"It’s good to know yourself."

In a word, Mao Erniang simply doesn’t want to take care of this goods at the moment. Recently, he has been’ quite’ heavy-shouldered and moved to’ Hua’. Elder martial sister Gong not only has to deal with the recent emotional upsurge, but also has to deal with the martial arts requirements of Gong Di. Although it is different from Jianghu gangs in this scattered gang, it requires a lot of freedom and high degree, but he also has to get and process some information when kelp is away.
"ah! You and I want to do this! " Pikachu blew up Mao. "Although I am a man of sex, I still don’t want to do things like this on weekdays, okay?" It’s you! You’ forced’ me to take this step! "
At the end of the day, grief and indignation filled the whole channel. Everyone didn’t know what the mood was, but Zuo Tangtang did hear what seemed to be a drizzle muttering "Here we go again".
Zuo Tangtang was about to ask when he heard that Pikachu was full of grievances and spit out all the grievances.
"My room is gone! This time, I also took advantage of this cross-door war to make a big profit by promoting sales! My materials department has collected all the materials and prepared so many. As a result, Nima confiscated them! You guys are killing me! Can I kidnap 12 or 500 people every night to support my daily life? I can do these things! This is not your’ forced’! "
Listen, it’s almost tearful to cry about Zuo Tangtang’s heart. Isn’t it too much for them? Pikachu has been addicted to money since we first met. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to borrow a silver or two, but now …
"Pikachu, how much money did you have before?" Zuo Tangtang asked softly
"Yes," Pikachu answered happily.
Suddenly I remembered that three maids Zuo Tangtang in front of the bathtub suddenly had no sympathy for anything; 7793+dsuaahhh+2217234>
[312] Chapter three hundred and fourteen Hidden ambition]
"I saw someone selling a cave in the mountain the other day. I was just about to make some money to buy Nima over there, but I can’t pay by installment, and here you want to limit my income source. Tell me! Tell me! This is more like it! " The words are full of sadness, and they are updated so quickly.
"Shut up!" Cat Ear Niang was impatient to interrupt and threatened, "If you talk again! Your confiscation is not that simple, 70%! "
"Don’t say anything …" Pikachu complained a little, but he kept his mouth shut and squatted in the corner of the channel to reduce his sense of presence.
Seeing Pikachu behave like this, and hearing Cat Ear Mother say this, Zuo Tangtang suddenly remembered that the cat just told her that he is now acting as an agent to decide how much to confiscate, which is why Pikachu listened to him so obediently.
But … Think of kelp Zuo Tangtang’s hesitation to tell the cat about his plan when he saw the waistcoat of Mao Erniang.
"Cat …" Zuo Tangtang struggled again and again.
"Huh?" Ha, m, it’s a scratching keyboard. Cat ears seem to be very busy, so they should answer casually.
"I have something to tell you." Zuo Tangtang bit his lip. "I want to …"
"I just have something to say." At the same time, Cat Ear Niang just inquired about the webpage and turned it out in a business-like tone without realizing what Zuo Tangtang was going to say.
The word "Li" was lightly uttered from Zuo Tangtang’s mouth, and it was almost inaudible and had already dissipated in the air.
"Hoof hooves? What are you going to say? You go first. "After hearing the words that seem to have not been finished, Cat Ear Niang did not go on to her topic and asked instead."
"Er … nothing nothing" Zuo Tangtang hurriedly denied that she didn’t know anything. She didn’t want to say anything at this time, as if she was just about to speak, but it was just an impulse.
"You say it first. You say it’s nothing serious."
"Well, it’s ok." Cat Ear Niang didn’t ask too many questions. She insisted on looking at a small window, the webpage was full of screens, and the discussion tone was explained to Zuo Tangtang.
"I have here a list of all districts’ gates’ that they just gave me. Although the official hasn’t officially posted the news yet, if it comes out, it is estimated to be almost the same as this list. I just sent a copy to Kelp. I don’t know when he will see it, but we will contact it when the time comes."
"Isn’t there a time to hold this line activity? Besides, this news has not even been published in official website, especially in the forum. Why are you seriously preparing now? What kind of Rush form did you get? " Zuo Tangtang was puzzled by what Mao Erniang said. He was puzzled and asked, "What are you doing telling me about this?"? What can I do to help? I feel that you are more reliable than me in finding Pikachu! "
Zuo Tangtang knows himself well, although he sometimes has a warm heart, but he is very clear about these things.
"This ….. is not the news. official website will inform you that kelp has been confirmed by someone once the information is updated." Cat Ear Niang tried to explain to Zuo Tangtang. "Seriously, it is because we want to win an absolute victory, but now you don’t need to know this, and finally you will know what to tell you when you hear it."
