like waves of green waves pushing far away, and the greenery was refreshing.
A lavender long skirt in the shade of a woman’s tree, with one hand on her back, quietly looked at the light eyes in front of her, and could not see that the emotional change was that the frost-like breath was scattered all over the body, which made people approach.
I don’t know when the man in a blue brocade robe is close behind him, looking at the lonely and thin figure in front of him. His handsome face is full of pity, and what comes next is guilt. When he was in Yingdu, he didn’t recognize her at a glance, even if she changed her face, but Xiaoyan is the only one in this world. No matter how she changes, she will be her.
But ….. Even he himself has to admit that Xiaoyan has changed during this period. She is polite and alienated from him. She will never call her brother by the wrist and call him an old man again! That lively and lovely girl seems to never laugh again. What deprived her of her happiness for five years is really too long! They have already separated from Qian Shan by thousands of miles.
"After a while, all the lotus flowers in this pool will be there. At that time, it will be a grand scene in this palace." Yi Nanxun put away his face and changed his face to smile and went directly.
Looking at the approaching man with a slight flash in her eyes, she quickly looked forward again. "I remember that there is a big lake in Xiyue, where the lotus flowers are the best. In summer, when the sun shines, each one is like a small rainbow. It is very beautiful."
"Xiaoyan son … do you remember …" Yi Nanxun’s mood suddenly rose and he looked at the light side face with a face moving.
There is no joy in the shallow bright eyes, but her voice is as cold as the extreme north ice and snow. "I happened to pass by there two years ago and saw it once, although it was beautiful, once the season passed, there was no surplus of residual lotus in the lake, which could not become an eternal scenery after all."
Yi Nanxun’s face suddenly changed and he looked at the shallow urgent veto. "No, Xiaoyan, we have been there! You said that although this lotus flower had a summer scene, it made many tourists remember its appearance. It was noble and noble. You said that even if your life is limited, you still want to bloom the most beautiful and glorious like it, but it is not evil. "Yaowang Valley is on the border of Xiyue country. At that time, three of their teachers, brothers and sisters would secretly go out to play without telling their master. It was also that year that they passed by Yueyang Lake. Lotus flowers in the lake became an eternal scenery in their hearts.
Did she talk? Shallow lips over a cool smile, she took a look at the easy nanxun "I spoke? I have spoken to Qian Qian, but how much can I remember? Since it is a thing of the past, let it be a thing of the past. "
Since it is a thing of the past, let it be the past.
Yi Nanxun’s face froze instantly. He couldn’t believe watching the woman in front of him. She couldn’t see the kindness in her eyes. She looked at him like a stranger.
"Xiaoyan Er ….." Easy Nanxun low shout a vain without any bottom spirit because it seems that calling her a small word makes him feel unreal, or he dare not say that she is Xiaoyan Er.
Shallow turned his head and looked at the alienation in the sound ahead. "Su Yan died five years ago and I don’t want to recall the past with her memory … in the future, mr. yi doesn’t have to treat me as Su Yan." Let’s just say goodbye in the past, which is good for everyone.
Yi Nanxun looked shocked and looked at the woman beside her. She knew what she said, what did Su Yan say was dead, and she didn’t have to treat her as Su Yan. Did she kill them?
"What did Xiaoyan tell me?" Yi Nanxun’s eyes closed slightly. What happened to the pain? Everyone changed in the end. Stuart was the first. He is so strange now!
What? There was a gloom in those bright eyes with shallow eyebrows hanging down, because she had no choice from the beginning
"Tianyue Emperor’s illness has dragged on for too long. It’s not easy to cure him, but it’s not over. It’s impossible that he has been tortured by illness in recent years. Even if he is cured, he may not live for many years. I’ll have someone hand over the prescription to you. You don’t have to tell Xuanyuan Tianyue that I saved Tianyue Emperor, but I just don’t want to give me trouble for this day’s funeral." Didn’t they ask her for treatment? Then she’ll be Su Yan for the last time.
Yi Nanxun knew that it was because he had previously told him that Xuanyuan Tianyue was looking for Su to talk nonsense about treating her father that she was treating the emperor for Tianyue. But when did she say this insincerely? Xiaoyan used to be like a root and would not hide her emotions.
"Are you really afraid of trouble?" Yi Nanxun’s eyes flashed a mournful "Xiaoyan likes him, right?" If she didn’t like him, how could she be willing to marry him, or she didn’t find that she was different from him.
Like it? Shallow eyebrow eye slightly tight her mouth suddenly took Gherardini looked at Nanxun "Yi Gong now still likes to mind their own business? It’s a pity that shallow things are shallow and there are opinions that others can’t intervene. "
"Tell me what happened in those five years!" Yi Nanxun couldn’t help wondering what made Xiaoyan so cold as iron as if she had no soul, and he felt that Xiaoyan was in poor health. Her breath was extremely unstable and her pulse was almost empty. There must be something he didn’t know.
What happened in five years? There seems to be something emotional in her bright eyes. She once asked herself, and then her head was in a daze. Those memories have long since disappeared from her, and she doesn’t need them. The more she remembers them, the more she not only makes herself a puppet, but also makes her feel attached.
"Is that important?" Suddenly, I took a step forward. The lavender dress swayed in the wind and a majestic momentum burst out instantly. She gazed at the front of her eyes as if there was fog, which blurred her eyes. "The important thing is that I am still alive." How difficult it is to live. It is so difficult for such a disabled body to retain its consciousness.
The important thing is to be alive? What did she experience? wait for a while in Nanxun looked at the lonely figure in front of her. She was in front of him, but he felt that she was separated by thousands of waters and Qian Shan.
"I’m tired and want to be quiet. If things can be separated from mr. yi," I suddenly ordered the marching orders.
Is it true that Yi Nanxun can’t go back with a wry smile like this? He wanted to hear that she could call him an elder brother again, but it seemed impossible.
"Xiaoyan, I know you won’t recognize me as a senior, but you will always be Xiaoyan in my heart for many years, but Xiaoyan likes someone to let him know that he can be happy because of this. That’s what you told me before. Of course, you may not remember our memories, but I really hope you are happy."
I don’t know how long it took for people to leave the lavender figure behind. Looking at the front, her mouth was slightly open and whispering. "What if brother likes it or not?" Everything in this world will still be missing if you leave. What’s the difference between one like and one like? But if you don’t like it, then there will be no concern! " You can feel at ease and die like a moth without hesitation
The breeze passed by, and the fragrance of lotus leaves wafted everywhere. A few birds flew over the lake in Qingyue, and the lavender figure had disappeared, leaving the cold breath in place for a long time.
Later, there was a banquet in the palace. Because Xuanyuan Tianyue returned, the palace, which had not been lively for a long time, finally gained some popularity. However, it was not ministers who came to this harem today. After all, it was too much to marry the princess and welcome the toffee. It was really unnecessary for those ministers to attend, so the appearance was naturally their wives and daughters.