He changed from a prominent Hou Fu Gong to a bastard, and everyone spurned and despised him, pointing fingers wherever he went.

He was born in Chenfu but not Chen Jiaer. Is there anything more ironic than that?
Everyone stared at him strangely as soon as they saw him, and no one could see him.
Who can know what he suffered?
Du Gufeng stayed for a while, and her eyes were reddish.
Chen Lian couldn’t help screaming like crazy when she got a head start.
"Do you know how much I have been humiliated over the years? No one here can afford me. Even these people laugh at me from the bottom of their hearts. Who makes me master Chen Jia? Why are you doing this to me? What? "
Chapter four hundred and forty-two The queen mother’s message
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The backlog of grievances for many years is like a flood, and my heart hates my eyes.
What’s his mother’s fault for all this?
Even if you want to borrow it to enter the Chen family, you should talk to Chen Pingsheng and don’t make so many tricks.
Du Gufeng is bitter in her heart. Does she want that?
At that time, Chen Ping was a little injured, and her health was not so good.
If she hadn’t played that trick, the emperor wouldn’t have given it to her.
After all, it’s not that easy for Sue to rob someone’s husband.
She looked at the son eyes full of disappointment "you blame me? I gave you life, wealth and status. "
He’s got everything. What’s she got to complain about?
Chen Lian sneered at "but didn’t give me a decent identity. Everyone called me illegitimate father in their hearts."
His excited voice became extremely sharp.
DuGuFeng proud upturned Ba Gen don’t feel anything wrong.
"What about that? Just ignore it and care what others think. Who dares to say that face to face, you can call back directly. "
That’s what makes her a princess. She hits others.
Full of beautiful things look on coldly and silently watching the mother tearing, and I can’t say what it feels like.
Du Gufeng single-handedly caused the tragedy of the Su family and the Su family, and she still does not repent.
In her heart, she is the most noble, and she must get whatever she wants, even by hook or by crook.
But she probably didn’t expect to pay for everything.
Even your princess can’t be lucky
It’s not that we don’t report it, but it’s not time.
It’s time to go up in smoke.
She clear cough a attention to come over "you discuss? Who dies and who lives? "
This a Chen Lian face more white.
Du Gufeng is angry and wants to kill someone. "You can’t succeed in your plot, and none of us will die."
She said she was indignant, but she didn’t show it.
To put it bluntly, she just doesn’t want to die, even if it’s her baby.
Full of beautiful things have long expected that Du Gufeng’s cold nature has long been exposed.
"Don’t procrastinate. Your son is bleeding to death."
Du Gufeng couldn’t help but look at her son. Chen Lian looked as white as paper and twitched all over. He was covered in blood and made a roll of his eyes in the river of blood.
She turned her head slightly to avoid looking for help. "Okay, if he dies, none of you can run away."
Seeing the situation is explosive, a sharp voice suddenly sounded "the queen mother’s message"
It’s a eunuch. His face is pale and his eyes are frightened.
This bloody scene is terrible, and the blood is so bloody that I want to vomit.
What the hell happened?
He managed to calm down and try to pretend that he didn’t see anything. "The Queen Mother ordered the Nanhou House of Wang Shifei Town in Jin Dynasty to enter the palace."