Zuo Tangtang …
Does she think that although she talks so much, she seems to have said nothing?
"Now there are two things that must be solved recently," said Mao Erniang very seriously. "One thing is to move the’ Flower’ Palace, and it’s almost the same for me. Although it’s said that it’s a’ Gate’ faction, 30% of my grades still depend on the influence of forces, and even if everyone is unanimous, there are still some things that should be discussed, such as who should be discussed."
"United front?"
"These forces, such as the beasts lily the Xu family, are, after all, few people have a leading force to take part in this’ door’ faction, which is bound to be born in the three hidden forces of moving flowers, peaches, flowers and roots, so among them …"
"It’s not a cat, you wait" Zuo Tangtang interrupted Mao Erniang’s story. "I’m a little less white. Is it necessary to do this? Where the mighty live! It would be nice for others to cooperate. Is it necessary to discuss it so seriously? "
"Listen to me, this time, it has set a precedent for the game that the forces can participate in the competition alone, but after all, the forces are not the forces. The map selected when the forces send it to participate is definitely a strange map. Kelp and I also speculate whether it will be a guess to select the map of Mount Huashan, but it is just a guess after all, and it is not so good to lead other forces to’ cross’ at ordinary times. In this strange map, we need not only a person with strong adaptability and good United front ability, but also a person recognized by everyone.
"Everyone approves people?" Zuo Tangtang took over. "You mean … are you going to decide the outcome by force?"
Zuo Tangtang recognized the subtext in the words of Mao Erniang. After all, she knew, and everyone knew, that power, like various sects, was not so friendly on the surface, and the most basic condition for winning in the battle was to be highly obedient to the command and fully trust the command caster, and never doubt that he could not understand the command, so that he could do whatever he wanted.
These are all taboos in combat.
Therefore, if you want to find a suitable candidate, you probably have this way to choose.
"Yes, there is this way." Cat Ear Niang nodded her head in recognition. "Although this is all so-called, I still want to fight for it. After all, I prefer to take the initiative in our hands."
In fact, Mao Erniang paused, but he still had another idea, that is, the idea of kelp. Although it was a cross-door faction, although they said it was a gang, it could be more precisely a group. Even though they never asked for it, the crown king of this gang wanted it. This was an excellent opportunity. Originally, almost kelp made great efforts, and the Royal Guards were definitely waiting for the "door" faction in their district, but kelp decided to go to the mountain, so the "door" faction could see the box of Shaolin, and the power was probably …
"Well, can I help you with this?"
"Er …" The woman who was interrupted by Zuo Tangtang was very serious about it, and then said very seriously, "It seems that there is really no"
"That you say these …" Zuo Tangtang looked down on her, and she was always playing soy sauce for these things. If it was a friend’s help, then forget it, but this is something beyond her ability to tell her.
"hoof, hoof, don’t worry, the most important point is that I haven’t said it yet." After all, my friends have been together for so many days, and I can guess what the cat’s ear is like for Zuo Tangtang.
"Continue" Although these topics are serious, Zuo Tangtang hardly laughed when he saw a certain scene at this time. After saying two words with a calm tone, he quickly closed the wheat and sent a message to Pikaqiu while smiling.
Are you so short of money for’ private’ talking about pig’s trotters and’ chaos’ stewing dead pit goods?
Talking about pig’s trotters in private and stewing in chaos is so short of money that this hero still has money? It’s pretty awesome, too …
The fact is that just less than a minute ago, a self-produced and self-sold advertisement was hung high on the game interface, and the red font was particularly conspicuous.
Hero post Pippi Pikachu sells handsome urban management, chatting with people for 5l/ half an hour, watching the scenery with people for l/ half an hour, talking about life with people for 15l/ half an hour, interested parties are welcome to visit ~
It’s rare for this Nima Zuo Tangtang to explode, and she’s also slightly drunk.
Talking privately about Pippi Pikaqiu’s expression/This money is made up of a dozen brothers …
Fifty-two official silver-haired hero posts actually need a dozen brothers to gather together … Are these brothers too poor or too ungrateful?
"Private" chat pig’s feet "chaos" stew a person also … Er, a few liang?
Zuo Tangtang always thinks that the money belongs to the kind that he might as well not pay back after tax deduction.
Talk privately about Pippi Pikaqiu’s expression/Don’t pay it back, they said
Talking privately about the pig’s trotters’ mess’ stew thumb/’stick” stick’!
Zuo Tangtang praised her decisively. Now she thinks Pikachu may be deliberately picking up the goods. He must be the most clear about this kind of money. Everyone has to pay tax after a few taels of silver. I guess everyone doesn’t care if he doesn’t pay back the money. So many people have borrowed such a substandard post?