"Mo Qianyu, are you determined to kill me today?"

The cold, violent and angry words were sent out with a surprisingly loud sound, which made people in the place listen to their hearts tremble.
At the sound of the voice, the master stepped on the rock and jumped to the top of the mountain. When he fell, his feet staggered for two steps before he stabilized his hand and pressed it on the chest where he was stabbed by an arrow.
Night away from the whole body a shock.
Everyone was frightened to disgrace.
Mo Qian Yu surprised the wrong eyes.
The people at the summit are so stunned that they forget to react. Even when people have reached the summit, they have to deal with him.
Not because of his actions, but because everyone heard him roar like a lion.
Mo Qianyu, are you determined to kill me today?
Call the emperor by his first name!
And there is the last sentence …
There are too many exquisite people present, and when they think about it, they think of the depths and show incredible expressions.
Mo Qian Yu was livid badly and didn’t do it.
I don’t know whether I don’t want to pay attention or I don’t know whether I should pay attention.
A phoenix shadow ink and then opened the mouth.
"Mo Qianyu, listen to me. I want to kill one of these people today. Do you have any opinions?"
Feng Ying Mo raised his hand and pointed to a group of robbers on the top of the mountain, slowly sinking and speaking.
Everyone is once again terrible.
A few people at the summit turned pale.
Night from also looked at him in shock.
Zhang Shuo’s face was startled, and Qiao Daixiu’s eyebrows were light and Cu-duan Wang’s eyes were slightly flashing, and Shen Meng’s look was unpredictable.
And the emperor devoted to thousands of feathers can no longer be shaped by words.
There is blood in Feng’s eyes. He holds Feng Ying’s ink tightly and grinds his teeth. The cold sound bursts out through his teeth. "Feng Ying’s ink, do you know what you are saying and doing?"
"It is very clear that there is never a moment when it is clear!"
Phoenix shadow, thin lips, light tone, heavy voice, and determined vision.
Words fall at the same time, press your hand on your chest, hold the tail of an arrow, pull it out and bring out a fountain of blood.
He suddenly spun the arrow with blood in his hand, and the arrow went straight to one person.
Move surprisingly fast.
The man didn’t even come to hum a when he was thrown by the phoenix shadow ink with his bare hands and fell to the ground.
A burst of backward pumping
The people at the summit are even more frightened.
And phoenix shadow ink also didn’t give them huanguo to absolute being opportunity to pick up the man fell to the ground broadsword wrist turn to kill them all.
At that time, the weapon handover sound was loud.
"Elder sister …"
Neon spirit frowns and looks at the night. There are doubts, shocks and worries in the eyes.
Night from sip sip lips without saying anything.
From the initial Meng to Jing to this moment, she is almost white.
She didn’t know whether Feng Ying Mo knew from the beginning whether it was devoted to Qian Yu or just like her.
She knows it’s obvious. She knows it.